Finally, great photos of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racer

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We’ve been lamenting the lack of decent photos of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racer for a week now, even being informed by the company’s CEO that there are no immediate plans to produce any. But, just when we’d abandoned all hope, in steps New Delhi-based photographer Bobby Roy with these stunning shots. Finally, a surprisingly perfect modern rendition of the cafe racer theme done justice. Enjoy.

  • Dennis

    Want that tank.

  • Kurt

    Is it safe to assume that the 160 on the speedo refers to kph? I’m not surprised that there are no plans to produce a 25-30 hp bike with $2500 worth of shocks. I absolutely love the look, but to buy it would be kind of like marrying Giselle Bundchen if she had an I.Q. of 70.

    • d3fun

      The dial shows as MPH

      • HammSammich

        Yeah, I think the dial on my Bonneville goes up to 160mph as well, but I don’t think it’d go that fast, even if it was falling out of a plane.

        • Wes Siler

          Clocks tend to be generic components made to work virtually universally. Looking at the numbers on them is not an indicator of performance. What are we, 10 year olds all of a sudden?

          • Greg

            My 1988 Honda Accord goes to 140…. ;)

          • HammSammich

            Next, you’re gonna tell me that flame decals don’t improve speed and acceleration… ;)

          • Mark D

            My the speedo on my Dad’s old Tempo only went up to 85. Pretty sure we got that thing up to 100 downhill, when the Madre wasn’t with us!

            • Wes Siler

              There was a period in the late ’70s/early ’80s (someone probably knows this better than I do) when the US only allowed 85mph speedometers. Part of our outrageous fear of speed thing. You still see Porsche 911 Turbos from the period with that 85mph max. They just left all the other numbers off, so the needle still swings around to 160 or so.

    • nymoto

      Giselle with an IQ of 70 is about the only shot you got man. Haha

  • Lou

    It’s not going to come out spec’d like this and its not as nice as the Guzzi, anyway.

  • M

    for the past week i’ve been seriously hating the seat. it occurs to me now that i hate it because it clashes with the length of that looped frame…

    …and that looped frame is the perfect mounting point for a nice pillion cowl, ccw misfit-/ducati sport 1000-style.

  • jason

    nobody likes a cocktease. either they build it, or do not bother showing why they COULD build if they cared.

  • clive

    I was building a café racer but ill get the enfield now its all been done for me