Bomb planted by motorcyclists kills Iranian nuclear scientist

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Tensions escalated between Iran, Israel, and the US on Wednesday after two assailants on a motorcycle rode by Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan and planted a magnetic bomb on his car. As the motorcyclists roared away, the bomb detonated and killed Roshan. According to US intelligence sources—who deny being involved in the blast—Israel is routinely killing key persons in the Iranian atomic energy program in a secret war against Iran.

It isn’t the first time motorcycles have been used in attacks against Iranian atomic energy personnel. In early 2010, a bomb-rigged parked motorcycle was blown up remotely and killed Tehran University physics professor Masoud Ali Mohammadi as he walked by on his way to work. In July 2011, motorcycle-mounted gunmen shot and killed Darioush Rezaeinejad, an electronics student that reports have linked to Iranian attempts to make nuclear weapons.

That motorcycles are involved is hardly surprising. When riders are used in the attack, a quick getaway is possible by filtering through traffic, and then the motorcycle could easily be hidden inside a building or a van. Protective gear can be worn to help disguise the assailants—helmets wouldn’t arouse suspicious, but go a long way toward obscuring identities. In attacks without riders (like the remotely-detonated bomb attack that killed Masoud Ali Mohammadi), a motorcycle can be parked more places than a car without looking suspicious, can be parked in tighter spots, and is cheaper than a car as well.

Nick is a freelance journalist working with cars and motorcycles and runs the Metzeler Ride Experience blog.

  • gsx750f

    This should teach cagers not to cut into my lane without signalling.

    • dan


  • ktaisa

    Iran has something that the US wants very badly

    all of Iran’s neighbors have already given it to us

    although this bomb was to delay Nuclear advancement we all know the end goal here.

    • BigRooster

      …to make motorcyclists look like bad asses?

  • nick2ny

    In the USA, nuclear scientists are killed on motorcycles as a result of our loose motorcycle licensing standards.

    • BigRooster

      I guess scientists are not smart enough to take care of themselves and require the government to tell them what they can and cant do safetly.

      • nick2ny

        I personally would prefer stricter driving tests, lax speed limits in the country, strict speed limits in towns (or at least increased culpability in the case off accidents), constitutionally aware DUI laws, and police who fight dangerous driving (tailgating, road rage, etc.) rather than all speed, all the time. Oh, and more roundabouts! Ron Paul 2012!

  • Rob Cavenagh

    What gear do you use when planting a bomb?

    • Chris Davis

      Perforated deer skin gardening gloves?

    • Gingerbeard

      second gear

      • BMW11GS

        hahah nice

  • Knife

    Mossad. There is no substitute.

  • Andres Freire


  • Charlie

    However likely this is, which US intelligence sources are you referring to?

  • rohorn

    Sounds like Baader-Meinhof, Brigate Rosse, etc… tactics.

    • CCarey

      I’d say closer to U.S. tactics in South America throughout the Reagan administration. State sponsored terror is nothing new to the U.S., although when we assassinate, bomb, and murder for corporate/political gain for some reason it classifies as counter terrorism.

      • rohorn

        Die, commie.

      • zato1414

        Watch for motorcycle riders in your blindspot, especially when they wear perforated deerskin gardening gloves and are in second gear.

  • BigRooster

    I wonder what kind of motorcyle was used? Come on dont burry the lead!

    My guess: mudered out Hypermotard

    • Tony

      A Ninja, of course!

      • BigRooster


    • Gregory

      Probably some imported, never-heard-of Chinese brand name that sells millions of models per year.

      And probably 125cc, too.


      • Michael