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Pirelli isn’t the only tire company to make a calendar. Metzeler does too, just with one difference: its is full of pictures of motorcycles instead of models. 2012’s theme is “Homage to Japan,” something it achieves with Norick Abe, NR750s and classic grand prix racing. Sexy.


  • Ceolwulf

    Very nice. Where does one obtain such a thing?

  • michael uhlarik

    It should be noted that Metzeler is a part of the Pirelli group, so really they are hedging their bets.

    Nice calendar.

  • Philip

    Yeah, where do I get one?

  • Jochen

    Well Folks,

    unfortunately the Metzeler Classic Calendar isn’t for sale. Its printed since 1994 in a limited edition and given away to Metzeler partners, dealers and friends ….


    • T Diver

      It’s all bad news here… See this awesome bike? Yeah well it’s not for sale in the US. See this one? Yeah they’re not even making it. Like the poster? Yeah well screw you, you can’t have one. No leather knee pucks?!!! Well you suck royally. Get off the road. Thom is coming to kick the crap out of you.

      • Ceolwulf

        atta boy sic Thom on him! :D

  • barryg

    Great calendar! Thanks for the pics, even if we can’t have on on the wall.

  • nick2ny

    You may be able to get one guys, though I have no guarantees. I write for Metzeler’s American blog and our sister site has been giving away lots of these calendars. My recommendation would be to go through the posts (see link below) and see which posts still have calendars to give away, then answer their questions to win the prize (some of the mini-contests are odd, but I’m just the messenger!).