Video: crashing a $140,000 Ducati

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Need some schadenfreude on a cold, rainy Monday morning? Here, a guy with more money than sense stuffs his $140,000 custom Ducati into a guard rail on The Snake. The cause? Well, according to him, it was “something on the road.”

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$140,000?! Yeah, that’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s also accurate. “Desmo Dave” is so obsessed with having a little nicer Ducati than yours that he he bought bought an 1098 R and an 1198 RS factory race bike, taking all the parts off the RS and putting them on the R’s frame. Why? That R was sold as a road bike, so the frame’s VIN allows him to tell people he has a Superbike racer that’s road legal.

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The lowside took place on SoCal’s infamous Snake. A road so legendarily twisty that even race bikes can’t get around it without hitting “something on the road.” The spot’s popularity sees photographers and videographers gather, most on this one hairpin corner, all in the hope of seeing someone make a fool of themselves. Looks like their patience just paid off.

  • Adrian

    Something on the road? Yeah rubber from him grabbing a fist full of brake and tucking the front.

    • Sean Smith

      +1 Squid.

      • Adrian

        Gawd, yes! (Adrian #2. There seems to be an alternate me.)

        • Sean Smith

          Last names fix that problem ;)

          • Adrian_B

            Ya, Fixt.

    • motoguru

      Uh huh. How fast do we think he was going??? Maybe 20?

    • Denzel

      His own braking skidmarks are what’s on the road…

      At least he’s got a passion for his bike… that and doughnuts…

      Keep riding, Desmo Dave…

      • Dan

        I agree about his passion. He might be the only person in the country who’s put an 1198RS on the road, so his silliness is the only opportunity you’ve got to see an SBK-spec (nearly) Duc on your local streets. Same goes for the Desmo. Remember- Rossi doesnt ride on the road, so its up to guys like this to bring these things out on the street. Think of it as public service (especially if the camera’s rolling when it hits the deck).

        Yeah, his skill lags his budget – but that’s true of 99% of riders on this road, and probably everywhere else, too. The only difference is that SBK brakes probably provide an unusually sharp reminder about why you might want to start small.

    • Raubert Van Harris

      I’ve seen him ride and I can’t help but point out that he’s actually a pretty respectable rider. I guarantee he’s more skilled than 90% of the riders who are commenting on this. How many of you guys can honestly say that you’ve blistered tires and dragged knee on a Desmosedici? (yes he also has one of those)

      • mugget

        If he is really that level of rider (and I would honestly hope that he is), then it just makes it all the more puzzling and shameful why he would make such a novice mistake locking the front at such low speed, there’s just no excuse.

        • Wes Siler

          He’s not.

          • Raubert Van Harris

            I respectfully disagree.


            Sure, he’d get his ass kicked at any level of club racing but I’d say he’s quite a bit more skilled than the average enthusiast. Also in my experience he’s been a fairly friendly and approachable character (which is one of the reasons this harsh criticism is rubbing me the wrong way). Did you hear his most recent explanation that a faulty banjo bolt was dripping brake fluid on the front tire?

  • 10/10ths


  • isambard

    Best quote from the second clip: “If I were to enter this in world superbikes…”

    • Case

      What you said.

      Such a jackass. How do people hear that and not laugh out loud?

      The second video makes the first one a lot more funny. How much good was his Magetti Marnelli (sic) TC system in the corner where he crashed?

    • Jeff Berry

      I love it. Let me finish that statement for him:

      “…you would have your $140,000 headlight sucked out by the second slowest guy in the field.”

    • Alex

      Even better: “I’m waiting for a carbon swingarm from NCR… that’ll save about 12 pounds.”

      Judging from his belly, he could shave off at least that much weight from a good liposuction. Which would probably be less expensive. AND do a better job lowering CoG.

      For a guy obsessed with shaving off grams, he doesn’t seem to turn away many hamburgers.

      • HammSammich

        This is a really good point. If you’re carrying any additional weight on your body, it’s amazing how much it affects the bike. I dropped 27 lbs pretty quickly (eating less, exercising more – huh, imagine that?) a while back and it was surprising how much it improved the acceleration and handling of my bike.

        • dux

          “I got a retainer in my mouth…”

          • Jon B.

            +1 zillion.

          • filly-fuzz

            I wonder if that cheeseburger gut is WSK spec…….

            I still feel sorry for him though, we all cock up but the giant doodle on his head makes it funny.
            Glad he is okay

            In the words of Bubbles ‘cheeseburger walrus’

      • mugget

        Regardless of rider weight, it would still be heaps more fun to ride a 160kg bike than a 180kg bike. But yeah, for that kind of money there’s much more effective gains to be had… then again he’s probably working on his strong points – that is having a bunch of money to spend on bikes.

  • Chris

    Yeah, that was nothing but a clear case of front wheel lock-up.

