Video: Rok Bagoros, a KTM 125 Duke and an abandoned factory

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Another slick stunt video aboard a KTM 125 Duke from Slovenian rider Rok Bagoros. This one takes place in an abandoned industrial complex with a distinctly eastern European feel. Reverberating off the corrugated steel sidings, that little single-cylinder sounds damn good.

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  • Lacubrious

    He’s pretty good on that motobicycle.

  • brian reynolds

    Neat and as Wes confirmed, great sound from that motor; yet, I’m not into tricks much and would love to see more footage of that sharp 125 in pure motorcycling footage.

  • Al Herbert

    torture, I will get one of these to the US somehow.. if anybody has any good ideas how to do so let me know.

    • Wes Siler

      Wait for the 350 Duke in 2013.

      • Al Herbert

        Now that sounds like a plan.. didn’t know we we’re getting the 350; sweeet

  • mugget

    Wow – they’re some tricky moves! When he hopped over the bars I thought he was dismounting, but nope – he just hopped back into the seat! All without the sidestand down! I’m impressed.

  • Troy R

    This is pure gold. This is the size bike guys aught to be stunting on too, so much more possibilities.

  • Coreyvwc

    It’s a really cool motorcycle and I understand that they’re advertising directly to the under 20 market, but is this really the kind of riding that under 20′s are interested in…? Sweet baby jesus I hope not! I don’t think I can handle another generation of entitled, hip hop listening to, middle class “stuntas”…

  • KR Tong

    Looks like a blast. And so tiny. I cant help but think if we had more beginner bikes in the states we’d have more, well, beginners.