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Selling jeans is a tricky business. In a market swamped by competition and with a product unable to speak for itself in terms of quality or unique value, you’re left only with branding. Seeking authenticity as a metaphor for its brand, Levi’s is seeking to attach itself to creative people who get their hands dirty for a living in influential cities around the world. Copenhagen? Well that’s The Wrenchmonkees of course. It’s going to make you want to build a bike more than it’s going to make you need a pair of jeans though.

  • Van Doan

    Maybe if they made some kevlar jeans.

    • Joe

      My thoughts exactly.

      I would kill for some kevlar, armored Levi 501s.

      • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

        This. Except just the kevlar. I will add my own armor.

        They wouldn’t break in the same so they would have to be cut to size different, but still: some decently cut kevlar jeans would be great. The Dethkillers jeans are a start but a looser cut would be nice.

        • Joe

          Agreed, I have Draggin’ Jeans (The Australian one), and they are just too tight.

          Also, Levi’s could probably sell them at half the price of Draggin’ or Dethkiller’s jeans.

          Where do I send Levi’s the email? lol

  • BigRooster

    Levis is struggling to find an identity. The last marketing ploy was a fiasco. Anyone see that garbage “doc’ they made about Bradock, Pa as the last frontier? What a crock. The whole thing was a self-serving jerk-off about re-inventing an area of urban blight. Levis even had the balls to call out USX for leaving the little town and causing the blight when the jobs left.

    Hey Levis, if you want to help the town, how about you make some jeans there and not China? Some dumb ass movie about hipsters gardening in an abandoned lot is not going to reverse the situation in Bradock. Hypocracy much Levis? How many jobs were lost when you stopped making jeans in the US?

    LAME = http://www.levistrauss.com/blogs/braddock-pa-15104

    The whole “go forth” promotion made me NOT want ot wear Levis Jeans.

  • jonoabq

    Levis just discontinued my favorite pair of carpenter pants, fuckers.

  • Mike

    No mention of SOPA today? Cmon now, guys. Even ADVRider is offline.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      SOPA has very little to do with motorcycles. And besides, if we stop publishing, what are you going to do all day?

      • Scott-jay

        That’d be like Mondays & Tuesdays nowadays.
        : )

        • Kevin

          o snap

      • Van Doan

        Freedom of information has changed motorcycling. I don’t think the youth movement towards smaller older UJMs and self maintenance/restoration would be possible without the internet. Forums could be easily shut down for a simple link to a factory manual.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

          I’m a citizen and do my duty privately according to my stance for or against a given bill. Same as I’ve been doing with several hair-brained, bat-shit crazy bills and proposals that have been cropping up on the Congressional floors for the past year or so. I don’t see SOPA being any more important than other bills that deeply affect civil liberties and the maintaining of our public lands, so why make the exception for teh internets?

      • gsx750f

        Now SOPA has something to do with motorcycles.

        • Campisi


  • Core

    As I as watching this video, I kept thinking of that other article on hell for leather that mentioned where most contact was made with the helmet.. on the chin.

    • Sean Smith

      Yeah, that’s gonna haunt you for a while. That’s pretty much what I think of every time I see anyone in a skid lid, wearing shorts.

    • Ax

      I have to wonder, though, if that study reflects ANY contact to the helmet’s chin area or if it’s actually significant IMPACTS to the chin area. I wear a 3/4 lid with a full visor most of the time I’m not on a road trip and, during a deer strike in October, my visor got badly scratched (from sliding on my face) but I was protected just fine. So does that count as an impact to the chin area?

      • Mr.Paynter

        Came off last week, minor slip up, cages being silly and yep, nice little line up the side of my Shark RSI Carbon’s chin-bar.

        (and I do love the idea of a Bell 500 so much for when I get my Royal Enfield and side-hack but alas!)

        • T Diver

          Glad you’re still here and able to type a message.

  • mfox

    As I shopped to replace my favorite pair of thrashed jeans the other day I wondered what in the hell has happened to Levis quality over the years? Could not find anything but paper thin denim garbage…farther away from the original rugged product than ever before. Catch that Levis marketing dept. listening station!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Levi’s actually makes a really, really nice traditional line out of denim from a North Carolina factory, but you’re sure as hell not going to be getting a pair of those jeans or a jacket for the usual $85.

      • mfox

        Thanks Grant…seeking them out right now. Willing to pay for quality but have not found a Levi product like described in years.

  • JK

    Decent Bikes and straight talking bunch of guys.I loved their 900SS they did a while ago.looks like Levis are heading in the right direction

  • TuffGong

    Open face and no gloves….apparently de rigeur these days….

  • kidchampion

    The Levi’s Commuter jeans, made for cycling, are great pants. A little stretch, reflective tape when you roll up the cuff, anti-stink treatment. No kevlar but comfortable on a motorcycle.

    • BigRooster

      Stretch fabric? Like chick pants?

      • kidchampion

        Yes, exactly like chick pants. Or like fat guy pants but made for skinny guys. Exactly.

      • filly-fuzz

        Ever tried cycling in non-stretch denim.

        Cycling jeans,
        Its right there in the title mate.