  • FZR 1000 Got Smashed By A Car Alex

    Bummer, seems to me like he coulda done this little stunt just as well on a beat to hell sv650.

  • Roman

    What was the bike in the first couple seconds of the clip with the super skinny tires and frame?

    As far as the crash itself, it kind of brought to mind French biker campaign for safer guardrails.

    If “Desmo Dave” was carrying more speed, dude would’ve snapped his neck.

    • jpenney

      I’ve thought about that very thing recently. Even more concerning for motorcycles may be the cable guards that are popping up more and more.

      If you’re unfamiliar they look like this:

      A couple years ago here in KC there was a motorcycle wreck where the rider was sliced open on a guardrail. According to the new report he was holding his intestines in with his hands.

      • Ben NYC

        That shit is crazy! What on earth could be the justification for that?

    • motoguru

      If they’re that worried about it, maybe the should just stick the the track.

      • Sean Smith

        I hate to sound like I’m defending Desmo Dave, but this needs to be said:

        The track is, at minimum, 2 hours away, requires that you leave your house at something like 4am with your bike loaded into a truck, fill the truck with gas, arrive at the track, wait, pass tech, wait, pay money, ride the same poorly maintained 11 or so corners for 20 minutes at a time, wait, pack up lots of shit, load the bike up, fill the truck with gas again and sit in the truck for the 2+ hour ride home.

        You can’t replace street riding with a few track days a year, or even one every weekend. The idea that street riding is in some way comparable to track riding is a ridiculous fallacy. It’s a wholly different experience.

        • isambard

          If I could afford a $140,000 bike, I’d have my people do all that work for me and fly to the track in a chopper.

          But where I live, you have to go to a track if you want to see what a corner looks like.

          • The other Joe

            I’d buy seven $20,000 bikes.

        • motoguru

          I was referring to the guard rail people. As motorcyclists we agree to take risks to ride. When I ride I act as though every automobile, guard rail, and pot hole is out to kill me. If I go out and protest again some stupid guard rail being unsafe for me to ride near, then I shouldn’t be on a motorcycle. It’s a privilege, not a right.

          You’re right Sean, the track and street are two totally different things. So to the guard rail kids, I say shut up and ride or stay the fuck home. (Or go to the track.)

    • John

      It could be a number of 1960′s – 1970′s enduros, it’s impossible to tell from the angle.

      I would guess Honda SL350.

  • Jon B.

    I’ve been watching “When Playboys Ruled the World” courtesy of mansgottado on tumblr. Then I paused it to come see this.

    One video is extraordinary, the other is shameful.

    • Andy Gregory

      Thanks for the mention Jon! Glad you enjoyed watching that. I originally saw “Playboys” here on HFL back in January. Full circle…

  • Bryan Whitney

    Epic Fail

  • snowejob

    Squid’s a squid no matter how much you spend. At least he can’t ride $140k fast, or he’d be dead.

  • dux

    I see the Ducati family resemblance with the Multistrada when the fairings are torn off the front of that 1198. There’s a beak under there!

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • Skank NYCF

    That sucks. Glad he was able to walk away from it. At least he rides his bike and doesnt use it as a show piece at Starbucks.

    • Peter88

      So true. That guy is out there doing it. I hope he fixes his bike and tries that corner again. Next time successfully!

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


  • Jesse

    Proving again that it is more about the rider than the bike.
    Glad he was able to walk away from the crash.

  • Troy R

    One of the best parts of motorcycling, it’s a self regulating sport. If you have too much bravado, you will be humbled…

    • Devin

      I am half scared that when I go from squid gear to full proper gear over the winter break I will end up with too much balls and do something like this.

      Of course I am not saying don’t wear gear. Just glad this guy is alright and I am not about to talk trash about him.

      • Roman

        Not gonna lie, riding in full leathers on the street had me riding faster than I usually feel comfortable in jeans. Doing a couple track days helps with confidence, so even if you’re going faster than usual, it’s still a pace you’re familiar and comfortable with. It’s all about finding the right balance of having fun, while not being a complete jackass on public roads.

        • Squid_Squidly

          Yeah. Leathers kinda make you feel like you can do things that you can’t. And then you go pavement surfing and remember that gravel is still slippery and you totally still suck.

          But at least you’re not thinking “ow, ow, Odin’s dick that hurt” or not not thinking at all (you know what I mean,) and then you pick up your surprisingly undamaged Ninjette that suddenly tracks straighter than it did before the crash and flip off your buddy’s camera while you wait for the carbs to fill up with gas again.

          • Sean Smith

            Ah, brings back memories of amazing right-turns on my old ninjette…

          • CCarey

            Yea our ambition definitely outweighed our talent that day huh squidly?

            • Squid_Squidly


          • tomwito

            Really? That sounds like a personal experience. LOL

            • CCarey

              I was the one taking pictures of the aftermath

  • dux

    Oh! And that guy is fat enough to be one of Ducati’s test riders! Maybe this is what they do on weekends to keep resale values high.

