Watch Cyril Despres hoon the KTM Freeride 350 in Andorra

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Actually, it’s not just Dakar legend Despres, but French mountain biker Cedric Gracia too. That sort of drives home the whole point of the KTM Freeride 350 — at just 219lbs it’s accessible enough for a cyclist, but still capable enough for a professional used to 450 rally bikes. As a dirt n00b looking to get much better, I’m seriously excited for this enduro to arrive next year.

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  • oldblue


    “Oh crap…”


    “There was supposed to be a power outlet up here, man! Do you have your iPhone charger?”

    • resonance

      pretty sure that was the petrol version

      • John


        “Oh crap…”


        “There was supposed to be a gas station up here, man! Do you have drilling equipment, mile’s of piping to transport oil to refinery, a refinery that can convert this particular type of oil into high test gasoline, road ways and infrastructure to support the transportation of gasoline, trucks to bring that gasoline to remote locations, large underground tanks to store gasoline, and electric operated pumps that can force the gasoline from the underground storage tank into the tank on my motorcycle?”

        • tpnewsk

          haha. upvote

        • muckluck

          where do you plug your e-bike? Where does your house get power? Coal…likely.

        • Brammofan

          I bow to the master.

        • Peter88

          And don’t forget the massive military machine and political wrangling needed to ensure we continue to get that black gold.

          • Brammofan

            And don’t forget that it is possible to charge electric bikes from renewable sources. Admittedly, it’s not common … yet.

        • Joe

          Awesome lol

          +1 for you good sir

        • Campisi

          But… But COAL! Coal and blargh and such.

  • duncanbojangles

    Take my money!

  • Raubert Van Harris

    Nice!! Cedric Gracia was my hero back when I was into mountain biking!

  • jeff neal

    PLEASE!!! Import this one to the U.S.

  • Joel

    The Freeride looks pretty awesome, but what I really want is the Alps.

    • Sasha Pave

      In IMHO there’s better riding in the western US. But it’s worth it for the food. And seeing a pack of sport bike riders with a Bimota, Benelli, Ducati, and a large scooter.

    • Scott-jay

      Terrain of dreams.

  • pplassm

    Yeah. I’m wondering how they got permission to ride there. I lived in Europe for a while, and that was definitely frowned upon. Of course, Germany/Italy is not Andorra…..

  • Rydre

    As a moderately experienced, but undersized, dirt rider I can tell you this bike will see strong interest from anyone under 5’6″. The closest other manufacturers come to a reasonably sized dirt bike for shorter riders are the crf/ttr 230 lines, and while those make great trail bikes they’re nothing like this 350.

    KTM’s leaving money on the table if these don’t make it to the US.

    • Rydre

      Oh, and Wes as one street-turned-dirt-rider to another – the best piece of advice no one told me is: “don’t cover the levers”.

      As a heavy-traffic commuter I’m in the habit of always having a finger over the brake and the clutch levers, it wasn’t until I broke myself of that in the dirt – and grabbed the grips with all 10 fingers – that I really started to get fast. All the other stuff still matters – look as through the turns/up the trail; keep your weight centered; stand whenever you can; etc…. – but ‘grab the grips’ is the most valuable advice I didn’t get.

      Now I’m off to abuse my bike at Hollister Hills.

  • Penguin

    Why has no one made a Trail bike like this for near enough 15 years?

    It just doesn’t make sense – I Suppose Yamaha did it a couple of years ago with the superb WR250R. It is a terrible same KTM ain’t going to sell any and will drop the ICE versions in 3-4 years. These look like great bikes and a great concept. I blame the douche bags that just have to have the big rip snarling 450 EXC penis extention which they can’t even handle anyway.

    • Troy R

      baaahaha I’m not sure I’ve ever heard sub 500cc and penis extension used together before, but I like it! :)