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The converted industrial warehouse that houses Falcon Motorcycles is tucked away at the dead end of a gritty street just off the I-10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. There are no signs, the exterior is bland and the surrounding buildings are still home to heavy industry and manufacturing. Inside, the large live/work space is brightly lit by massive skylights, where Ian Barry and his crew meticulously build Falcon’s homages to English motorcycling of a bygone era. But I didn’t shoot during daylight, during regular production hours. I photographed at night while Ian quietly toiled away on new designs from his lofted open office above the transformed dark and cavernous machine shop. Was he politely guarding an attic full of secret projects? Naturally. Click below for the feature.

Shop: Falcon Motorcycles

  • Scott-jay

    Suppose group of toy figures on shelf are Norton sponsored moto nativity scene?
    Appreciate shop pics, thanks.

    • Mr.Paynter

      It’s Buddy-Christ! I love that guy!

  • Thom

    Good bikes . Good folks . Good shop .

    One just wishes their finished products would spend a bit more time on the road , rather than tucked away into some well heeled collectors hidden corner , never to be seen or heard from again .

    Not that this is Falcon’s fault . Thats down to the owners . I’m just saying is all .

    • Scott Pargett

      Just imagine some 22 year old college girl not seeing a stop sign and totaling the Vincent Falcon with her ’08 green VW beetle.

    • a hipster (’75 CB750 SS, ’10 Bonneville…….obviously)
    • a hipster (’75 CB750 SS, ’10 Bonneville…….obviously)

      Oh ya? You hang out with those guys often?

  • Jesse

    The shop in my dreams looks an awful lot like that. Thanks for the tour.

  • Dani Peral

    Thas a really nice looking logo!

  • Brad

    Great photo’s. I could never afford anything more than one of their t-shirts, But that Vincent they made was almost painfully beautiful.

    • Thom

      Their T-shirts are well worth the price of entry

      • Case


    • damien

      their shirts are good quality. nice and soft.

  • kidchampion

    Their shop looks just the way I imagine the past – lack of color, kind of nicked-up, dusty-looking even though it’s clean. I also imagine them dressing in tweed, hand rolling cigarettes, listening to old timey music and smelling like mothballs and hotplate canned soup. Come to think of it, I find them a little pretentious and insufferable. But the 1% do need their museum pieces.

    • george_fla

      Thanks for making me ruin a keyboard.

    • Campisi


  • HammSammich

    Love the pic of those AMAL’s, and that little triumph logo doodle on the large sketch pad – like I so often find myself doing… :)

  • Moto-Mucci

    I wish I had a set of interior photos like this for all my favorite build houses. Great shoot.

  • Mark D

    Hmm, I never knew Steam Punk kids were into motorcycles.

  • jpenney

    I thought Flacon was for hipsters … but Thom likes it … but HFL does like it … or do they?

    I’m so confused.

    Either way, great pictures (as always). Grant, I think you could make the inside of a Civic look nostalgic and timeless. Just a great eye.

    • Ceolwulf

      Yup this series is great stuff, I’d just about subscribe for these alone.

    • Grant Ray

      Thanks! Although nobody can make a modern Civic look timeless. Not even God.

  • damien

    Grant, any thoughts on the Fuji X100? Looks pretty sweet as a poor man’s Leica.

    • Ceolwulf

      Tangential non-answer (also, not Grant), but any Leica is a poor man’s Leica, since you can always resell it for more or less what you paid for it.

    • Grant Ray

      Damien, the Fuji is a very different camera that looks similar. That said, my friend who’s a professional fashion photographer loves the thing. It’s his EDC point and shoot.

  • Adrian_B

    Ah, the nostalgia. Very nice shoot!

  • pinkyracer

    gorgeous! I knew Grant could do that place justice. You really captured it well!