  • Thom

    So I see the ………….

    ‘ More money than Brains , More machinery than Skill ‘ mentality has infected the World of Motorcycles as well .

    And here I thought it was just Ferrari/Lamborghini/ Bugatti owners that had caught the MMTB- MMTS flu .

    Damn !

    BWTM ! Seen what Jesse James did to his hopped up 1000 bhp FORD GT road car recently ? MMTB-MMTS exemplified !

    Its official . MMTB-MMTS is an epidemic . The only cure I hear being a solid dose of Common Sense and a distinct lack of extra curricular ( read drugs & alcohol ) activities

    • a hipster (’75 CB750 SS, ’10 Bonneville…….obviously)


      • zipp4

        Thom speaks a special language. Don’t sweat it.

    • CCarey

      Being broke helps too

  • Paul

    I think that beer gut saved his life. Otherwise he might have slid right under that guard rail and down into the canyon.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]


    • DoctorNine

      Ya know, that was my first thought…

  • Kirill

    Desmo Dave should have spent a Nina 250′s worth on riding lessons.

  • the_doctor

    That’s a shame.

  • oldblue

    I got more freude than schaden out of that…


      That’s a bad look…

  • Chuck

    “something on the road”: large, slippery, lack of talent.

    Luckily none of the other riders in the clip hit it.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]
  • michael

    Good thing he had the zip on the front shock to confirm that he isn’t moving it more than 1 inch…even when he tucks the front end.

  • michael

    …and I still don’t get how you get to $140k for that bike.

    • Sean Smith

      He used the same technique that Magic Johnson does to stay alive, even with HIV. Direct cash injection.

      • dux

        lolz. I’m liking that one

  • Sentinel

    Looks like it may have been target fixation, and then he panicked and dumped it.

    • TuffGong


  • Edward

    Does anyone else find the gleeful tone of this article somewhat uncomfortable? Is it only cool if you crash a beater or review-loaner sidecar?

    I haven’t listened to the audio track on the second video yet. That could partially explain the reaction if the owner sounds insufferable (which seems likely from the comments).

    • isambard

      The second video needs to be the first video.

      • CCarey

        Yea i almost felt pity on this guy until he opened his mouth in the second video. Glad he’s alright and all but I can’t say I feel bad about all the money this chumps gonna have to spend rebuilding a bike thats way too much for him.

    • chaz

      Did they all scream squid when he crashed the Ural? Hmm….

  • Core

    I think my eyes are pretty good, I didn’t see anything on the road.

    • Thom

      As has been said many times before today

      It was a ‘ squid ‘ e.g. his lack of ability that was on the road and brought his smarmy arse down

  • Knife

    More money than skill. Is it wrong that watching it makes me smirk?

    • Edward

      Between money and skill, I’m going with money.

  • Mark D

    Lol at the moped who takes the turn successfully at the same speed.

    What a douchenozzle.

  • T Diver

    And you get to $140,000 because that’s the cost of 2 bikes? That’s almost as dumb as him crashing. DB “DD” crashes 1098 with a bunch of extra crap. That’s it. No Rizomo stuff that I could see. No carbon fiber rims. I could not even see traction control. It’s a stretch to call that $80K much less $140K. Whatever. Funny video regardless.

    • Thom

      I’ll hazard a guess that the 1098 RS is a good $110K plus , being a factory race bike and all

      • T Diver

        Whatever. Maybe if you work for the insurance company. Please send me a link where they sell a 1098 RS for over $100K. I just don’t see it. Does the weather suck where you live this time of year, cause you type a lot?

        • David
          • Sean Smith


            “However, the engine requires a full rebuild after just 740km and you can just rebuild it once, because it needs to be thrown away after 1,500km. Yes, that’s right, engine life is only 1,500km and a new engine costs US$22,500…!”

            I’d be happy to take those “junk” motors off peoples hands.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Personally, I feel torn here. There’s some good humor to be had, but I also feel sorry for guy. I’ve never met him (or even heard of his existence until today), so I have no clue whether he’s a true squid — or he just suffered one squid move here… but at least he’s a motorcycle enthusiast. As long as he’s not hurting others — and he’s out riding his motorcycle instead of posing at the local cafe/shop/bar — that’s fine by me.

    I hope he continues customizing and riding his motorcycle(s). And I hope he’s got a sense of humor that helps him get over his loss.

    • Jeff

      Yeah. Glad he’s ok but hate to see bike carnage. Probably why my sv keeps a ratbike look with race bike underpinnings.

    • equ

      +1. This is the more mature response.

      He clearly loves bikes and owning something special. He wasn’t doing a d-bag move in traffic either so I’m not quite sure where all this superior/snide commentary comes from. Apparently everyone is motoGP-grade when logged on to the internet.

