How to train like Cyril Despres

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Want to race the Dakar? First, you’re going to have to get fit. Two weeks and 5,000km of all-day off-roading isn’t for fatties. Here, three-time winner Cyril Despres takes you inside his gym routine. Time for a New Year’s resolution?

  • Roman

    Good stuff, seems like all core and lower body. I wonder how different this routine is from a road racer’s, gotta be plenty of overlap, no?

    • AaronT

      I’m not an expert in moto training but I do race the pedal two-wheelers. It looks like he’s carrying quite a bit more mass than the road racers which makes sense from a bicycling perspective. He has to throw that heavier dirt bike around for a lot longer than a MotoGP guy on a lighter bike.
      All of that pounding over such a long period would really beat up on one of those little 130 pounders.

  • Erok

    “move your ass”

  • KR Tong

    Was that a joke? The shoulder work and frenchy-looking pistol squats ‘n’ box jumps im sure aren’t bad for you but I would think dakar racers would be doing walking handstands across the gym.

  • jpenney

    I followed this routine this morning. It was quick and felt like it worked my core pretty well.

  • Jon B.

    Rad, I incorporated a few of his things into my daily.

  • AHA

    Neat, especially as you can do that at home without gym eqpt. Add some cardio & you’re doing pretty well.

    I wonder what injuries he’s carrying? His flexibility looked pretty good apart from the neck vertebrae. He should spend some time with an expert Pilates practioner. They are miracle workers – especially for elite sports injuries. (Not to be confused with the housewives’ version of Pilates.)

  • Mark D

    Good tips, but yoga pants, while perhaps my favorite thing in the world on women, should not be sold for men.

    • GGno


  • stefano

    if you enjoy this sort of stuff, find your nearest crossfit box and take it to the next level. just sayin’