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This Honda CBR250R was built for Ride for Kids by Gregg’s Customs. It’s difficult to pigeonhole the bike since it combines clip-ons with 19-inch flat track wheels and tires, but what it really demonstrates is how nice the little Honda can look shorn of its fairings and complete with a little cosmetic cut and paste. The best part? You could own this for just $5.

Photos: Sean Smith

Ride for Kids works to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Buy a $5 raffle ticket at any of the International Motorcycle Shows and and your money will go towards finding the cause of and cure for children’s brain tumors. Plus give you a chance to win this CBR.

Aside from the big wheels, it’s notable how close-to-stock this CBR250 remains. Both the tail section and tank remain unaltered and the stock suspension is retained. In addition to losing the fairings, considerable effort was spent in moving and hiding plumbing and electrics, leaving the naked frame and motor to look startlingly simple and clean.

Looking at the bike in person down in Long Beach, it was almost unbelievable that that’s a 250cc single sitting in the frame. My first guest was CRF450; it’s a big, nice-looking lump that I’ve never really gotten a good look at, hidden behind the CBR’s fairings. In fact, the whole bike looks so simple, purposeful and so like something that could come equipped with finance payments and a warranty that it has us wondering how long it’s going to be before Honda strips the CBR itself.

Built in Thailand and designed for the worldwide market, the CBR250 wears a fairing because that’s what consumers in large motorcycle markets like those in Asia demand. Here in the US, we benefit from the cheap price making bikes in those numbers can bring — it’s just $4k — but we also get stuck with something that doesn’t wear appropriate looks for our youth market. A naked bike reminiscent of Gregg’s work could be simple and cost effective to develop and would likely boost the CBR’s appeal among new riders here and in Europe. Ditch the R and do we have a new CB250?

  • the_doctor

    I followed this post from my feed reader, and thought it would be a review for a kid’s CBR250 by like, Sean’s nephew or something.

    Anyway, rad bike. Plus a good cause.

    • Jonathan Reed

      Great cause! $.84 of every $1 RFK receives goes directly to funding research at The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

  • szu

    I’ve read can’t remember where that Honda is already working on naked bike with this engine which will replace the overpriced VTR250. At least in Europe.

  • Denzel

    Nice to see this platform beginning to be modded. Did they do any internal work? …Fueling?

    It is another candidate for Ulharik’s headlight…

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      Wow, I was just about to write the same thing about the headlight!

  • Chris Davis

    oh the headlight humanity

    • Kyle

      yea… that is just ugly. the rest of the bike looks great tho

      • kylack

        this Kyle thinks the look works . . .

  • Steven

    The light looks like a dick bulge in skintight pants.

    The rest of the bike makes my dick bulge in my skinny pants.

    • Gene

      Hahaha! So I’m not the only one thinking “someone’s peeking out from their zipper” with that headlight.

      Seriously though, if Honda made this, they’d “retune it for more midrange” and ruin the engine.

  • pplassm

    It needs real flat track style bars and footpeg location. That is, more dirt bike, and less laydown.

    • quint7

      And a different radiator. Or at least a black one. It just looks out of place being so stock looking.

  • John

    Great concept.
    Red + Yellow = McDonald’s

    This color combo is so synonymous with the golden arches that I cannot see it any other way.

    • Thom


      Guess I saw it as Hot Rod color scheme 101 , not Ronald McDonaldCycle .

      Oh well . De gustibus solum est disputandum

    • Sean Smith

      I thought CPK, but only because the perfectly matched CPK truck was parked right behind the bike.

    • Jonathan Reed

      Go buy some tickets, win the bike, donate it to the RM house. Be a hero, to me at least.

  • Roman

    Not feeling the wheels or the front-end treatment, but the bones seem to be there for a pretty sweet standard/naked bike.

  • Thom

    Now if only the majors would catch a clue from bikes like this and start producing them at a reasonable cost , maybe the M/C Industry wouldn’t be in such a mess sales wise in the US

  • michael uhlarik

    Damn. I was thinking of doing this.

    • Jonathan Reed

      why is that a bad thing?

  • motoguru

    Aww, cute.

  • Tony T.

    Needs the headlights off a Buell XB*S to make the front work, yes?
    The lines on the rest of the bike give it the muscle the engine lacks though.

  • contender

    Ooof. If Honda sells a naked one of these my thoughts of ever buying a CCW bike go right out the window.

  • oldblue

    Good cause, ugly bike.

    • KR Tong

      +1. I’d rather just give a kid $5.

  • Coreyvwc

    Saw this bike in long beach yesterday. I didn’t give much thought to it, but I never would have guessed what it originally was!

    Whole lot of trackers floating around at the show yesterday, are they going to be the next supermotard?

    • Wes Siler

      Eh, the tracker thing was a bit of a flash in the pan. The next big thing is bikes that function.

      • Jonathan Reed

        somebody hasn’t ridden a tracker in awhile.

  • M

    california pizza bitchin’

  • JaHo

    Perfect for sailing past some d-bag with trés beaucoup dough getting intimate with some armco at the local hairpin…

  • Mr.Paynter

    The headlight would look a whole-lot better as a flat race-plate with an HID pushed through!

  • slash5alive

    great cause, uggo bike.