      He did seem to go down somewhat slowly and mysteriously, but nobody here knows for a fact what exactly went wrong.

      • isambard

        Maybe us meanies all enjoyed “Wind in the Willows” too much when we were kids…

      • Thom

        No …. this is a more ‘ Politically Correct ‘ response , having little or nothing at all to do with ‘ Maturity ‘

        The guy’s ( rider in video ) an ass and deserves to be labeled as such .

        Far too many of his kind buying expensive toys they cannot control , placing anyone near them at risk

    • desmoworks

      I agree with you Miles. The guy could have just made a bad decision while riding. I find it hard to believe that nobody here has made a mistake while riding. I certainly have on both the street and the track.

      And attacking his physical appearance and character based on a youtube video is just pathetic. That’s a good character indicator to me.

  • John

    You’re doing it wrong.

  • Scott Pargett

    It’ll buff out.

    • Denzel


    • Vincent


  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    BTW, was the Mr. Stealth guy, the rider ahead of Desmo Dave, signaling to DD with his left hand down — or was he just giving his arm/back a break?

    The Stealth guy, BTW, looks the most relaxed — no unnecessary leaning, butt cheek off the seat, or knee out while taking that turn slower than he might normally take it.

    • quint7

      Waving at the camera guy like the people on the East Coast Dragon do as they go by and (sometimes) as a result of focusing on said camera guy go zipping off into the ditch? See

    • Jesse

      Local “dialects” differ – but I’m betting he was signaling to the rider behind him (in this case, Desmo Dave) to slow down, due to pace of traffic or incident in road.

      • quint7

        I thought that at first too…. til I rewatched, (esp in slow mo and esp the slo mo video frame by frame) and saw just how far the Duc is behind him along with his (the waver) looking over at the camera guy as he is finishing the wave. Watching the slow mo vid frame by frame you can almost see Duc guy target fixate on the guardrail and lock it up. Armchair, yes, but I’ve done the same thing. Lucky for me there was no guardrail or cliff, just a farmer’s field. I’ve learned one thing in my riding years (and sadly it’s probably just this one thing)….. if you don’t know the road like the back of your hand then slow down and just have fun.

  • Kevin

    We all love motorcycles here. If relatively speaking $140,000 became like $1,400 to you personally, who’s to say those of you who love to mod their bikes wouldn’t do the same thing?

    The day after (no literally, *the day after*) I paid $20K for my Multistrada, I dropped it twice at 0 mph in the alley behind my house. This was right after I had sold my business, so I had money–and just like that, I went from being broke motorcycle lover to being one of *those* guys.

    I for one hope all of you do well enough in life to drop $140K on your passion, regardless of how skilled other people think you are.

    • Roman

      I think it’s the second clip that brings the inner hater out. Pretty sure I’ve seen this dude talking up his Desmosedici in another clip. Yeah, it’s cool that he rides these bikes in (something approximating) anger, but stfu about your fancy little farkles. Let the bike and the riding speak for itself.

    • Thom

      I would hope the majority of us would have the sense and the brains , if we were to create something like this M/C to ;

      1) Learn how to ride it correctly

      2) Push it to the limit on a track or a controlled situation

      3) Not act like a half wit egomaniacal ass

      But then again , reading your post , you are like this fool in the video . Overstepping your skills rather than taking the time to do it right . Seems the More Money ( bet I’ve got even more ) than Brains – More Machinery than Skill Flu caught up with you as well , with you receiving your ‘ Just Reward ‘ e.g. dumping your new toy / ass on the ground where it should of been to start with

      I just love it when someone like you steps up trying to garner sympathy for what is for all intensive purposes , irresponsible and stupid behavior . Its like the jackass trying to get me to feel sorry for a Heroin addict that od’d . Aint gonna happen with me I’ll tell you .

      You F*** up . You deal with the consequences and to hell with Politically Correct

      • Kevin

        Oh please. It was a dumb mistake I could have made, and probably would have on any other bike. Since then I’ve put over 1,000 miles a month on it riding the nuts off it, so tone it down.

      • Michael

        Every single person who has ridden motorcycles at some point has been on more bike than they can handle, and hardly any of us had a track around for that next, or first, step up.

        You used be amusing. Now you just sound like a sanctimonious prick.

        And seriously, did you really just say “for all intensive purposes?”


        • Edward

          Also, “should of been”. Usually, the surest sign is apparently random capitalization.

      • filly-fuzz

        ” Seems the More Money ( bet I’ve got even more )”

        Really don’t give a fuck bout your money so stop talking about it

  • quint7

    That guy is 100% lucky to be alive or not a quad (MIND-QUAD!) A 20mph header into a 8×8 or 12×12 post? Done. I don’t care who you are, you crush those 7 C-spine vertibreas and you aren’t moving. Ever. His head just missed that post…. just. Even a separated shoulder would be a ‘good’ outcome from that crash to me. Fuck the bike, the guy needs to take a real hard look at his choices and spend the time and money on going to the track because if he can afford a bike like that he can afford a day off to go ride somewhere with runoff areas. I’ve crashed, hard and while going fast. My shoulder will be messed up forever and even though it’s fun to say, chicks don’t actually dig scars. Shame on him.

