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In this photo, Italian rider Paolo Ceci can be seen crossing the trackless waste of Peru’s Nazca desert. Like no other race in the world, the Dakar pits riders against the harshest conditions on earth for 5,025 miles of racing across 14 days. The result is personal accomplishment for the racers and stunning, unique images for us, as we mire away the winter at home in front of our computers. Here’s the 41 absolute best images to come out of this year’s rally, along with a video recap. You won’t find this collection anywhere else.

Photos: Red Bull/KTM/Dakar/Aprilia

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  • Aienan

    The snow and ice outside is making my desire to ride very difficult.

    • nick2ny

      Suit up! I can’t wait until we get snow in NYC! It’s going to be sideways riding heaven! Wish I could justify studs, but we don’t get enough snow here.

      • Aienan

        Its -29 Celsius outside currently. I’m not that tough.

      • Troy R

        Wish I could say the same upstate. Good news is that I do have studs :D

  • kidchampion

    Cyril Despres is a dick. They left this bit out of the recap:
    “Race leader Cyril Despres gets stuck in a mud hole. His rival Marc Coma passes by… then Husqvarna’s Paulo Goncalves joins Despres in mudhole. Goncalves then leaves his bike to help Despres dig out his KTM, only to watch in horror as Despres rides away leaving Goncalves to dig his Husky out by himself.” Despres then had the judges adjust his finish to return the time spent in the mud hole. Dick!

  • live2fly

    They were also wrong about Coma having a navigation issue. He had a transmission problem and lost 2nd and 3rd gear.

  • damien

    Awesome stuff. I need to figure out how to get the gig taking pics of this race.

  • Adam N

    I wish the Dakar would move to Mongolia or China. I don’t know, I was a backpacking hippie in South America in the early 1990s. It’s just not exotic enough and it seems, um, like kind of lame. It’s like Texas without bar-b-que.

    • mathew

      Really? No BBQ in South America? Ha Ha Ha Ha!