Husqvarna Baja concept, fuck yeah

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Husqvarna continues to bring classic styling themes bang up to date with this new Baja concept, presented this morning at the New York Motorcycle Show. Like the tracker-style Husqvarna Moab concept before it, the Baja is equipped with parent company BMW’s 650cc single-cylinder and the same steel-tube perimeter frame. Also like the Moab, the name of the Baja’s game is accessible performance. For a dual-sport, it has a relatively low seat height and friendly looks.

The progression from Moab to Baja and Husqvarna’s recent entry into the street market with the Nuda likely indicates that the brand is working on something in a similar vein for production. Combining the functionality of a bike like the G650GS in a package with a wider youth-demographic appeal is a smart move. Good looks, less machismo, broad utility and an accessible price are exactly what a bike needs to appeal to those under-49s. The Baja should have all those assets in spades. Even the price; sharing components with established BMWs is a great way to reduce the cost of developing a new model.

Like the Moab, styling themes are pulled straight out of Husqvarna’s back catalog, then updated with creases and edges and LEDs to make them look more futuristic than retro. The LED number plate/headlight is identical to the Moab’s and is exceptionally neat. Fingers crossed something like it could maybe enter production, with the individual LEDs at least serving as running lights. So too are the red, white and yellow colors, plus the tasteful dash of chrome on the tank. The big tank and large, flat seat look great, make the bike friendly and approachable and promise the kind of easy-going adventure its tall suspension and knobby tires should be capable of.

The Baja is still definitely in concept stage though. Impractical gee-whiz concept touches include the dainty horizontal-line instruments (where’s speed going to be displayed on that?) and the stop/start button integrated into the top yoke. An old-fashioned kick starter seems far more appropriate; the rest of the bike succesfully conjures man/machine connection in a way an electronic gadget never will.

As members of that elusive under-49, non-redneck demographic, we can state with some authority that a bike like this Baja is exactly the kind of thing we’d like to commit to monthly payments for. It’s also exactly the kind of thing people our age dream about when they dream about motorcycling. Bring this to market, get it out of isolated dealerships lost out on the highways and bring it into city centers and into relevant media where people with disposable income will actually see it and this thing could be a runaway success.

  • Andy Gregory

    Ha, I was just working up a post about this myself. C’mon Husky, bring both the Moab and the Baja to fruition. These things are awesome. I’ve never been so excited about a couple of concepts.

  • adeysworld

    I’m on my Husky today…hoonin’ like a mo’fo.

    • JaySD

      I traded my WR250R to try something different and I miss a supermoto, lightness is the best

  • Denzel

    This is my first “I’d buy this” post…and note to Husqvarna… I really, really would.

    • oldnick

      +1000 … and I’m an old fart.

  • Jon B.

    Both Moab + Baja… amaze balls.

  • Janak

    Sign me up… I’ll take one

  • Troy R

    Hah! “elusive under-49, non-redneck demographic,” That’s fucking right.

    • ak

      So true…sign me up.

    • Gene

      Well, I’m under-49 at least, for a short while longer… but I’m from Ocala…

  • AaronT

    Moab, Baja, ?supermoto?. I just recently became a little obsessed with the idea of a sumo and this looks like a good platform. It doesn’t have to win races, it needs to be stone-reliable and fun.

  • Anders

    Yes. Don’t need more concepts now, produce it!

    • Joe

      Exactly. How can Husky not be listening to the feedback from these concepts? Especially after the lukewarm reception of the Nuda…

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    Please let this happen.

  • Filipe

    I’ll buy one… make this damn thing!

  • Taco

    Husqvarna also has a Strada concept that I’m digging on. It also uses the BMW 650cc engine. Husqvarna just needs to fast track every concept and put them into production already.

  • oldblue

    The look is right, the engine less so. That 650cc lump leaves me cold.

    • Wes Siler

      Me too, but it’s dead reliable and super cheap. Which is most of the way there.

    • stempere

      The only thing that will (maybe) keep me from buying a moab if it comes out.
      If they do a “big moab” with the 898cc version of the F800R’s engine used in the nuda, all hope is lost.
      Moab = biggest SUATMM moment in years for me.

  • pplassm

    Jeezzus. Paint an XT500 red and white, and you’ve got the same thing. There’s 2 out there in my garage. I need to get to work.

    • Mr.Paynter

      I love me an XT, but not quite!

  • Johndo

    I find their nuda much nicer, that I would buy. I like retro and new, but this just looks old but just not old enough to make it desirable. The late 70s/early 80s were the dark years of designs, for bikes and cars. Nothing exciting to me.

  • Trev

    You can tell Husky is itching to bring a “retro” motorcycle/enduro to market. Hopefully this will turn into something that can go to market without a huge price, that would rock.

  • stempere

    Regarding “where’s speed going to be displayed on that?” remember the cheesy promo video for the moab?
    There was a glimpse of the unit in function in it, made a screencap.
    Still looks pretty small though.

  • Roman

    Saw it person at the NY Moto show. Great looking bike. Interesting note: Husky had a rep just hanging out infront of the bike and talking to anybody who came near it. Said that whether they build it or not really depends on the response they’ll get. There was a survey for prospective buyers and he “suggested” I aim low for the pricing question. FWIW, it seemed to me that this is not some flight of fancy concept, and they’re seriously thinking about bringing this bike to market.

  • doublet

    I remember filling something out on Ducati’s website back when they had the sport classics only as prototypes, maybe only virtually so, I can’t remember. They looked so cool to me then, and I still like them. I never did buy one, but it was like watching an idea come to fruition that I felt I was squarely behind. Granted, I didn’t have much to do with it.. but it’s neat to voice support for something you’d like to see in the world.

    It’s alot more satisfying than politics!

  • Ratlanta

    I would prefer a modern kick starter to an old fashioned one, but I agree with the ‘fuck yeah’ part of the title.