Jamie Robinson’s European vacation

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There is nothing more rewarding than a good old motorcycle adventure. So, after I picked up the new Super Tenere from Yamaha UK, I headed straight for busy central London where I would then begin my ride south, catch a ferry across to France and then ride the scenic route to sunny Spain armed only with Alpinestars Durban Adventure gear, a few spare clothes, my cameras and, of course, my trusty tent.

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This was also to be a two-wheeled adventure with very little planning; only a final destination and a motorcycle event to reach each weekend, plus a few thousand of miles and several European countries between each one. Making few plans means that I could take any road I liked on my map, eat, sleep when and where I fancied and have nobody to worry about (especially not since you had friend to move your pregnant girlfriend into your new house while you were away, bastard — Ed). The only problem with that philosophy is when something goes wrong you’ve only yourself to turn to but that’s what makes it more of an adventure right?

My first event on the list was the MXGP in Spain. Well, it was after I mistakenly rode over 30 miles in the wrong direction looking for gas after I got off the ferry in France. However, I soon got things back things on track and headed for the French countryside for night one. Things got slightly worse when I ripped a big hole in my tent on some barbed-wire when packing away in the morning and then having to stop a poor french couple and ask for help getting gas later the same day kept things rather interesting.

Anyway, after tasting many delights at local patisseries and then riding some truly awesome roads in France and Northern Spain, I finally made it to the motorcycling-mad old town of La Bañeza. But before I could get to the MX track I met some elderly locals and somehow I ended up walking a couple of miles with an old farmer who spoke no English but proudly wanted to show me all of his goats!

All of this made it a great start to my European motorcycling adventure and I can’t wait for what’s in store next as something is bound to happen as I’ve still got another two more events to ride to! Spain to Austria next. TBC……

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Can I make a friendly suggestion? In the byline, the author’s name should be a link to the author’s tag page.

    Running out of gas — “adventure continues”. Jamie must be a nice guy, getting help from nice people.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this. Robinson’s enthusiasm is superb. It’s got more patisserie and sheep than it does motorcycles but I hardly noticed. This pushes a different button than the icon video but it’s still great.

  • TuffGong

    SW France and the Pyrennees of Northern Spain are truly motorcycle heaven….I am back there Mid March and will be waiting for the snow to melt in the passes…meanwhile cheers to Jamie…

  • Kevin


  • Taco

    If those three girls on the scooters are the best France has to offer than don’t expect to find me traveling through there anytime soon.

    • RocketSled

      Sure, man, their knees are too pointy. But have you heard their accents!?

  • Rob

    “first disaster of the trip”, yeah, that’s the realistic outlook of a guy who’s done this before. Good stuff.