Superpole as seen by a mechanic

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We’ve all seen on-board videos of fast laps, but we haven’t seen the POV of the mechanic making the bike do those fast laps. Here, 6’ 10” Castrol Honda mechanic Daniel Postmus straps a GoPro HD to his head while twiddling Jonathan Rea’s adjusters during Portimao qualifying. It’s a neat look into a part of the racing equation we too often take for granted.

  • oldblue

    I got an altitude nosebleed in the first few minutes, but that was fun.

    Especially liked the “look both ways several times before crossing pit lane” moment.

    • Alex

      I’m 6’9″. I saw nothing wrong with this POV. :)

      Riding with the extra height is… fun? When I’m feeling fast and get into a full tuck I end up with my helmet sticking out in front of the headlights.

      • david folch

        Alex, what bike do you ride ?
        I’m 6f6 and I feel at home only on a 1200GS or on my 250 Honda Helix !

  • david folch

    For a moment I though it will be the 6f10 guy riding… but no… CBR are too small !
    Daniel, if you read me, I can relate (even at 6f6 !)

  • Core

    Kind of cool.

  • Coreyvwc

    Aha, so that’s what it feels like to be 16 inches taller than me…

  • Gene

    Jesus, I only wish I could swap a wheel that quick. I’ve watched at the Daytona pits and it’s like “he swapped a rear shock in how many seconds??”

    It’s just amazing.

  • Taco

    I don’t understand how racers can read those tiny boards while going so fast.

  • damien

    Good stuff.

  • Liquidogged

    Very cool. The speed at which these mechanics work is an inspiration.

  • Nicolas

    I sat and watched Chris Vermeulen’s mechanics work on his Kawi a couple years back. They had the entire tank off, throttle bodies cleaned, throttle bodies back in, and tank back on with a fill up in just a few minutes. I tried to ask one of Max’s mechanics what it would take to be a mechanic on the WSBK circuit but he didn’t speak english…that’s when I decided I needed to learn Italian…lol. All he could tell me was, “You just have to be able.” Somehow I think it takes it bit more than that.

    • mugget

      Well, I’m sure it’s true “you just have to be able…” The 2nd half of that would be “… to function in a high pressure environment, making no mistakes and work at a quick pace.”