    • zero

      Sorry, quint, I have to disagree with you.

      Chicks do dig scars. I have scars all over, including a subtle one on my face. In my experience, if there is an interesting story behind it, around 70% of girls like them.

      • quint7

        My entire left kneecap area (bike wreck), lower back (spinal fusion), left hand (Marines), lower left leg (Marines), separated right shoulder ‘bump’ (bike wreck)….. and on and on (none disfiguringly gross but all very noticeable). Story telling, yes. Attractive? Not that I’ve ever been told. But I am glad to hear that it works for ya.

        • zero

          My comments were a bit tongue in cheek and meant to add a little levity. Obviously scars as severe as yours may or may not be attractive to women. Definitely sorry to hear about your injuries, but glad that you’re still up and riding.

          • quint7

            No sweat dude! I took it as a joke.

      • mugget

        Oh yeah, hello sexy…

        Maybe having an STD is attracts chicks as well, as long as there’s a cool story behind it…

        • quint7

          Aw dude, I’m a fireman. I feel sad now.

          • mugget

            Sorry about that… hopefully zero feels sad as well and realises that chicks don’t dig scars.

  • oldblue

    The essence of the hilarity in the second clip comes from the fact that as we look closely at they bike, the owner is rolling out a protracted monologue regarding how light they bike is, and how a new carbon swing arm will make it even lighter.

    We then go wide to reveal that the owner of the bike is…how do I put this…’comfortably’ built.

    A few less donuts and you could skip the carbon, feller. But I get the distinct feeling that’s just not how he rolls.

    • super20

      Yeah, but its unsprung weight, unlike the donut.

  • Zach

    What really gets me is that Californians are still out comfortably riding canyons in the middle of December. Just a bit jealous.

    • T Diver

      Not today. It’s raining.

      • Tony T.

        Oooh nooooo! Not RAIN!

        - With love from Portland, OR

      • Mark D

        Yeah its a chilly 54 and slightly overcast. I’m staying inside by the fire, and waiting until its nicer tomorrow.

        • BMW11GS

          I was out on the same road today, happy in my aerostich.

        • tbowdre

          I hate rain

          I love san diego

          • Andy Gregory

            Whale’s Vagina

            • Case


  • T Diver

    Screw it. I drank haterade this morning. Did he say he has a retainer in his mouth? WTF?!

    • raphmay

      2 words that should never be heard together. “Ducati 1198″ and “retainer”

      • T Diver

        “Desmo” “Danger” “Dave” would not have crashed if he was wearing his hear gear.

        • Sean Smith


  • El Chamuco

    Never thought I’d quote Casey, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was, “Your ambition outweighed your talent.”

  • Scott-jay

    Everyone on the road seems to be a rubber-necker: love to watch crash/see its after-effects.
    Crasher was lucky: he missed guardrail post.
    Crasher was unlucky: he’s plastered across the web, and it matters to him.
    I’ve had many crashes dumber than this one.
    And, I’m over-weight to boot!

    • quint7

      Me too. But I’m not arrogant enough to post a video (or allow myself to be video’d I should say) talking up what a badass bike I had like this guy did. I bet you haven’t either. That is the difference. Look at all of the ‘d-bag’ joke pictures around. Take Joe (who works out a LOT) and put him in jeans (not skinny, please) and a flannel shirt out in the woods with his trust pooch and put him in a LL Bean catalog. Then take the exact same guy and slap on a mega spray tan, skin tight sleeveless shirt, pouty face and skankola girl on his arm and post it on Facebook. Same guy, one is an ‘outdoorsman’, the other ‘King of the d-bags’. This guy placed himself in d-bag territory. Perception is reality.

      • M

        i want a trust pooch.

  • Michael

    Anyone getting any schadenfreude out of seeing someone crash and nearly get permanently fucked up, who gets joy out of it just because the guy talks stupid shit about his incredible bike and has a big gut, is kinda being a major fucking asshole.

    I’m still recovering from a wreck that ruined my whole season, damaged me for life and that was about 5 feet and maybe 10-mph from permanent wheelchair-land or death, and I wouldn’t wish the shit I’ve gone through on anyone short of Hitler or maybe some child-molesters or something.

    Nothing worse to any hobby group, whatever it is, that involves expensive equipment than a fat amateur with a shitload of money. Grow the fuck up.

    And for what it’s worth, the stealth guy in front of him is definitely slowing down, pointing to a dark patch and avoiding it. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was, indeed, “something” on the road. But it doesn’t matter. It’s just not even close to amusing.

