Malcom Smith for President 2012!

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With 8 ISDT Gold medals, 6 Baja 1000 (and 4 500) wins and catchy slogans like “Chains We Can Believe In” and “Four More Gears!” Malcolm Smith has what it takes to win. If you squint, he even looks a little like Ron Paul. It’s just too bad his candidacy is only as serious as this video.

Malcolm Smith for President

  • guest

    Malcolm rocks! Lets see a guy who has built a successful business empire and understands small business probably better than anyone on the Hill sheesh sounds like he is over qualified.

  • Justin Dibene

    That is pretty epic lol

  • nick

    haha…great stuff.

  • R.Sallee (Ninja 250)

    Only slightly less serious than my favorite presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme. (Look him up.)

    • HammSammich

      Strong Teeth for a Strong America, and Federal Identification ponies for everyone!

    • CCarey

      Haha as long as Vermin Supreme keeps glitter bombing Randall Terry, he’s got my vote! Hell i’ll even show up to the polls with a wader on my head!