Onboard Dave Roper’s 1968 Benelli, around the Isle of Man

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Here’s a rare glimpse at onboard footage of David Roper completing a practice lap for the Manx Grand Prix in 1993. He’s riding a 1968 Benelli GP bike prepared by Team Obsolete. Until Mark Miller won TT Zero last year, Dave remained the only American to have ever won a race at the Isle of Man.

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  • DoctorNine

    “..Ain’t that a Man?..”

  • The other Joe

    I LOVE that sound! Awesome video.

  • ontheroad

    What a fantastic noise that thing makes.

    I was just reading about Team Obsolete in CW this week: the extent of their ongoing development work with these vintage machines is impressive, hats off to them.

  • Chris

    What displacement and cylinder configuration I wonder?

  • Clark

    I believe its an inline 4. 500cc.

    • Clark

      I am wrong — see Tims comment below.

  • M

    great find. love the anti-clockwise tach, too.

    hfl has definitely been on its game, lately.

    • ontheroad

      +1, thanks fellas.

  • Bronson

    At just the 1:18 mark I was like “oh shit!”

  • tbowdre

    Wow, that guy is hauling some serious ass…. on a vintage no less


  • Your_Mom

    Simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying.

    And the sound is pure joy.

  • Tony T.

    That false neutral at the beginning made me feel a little better about myself. It’s the little things, you know.

    • filly-fuzz


      The little things make the world big

  • Slothrop


  • Michael

    This vid was practice. He crashed there in the race and was hurt pretty badly, right?

    • dan

      think he dislocated hip, was flown out by heli

  • Tim

    Its a 4 cylinder 250cc. I got to hang out in the paddocks with them at Vintage Motorcycle Days thanks to Larry from Team Obsolete. You knew that bike was coming before you could see it. It was way louder and way radder sounding than any of the other bikes in its class. Some dumy accidently knocked that bike over that day too.

  • Sevier

    How many gears am I hearing? Sounds like six.

  • Kevin

    The opening credits clearly say Benelli 350. So whassap?

    • The other Joe

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

  • jphphoto
  • David Lindamood

    It clearly says at the beginning of the clip that it is a 350cc Benelli which is a 4 cylinder.