    By coincidence, I re-upped my HFL sub today. Stuff like this kinda makes me wonder if I should have….

    • T Diver

      I thought this was a porn site. I feel kind of screwed too.

      • ozgeek

        That was funny

    • mugget

      Hmmm… good point about the guy in front who was pointing. I wondered what he was doing, seems like there was a dark patch down the middle of the lane…

      But still – the guy completely and utterly failed to safely control his motorcycle. It’s a really stupid, novice mistake. It scares me when I see people make mistakes like that. He was barely into the corner. Anyway if there was something on the road he still did the worst possible thing by grabbing a handfull of front brake.

      I had to laugh at the 2nd vid as well. 70mm air intakes compared to the WSBK machine, lighter than the WSBK machine and “if I entered it into superbikes…” Haha. I guess he likes to paper race. At least he’ll find that alot safer, and much easier.

    • isambard

      I don’t think anybody would be joking about it if he’d been seriously hurt.

      Get well soon.

    • Michael

      Disgracful reporting. Disgraceful comments. Many here believe in karma too, all for the sake of lifestyle. What I read is $140k jealousy, and a laugh at someone elses expense. Solidarity with him or give up the bike.


        There are lots of different ways to be sanctimonious. There’s Thom’s way, and then there’s this.

        He walked away; therefore, I have no problem with getting a laugh out of the video. Can’t I be glad he’s okay, but still enjoy this in a football-to-the-crotch kind of way?

        • HammSammich

          How dare you make light of footballs-to-the-crotch, Sir!!! Dozens of American men are struck down in their prime by this dangerous, if easily preventable, affliction. Next you’re going to try and tell me that The Three Stooges movies are comedies, not documentary evidence of same sex spousal abuse.

  • DoctorNine

    Karma isn’t a bitch. This is propaganda, promulgated by people who want to escape the inevitable results of their behavior, usually bad.

    No, Karma is a Goddess. She will not be denied. And she has a really insane sense of humor.

    Here, we have incontrovertible evidence of this fact.

  • Shalev

    He just sounds like a huge Asperger’s-affected nerd who happens to have obsessed on his Ducati.. I’d know, because I am one myself (re: the obsessive Aspie nerd thing, not the Ducati).

    It’s a shame, really… He probably has no idea how this looks to the rest of the world.

    A little common sense would have saved him a lot of pain. Shave off 10 lbs in the swingarm? How about the 40lbs on your ass?

  • nick2ny

    Well, I hope I never mess up a beautiful bike like that. I don’t get the whole RS/ R / whatever thing and how it cost $140k, but I do feel sorry for the guy. I never like watching motorcycles crash or people get hurt. It’s even more frustrating when it’s from a silly mistake like this. Look, it takes a while to get comfy on a motorbike, and a lot of people don’t ride when they’re growing up. Then when you’re an adult are you going to hop on a 250 and ride for a couple years? You should, but if you have a ton of money that’s a hard thing to do (I imagine). Glad that it looks like the guy was okay.

    Disclaimer: I don’t laugh when people trip and fall. I hop over to make sure they’re okay. One day I’m going to get really hurt and hope that the first person to see my crash will stop and help.

    • Mr.Paynter

      +1 for…
      “One day I’m going to get really hurt and hope that the first person to see my crash will stop and help.”

      I hope everyone who’s ripping on him never looks back and wishes they could eat their words.

  • tbowdre

    It’s just funny because his ass cant keep up with his mouth. Thats always funny!

    I wonder why he changed into his leathers on the road? Seems weird to change on the side of the road

    Bottom line: glad he’s not hurt and also think its cool he put this bike together. What a machine

    And FWIW, its okay if you laugh at me when I have a slow low side, fall over in the parking lot or dump it in the garage…. no worries, just help me if Im hurt!


      Agree totally with that last point… If I do something stupid, help me out first, but feel free to give me shit about it, as long as I’m not permanently disabled from it.

  • Coreyvwc

    Wow, a lot of people really dislike the fact that this guy enjoys motorcycling as much as they do…

    • Jesse

      +1 beer to you, sir.

    • Case

      @ Corey: I’m not sure that’s it. I don’t think this guy enjoys motorcycling as much as I do. I think he enjoys talking about his motorcycle. And judging by his comments he is not terribly well-informed, nor does he care to be. Instead he just wants to have the ‘fastest’ or ‘best’ motorcycle. He cares little (nothing?) for being the best rider. It’s great that he has enthusiasm and money to burn but his ignorance and egotism are fucking lame. Maybe I’m judgy and lame for saying that, but here we are.

