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Back in 2010, three months before his death, comedian Mike DeStefano sat down for an interview with Marc Maron for the WTF Podcast. What resulted was a heartfelt account of using motorcycles to make loved ones feel better. Via The New York Times, I just listened to it for the first time and figured it’d be worth sharing. Bikes aren’t just fast vehicles, they’re a life changing experience.

Photo: Harley-Davidson Archives

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    The WTF podcast is one of the most interesting and engaging interview series ever. I highly recommend listening to all of them.

  • Brad

    Read this in the Times a few weeks ago, heart breaking and heat warming at the same time. The image of his wife on the back of the motorcycle holding the IV bag,priceless. WTF is one of the few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

  • Brad W.

    WTF is a great show. That interview was amazing.

  • vonsonntag

    This is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. I’m gona take my wife for a ride. Right now.

    • jp182

      I’m getting married this year and I gotta get a new bike for us. Motorcycles are the way we met.

  • Jesse

    If this doesn’t tug some heartstrings, I’d check for a pulse.

  • pplassm


  • Alejandro Zapata

    This hit a very special button inside me, thanks for sharing it, it reminded me of something I put to the back of my mind for a while now, this reminded me of it.

  • Lacubrious

    Maron is so skilled at getting behind people’s defenses with his self criticizing banter. Such a rad podcast.

  • jp182

    DAMNIT, I made it all the way to 10:24 before the tears started. COT DAMN YOU WES I’M AT WORK! haha

  • MG

    It’s always such a pleasure to meet or hear about motorcyclists that get it. Those who understand that it is not about what they ride or how they ride or why they ride – but the moment, the moments, the feeling, the realizations…

    What a powerful story – thank you for sharing Wes.

  • filly-fuzz

    I wept,
    There i said it.