A hotel, a Japanese fashion retailer and a pair of motorcycle gloves

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A stylish pair of motorcycle-influenced gloves from two of our favorite brands. They’re a part of a collaborative line designed by The Ace Hotel for Japanese fashion retailer Beams. To make them, The Ace started with Washington-based artisan glove maker Churchill’s iconic Maverick deerskin motorcycle gloves, adding a perforated back and contrasting colors to give these an air of modern function. In America, they’re exclusively available at The Ace Hotel, NY for a very reasonable $75.

  • Gene

    That reminds me, I have to do some gardening…

    • Mike


  • Justin

    driving gloves? maybe. motorcycle gloves? no way.

    • Ax


  • oldblue

    Fall off bike. Glove pulls off hand. Hand is ground to mincemeat. Rider begins to question the wisdom of placing fashion before protection…

  • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

    I’ve been using a pair of gauntlet from Churchill for two years. Very nice in cold weather, reasonnably water resistant and they give perfect feel of the commands.
    Great products.

  • Rick

    As a motorcycle glove no, for the local fixed-gear pedalling hipsteurs who never make it beyond city limits, maybe.

  • Kerry

    Home Depot Garden Department, price varies, check your local retailer.

  • Gene

    Now the Rev’it gloves you guys clued me into, a month or so ago, NOW THAT’S A GLOVE, MATE!

    And thanks to the guy in the comments that hooked me up with Euro Cycles[1] north of Tampa. I went over there last weekend and spent $300 on gloves that fit PERFECTLY (for maybe the 2nd time in 15 years) and are excellent protection. I feel I got $300 worth of honest function.

    I’ve never had actual pinky protection, and a gauntlet velcro system that WORKS, instead of just being an annoyance.

    This crap on the other hand (see what I did there?) is a disgrace to the phrase “motorcycle gloves”

    [1] (I did get to see Larry Pegram and one of his sponsors bring his Desmosedeici in for parts. I took pics but my damned phone dropped ‘em on the floor)

  • Paul

    a sign of the apocalypse

  • Archer

    Now, now. Wes’s description specifically says motorcycle INFLUENCED gloves. I don’t see where he suggests you actually ride with the silly things.

    • Cro-Magnon

      Eh, UNDER the influence maybe…

      If not for riding, then what exactly IS the purpose of these silly things anyway?

      • Campisi

        Handwear is the new hats.

      • kidchampion

        Drinking comped cocktails at the Ace Hotel bar.

  • aristurtle

    Gloves without a gauntlet are not motorcycle gloves. What’s next, an article about the best motorcycling baseball cap? Reinforced leather brim to block the sun from the back/side of your head!

    • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

      Does James Stewart not ride a motorcycle for a living? I guess he doesn’t use real motorcycle gloves then, eh?

  • Paul B

    Very reasonably priced at $75? Did you hit your head before writing this “article”?

  • Ali Ziai

    Gloves are really nice…$75 is a little on the pricier side, but not unreasonable.