  • Simon

    This kind of low speed lowside happens countless times to new and experienced riders alike; it is filmed a lot, posted on youtube a lot and the unknown abilities of the rider in question mocked accordingly. I think this case is interesting because there is supporting evidence that this chap is actually a complete berk and the fact that he is spouting the usual kind of “racebike-on-the-road” collywobble only amplifies the magnitude of his riding boobery.
    If he was a reserved and clearly intelligent chap riding a tastefully modified Norton cafe racer then I doubt that it would provoke such a public lynching. The fact that this guy is a complete stranger to pretty much everyone watching these videos suggests that his condemnation is fuelled at least partially by jealousy; lets be honest, anyone with the readies lying around would love to do what he has done to his bike.
    I salute this portly enthusiast for throwing lots of his empty money at a bike on whose improved abilities he may never fully capitalise, and may he learn like the rest of us from his mistakes.

    • mugget

      Lowsides happen countless times to new and experienced riders… well there’s the problem. They shouldn’t. (They don’t for me.) And what does it say for the rider if they keep making the same mistake over and over again?

      I’ve made a stupid mistake like that once (coming around a corner and paying too much attention to the road, didn’t see cars stopped up ahead and locked the front & went down), but I have never made the same mistake again. It’s nothing to do with luck or chance – I spend a hell of alot of time, effort and money improving my riding skills and ability – and that’s what is required to ride a motorcycle competently. Sports riding (let alone general ‘motorcycling’) is not intuitive. Which is why I can’t feel sorry for those types of people who keep lowsiding/highsiding/whatever. If anyone was really honest with themselves or cared about their chosen sport they would realise that there’s alot more to it than ‘just riding’ and they’d get some proper training. And everyone on the roads would be safer for it.

  • jason

    I am sure if we all had money to burn ( and at least a JOB ) we would all dump crazy money into a crazy bike, and get into trouble. The one thing here is humility. Waving a wallet around is never a nice thing, especially in this time.
    I think God heard a challenge and responded.
    I hope he will ride again, we all need crazy ride guys to gawk at, and it would be cool if they were a little more humble about their good fortune.
    We all do stupid things. Motorcyclists probably more so than most people.

  • jason

    That is a serious nightmare low side. Potential head chopper.

  • Lou

    What a clown. He’s the worst of America in a nutshell. Somehow, despite his IQ, he’s managed to amass this sort of disposable income. He’s obsessed with shaving weight off is toy, but is a fat slob himself, with no self-awareness, wearing 80′s mom jeans. Did it ever occur to him the effect that much body weight might have a bike that light!? Just happy he didn’t take anyone with him.

  • pplassm

    Is this that Poet guy from the New York Times?

    All kidding aside, I hope he dusts himself off, bows to the virtual internet crowd, and continues to ride on. We all have our 15 seconds/minutes.

  • rndholesqpeg

    I can’t believe that he hadn’t dropped the extra $3k or so to get the new style Termi’s, such a poser.

    • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

      Amusing! :)

  • Michael

    That guy’s lucky he didn’t rip his goddam head off.

    And while he’s a blowhard and all, I’m starting to feel bad for the new internet generation of people that make a silly mistake for a moment and then have to share it with 1 billion haters. That must really suck. Big bro is watching!

    Maybe Tosh will give him a web redemption.

    • Roman

      “Big bro is watching!”
      That gold, Jerry! Gold!!!

  • ak

    I swear he’s going right when he should be going left. Counter-steer coupled with ridiculously aggressive brakes?

    • Michael

      looks like he made the mistake a lot of guys do… I have too. He saw that evil guardrail, fixated on it and never really turned in. You can see he’s heading straight for it. Then he panics, grabs the front brakes, locks it up and tucks the wheel.

  • rory

    If only he had gone with the WSBK spec 50mm intakes!

    • Kevin

      Okay, I laughed at that.

  • Duncan

    Hmmm, nobody mentioned they have ridden a bike like this. The closest I have come was a 1098S. What I DO remember is those Brembo mono blocks had almost no progressiveness to them. Nothing then anchors. Great for scrubbing off big speed at the end of a straight away but not good for slow speed tight corners. As cool as ‘Race Replica’ bikes are, they don’t translate well to slow street riding.
    Glad he seems ok and hope he has the $$ to fix his pride and joy.

    • DoctorNine

      See, this is the thing. There was an article the other day on HFL about why the Gixxer is a better bike for the road. And why you can actually go faster on the Zook than a straight race bike, when you are on the road. I have spent a lot of money on bikes before, and used to live only a couple dozen miles from The Dragon at one time, and let me tell you, I would be very unlikely to take a rare bike on any famous public bike road. It has to do with statistics. And, I guess, that I’ve seen the Tree of Shame. I learned something from that. Carving on the road is fun. But I have found that it is best done on a more or less disposable street machine with a few judicious modifications. Not a $140K piece of rolling art. Take that one to a track. Where they pay people to clean the tarmac, and such. Because you WILL put your bike down periodically when you ride like that on the street. And you should prepare yourself, and your road machine, to take it when you eventually do.

      • Sean Smith

        Also, the GSX-R is a good street bike because of it’s progressive brake feel, linear power delivered in a usable way and it’s unique combination of soft springs with well controlled damping.

