Photos: onboard superman

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It’s Australian rider Josh Sheehan’s first season in the International Freestyle Motocross Federation, but he’s making a big impact, winning multiple back-to-back events this season and owning tricks such as the Ruler Flip. These photos were snapped as he did some off-season practicing at home in Donnybrook before undergoing surgery that’s coming as the result of two dislocations this year. Away from the stadium, these photos uniquely capture the serene nature of a top-flight athlete just doing what he does best.

Photos: Mark Watson

  • Scott-jay

    OK, no comments?
    There was a guy who performed at County fair when I was kid. Big moment was getting in a crate with dynamite and blowing it up.
    Pretty neat.
    This video post is much more serene, but kinda related.

    • mugget

      … I love lamp.

  • Denzel

    These photos take you there… and that’s as close as I’ll ever be. Amazing stuff.

    It reminds me of a burgeoning relationship of mine years back, until a montage of really big air came on a TV and I was gobstopped… she unfortunately didn’t relate… no more burgeoning…

  • zato1414

    Man! Truly beautiful. I have trouble getting out bed in the morning.