Custom: Death Spray Paranoia

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“I just wanted to try something different and striking to the usual race rep vibe with the graphic face,” explains DSC‘s David Gwyther of where he was going with this 900SS. “The theme is based on conspiracy theories/paranoia, hence the sponsor logos from various whack job conspiracies like the NWO, Big Oil, Bilderberg Group, Coca Cola, WT7 etc.”

Photos: Neil Bridge

“This was the precursor to the Delight & Destroy show which took forward these themes of branding, sponsorship and consumerism through motorsports,” continues David. “Partially inspired by the old Ducati TTF1 red white and blue schemes, the square headlight was switched out for a matt black round Bates one to change the personality of the bike, to give it an endurance look. It’s an early white frame Ducati 900SS, with the single seat they have a great featureless shape, the headlight change gives it that double-take vibe.”

  • Jesse

    Love it… but the back half of my bike is bombed in OBEY PROPAGANDA, so what do I know?

  • Jon B.

    Would ride it daily.

  • Mark D

    Are those “SS” lightning bolts on the tank? Badass.

    • dan

      at least they put 3 of them, but still, a little reminiscent of something not so great?

      • Philip

        Most definely reminicent of “something not so great”! Using Nazi SS style letters is not badass, it’s dumbass!! Some of us had family that were directly affect by the SS, and find this kind of shit most offensive. As for the rest who think it’s cool, my how quickly you forget. Look at some pics of American cemeteries filled with dead soldiers killed by these dirtbags. It’s embarassing how stupid we’ve become in this country!

        • Wes Siler
          • BigRooster

            Hopefully the rider will be able to convey such an esoteric agenda prior to being branded a Nazi.

            • M

              you hit it on the head, BigRooster

              of course the irony, humor, SUBVERSION, and so on should be implicit, but when some things are associated with heinous enough contexts, the disregard for legitimate sensitivity outweighs the meaningfulness of the statement. sometimes the risk is worth it, sometimes it’s all really just in very poor taste. the more frivolous the source and form of subversiveness, the poorer the taste.

              • M

                i meant to say that i definitely like the bike and think it’s an interesting/good design angle.

        • flexi

          pretty sure the rest of the logos on the bike are not there for their positive connotations so …..

        • Sean Smith

          Only a dumbass would assume they’re intended to be badass.

        • Michael

          I don’t think they were intended to be “badass” or cool. If you look at the whole graphics pack, I think they’re there to actually remind you of big brother. You’re right about “how quickly we forget”. I’d say they’re using the bike as an art piece to remind you of what gov’s and big corporations are capable of. “Big Oil”, “NWO Tyres” and Illuminati are all part of the package, man.

          • BMW11GS

            quaking in my boots!

    • Mark D

      To state the obvious, I don’t think Nazis are cool. But I sure do think that bike is.

  • Michael

    Oops. Typo on the fairing.

    It’s “Bilderberg Group” not “Bildenberg”

    Is that like getting “General Tso’s Chicken” tattooed on your arm instead of some Sun-Tzo bon mot?

    Or is it some kind of fifth column tactic to throw us off the scent of the secret world-ruling oligarchs?


    • Campisi

      Totally fifth column, man. Why else would the Bilderberg Group have their Federal Reserve underlings secretly extend money funneled through an Obama “green jobs” program to Gwyther?

  • Vincent

    Nice SS lightning bolts. Looking forward to the next bikes color scheme featuring Odin’s Cross and some Screwdriver lyrics.

  • aziai79

    Those can’t be Nazi affiliated. Probably put the third “s” to distinguish it, but still a little too close for my taste. Other than that little detail, bad ass bike.

  • Your_Mom

    What? No references to the Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations? And here I was nearly impressed. (Note: dripping sarcasm in use.)

  • Rick

    It has a certain Suzuka 8 Hours racer-gone-bad vibe.

  • BigRooster

    What is the Coca-Cola and Nestle conspiracy?

    • Sean Smith

      This, this, and this should get you started.

      • BigRooster

        Ha! Thats what I thought a conspiracy to make people fat. What a bunch of crap.

  • robotribe

    Those sponsor logos/names are the SHIT!

  • Joe

    Where’s the “Romney 2012″ sticker?

    • Your_Mom

      Of course. “Corporations are people,” and “Money is speech.”

  • BigRooster

    Looks good if I pretend it’s actually Gulf Racing livery.

  • Your_Mom

    And everyone knows that the Proctor & Gamble log is Satanic ( and steel will not melt while exposed to burning jet fuel.

    • BMW11GS

      steel is strong dude! What do you mean beams heated pass their point of plastic deformation are not structurally viable?

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    Cool one. Now riddle me this: did Honda rip off the SS Ducati design for the CBR600 Hurricane or did Ducati copy Honda’s design? I couldn’t figure that one out…

    • Mike

      CBR = 1987, Ducati’s neu SS= 1988 But you knew that already.
      I really like the round headlight treatment – think it looks so much better than the now-dated square light. Probably works better, too, as I know lots of folks that tried alternate lighting on their SS – never saw one like this though.

  • Johndo

    I love all motorcycle…but this one…not that much.

  • Chris Davis

    I would have gone with The Pentaverate; The Queen, The Vatican, The Gettys, The Rothchilds and Col. Sanders before he went tits up.

  • oldblue

    Add this one to my list of bikes that would look better on fire.

  • Kevin

    HFL: Come for the cool bike pics, stay for the comments.

  • Campisi

    I thought “Big Oil” was more of a shorthand personification for the petrochemical oligopoly than an actual conspiracy theory.

  • KR Tong

    DS always comes in with some hilarious and inspiring stuff. Internet needs to lighten up. Every custom build ever has SS bolts on it. Nestle illuminati though, that shit’s not funny.

    Seriously tho this came out great.

  • the_doctor

    Man, Death Spray is too rad.

  • Groomez
  • JK

    Me no likey.

    • JK

      Too controversial to be enjoyable

  • Keith

    Some people get way too bent out of shape when an image that they consider inappropriate is used by someone else!
    It’s in IMAGE. It’s nothing but a bit of paint.
    Gee, maybe we should get rid of the BMW’s and Mercedes and Japanese cars and bikes ’cause gee, those countries caused us some problems too…IN THE PAST!
    Get down off the soap box please.
    (rolls eyes…)

  • Sasha Pave

    It’s a lovely bike and an interesting place to make whatever statements the artist is making. For that I appreciate the concept.

    But the nazi junk on the tank just kills it for me. It’s a non-sequitur to the conspiracy theory concept, and although I get that it’s a play on the model name, he could have done better IMHO.