        There’s no reason you can’t have a setup like that on any sportsbike, the GSX-R just happens to come that way.

        The thing no manufacturer, except for Honda on their touring/commuting/cop bikes, has done is to build in some crashability. I lowsided by GSX-R at 50mph and it cost me a frame, tank, plastics, front wheel and fork cartridge. I had sliders on everything, but it just wasn’t enough. They were a design afterthought.

    • mugget

      He still has a responsibility to ride his bike safely and competently – which is completely failed to do.

      If the brakes really are so tricky and ‘dangerous’ to ride on the streets with, then he just shouldn’t have gone out. I would put that in the same category of going out there with a frame or wheels that were riddled with stress fractures.

      Of course I don’t buy any of that nonsense that ‘oh, the brakes are too hard to use’. As long as the bike was in 100% working order he has no excuse aside from the fact that he made a stupid novice error.

  • tomwito

    What I’ve learned from this is, putting titainium on your bike is easier than doing sit-ups.

    • Gene

      This is going on a plaque above my desk. Serious. I need some sort of inspiration to stop being a fatass.

      • nick2ny

        Buy a bicycle–it’s the greatest adventure ever.

        • nick2ny

          I meant invention. Was daydreaming about adventures and on the phone not talking about adventures. Something had to give.

  • SamuraiMark

    It was Tonya Harding wot dun it. I saw her jump out from behind the guardrail.

    • SamuraiMark

      Seems like a popular spot to lose it (I think this is the same corner?):

      • Scott-jay

        Most riders in this video raise themselves off the seat at recovery from loss of rear wheel traction.

      • Jesse

        Is there a real slight dip or something there? Something that is causing the rear wheel to drop out at that same stop over and over again? Something has to contributing that incredibly consistent effect.

      • mugget

        It sure does seem like a popular spot for people to ride beyond their ability and skill level…

        Keep looking around YouTube and you’ll find that there are also plenty of good riders that manage that corner with no problems at all.

        You can’t blame a corner for a crash, it’s all down to rider error, plain & simple.

  • John

    “Your doing it wrong.”

  • KR Tong

    At least with the parts left over he can make a track-only 1098. Everybody wins.

    • Denzel

      Nice… silver lining…

      • KR Tong

        I’m a, “Glass is always half full,” kind of hater.

  • Vincent

    Are we forgetting to mention his custom leathers? Totaling 20 entire Italian cows, a back protector that has a Redvine dispenser and compartments for emergency McDoubles.

  • Myles

    Damn dude, Jason got fat.


    Congrats to HFL for generating a week’s worth of comments with one article.

    • pplassm

      This ^^^^


  • Archer

    No joy to be derived from any of this- the incident, or the reactions. Both are depressing.

    • mugget

      I don’t think anyone is actually happy about it, it’s a damn shame and just a waste…

  • donniedarko

    I dont have any problem with this guy or his bike. I wait weeks and spend even more time online looking & finding parts for my bike. Also Ill never ride my bikes to itheir capacity, even though I ride ever day. Same on the track.

    With the spec stuff he has on that bike they are harsh unyielding and those SBK spec calipers stuck their teeth in and didnt let go.

    I hold no judgement on any guy whose passionate about his bikes. Im constantly ribbed about my incessant sickness being online looking at parts, builds or on my bike. If people dont dig they can fvck off and carry on.

    I see asshats, ‘Im an actor’ douche nozzles riding all the time riding around on their 15k bobbers but never pulled a carb apart in their life: but they are super into their bikes. Good on them. Not my deal rolling like that but they still are passionate about 2 wheels. I cant hate on any other guy for being into bikes, even if they wax their moustaches, wear their little sister pants, and own 20 pairs of chuck taylors. I dont care

    I know if I met Dave I enjoy the afternoon him blowing my eardrums out spewing about his bike(s) just vibing on him being so into it. Good on him

    • Raubert Van Harris

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • mike

    I dumped my old BMW at about 5mph to no ill effect but embarrassment in front of the other commuters (and a smeared chrome headlight ring that I still notice from time to time). What a great lesson in the first weeks of riding 2 years ago. Jackass then? Yes. Jackass still? Don’t know for sure….same bike though.

  • M

    i was going to say some stuff, but everybody already said it and it was boring.

    the best thing to take out of this is that good gear is worth the money, even if your ridiculously overpriced motorcycle isn’t.

  • Sasha Pave

    For crap sake, who hasn’t crashed on that hairpin? You squid around the Rock Store enough and you’ll end up leaving a mark on that guard rail. I know I’ve left my mark (when I was 16 on my RZ).

  • Eric Liss

    He rides like an idiot or he “hit something” which I doubt. Money and a good bike doesn’t make you a better rider. Unfortunately this piece of art was turned into spare parts :-(
    Please spend your money on good riding gear!