More photos of the Royal Enfield cafe racer

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The most perfect modern execution of the cafe racer theme we’ve seen, Royal Enfield is applying bizarrely little emphasis to this near-production concept. These new photos come from user Parrys on the Team-BHP forum. A Mumbai resident, he saw the bike in person at the India Auto Expo. This weekend, we spoke to Royal Enfield’s CEO about his new cafe project.

“At this show, we were showing essentially, a work in progress,” Dr. Venki Padman told us. “…launch around fall of this year.” The company has yet to put the bike into a photo studio.

This side-on shot provides probably the best idea of why this design is so remarkable in a sea of me-too cafe conversions and retro models.

Of this bike, HFL contributor, motorcycle designer and industry analyst Michael Uhlarik said, “This Royal Enfield cafe racer epitomizes the look of the classic 1955-1965 British sport motorcycle. The best part is that unlike half-assed attempts like Triumph’s Thruxton which is heavily compromised due to production commonality considerations with the standard Bonneville, or the utterly pedestrian looking Suzuki TU250 or Kawasaki W650, this motorcycle adheres to the long horizontal line that characterized all the great motorcycles of the cafe racer era.”

“Finally, unlike the Japanese (or Chinese) copies Royal Enfield is The Real Thing. It may be made in India, but the company literally acquired the English production tooling and all of the company’s intellectual property when it moved, making RE one of the oldest and most historic motorcycle brands in the world.”

  • desmoworks

    Looks really good from the side view. I’m definitely interested in one… aluminum tank would be nice!

  • Ceolwulf

    I’m attempting to convince my local shop to become an Enfield dealer pretty much specifically for this bike … RE should get it in production as fast as they can, cafe racers being the Thing To Have now.

  • wwalkersd

    Will it have more performance than the standard Bullet 500? Every US test I’ve read says they wouldn’t ride one on the freeway. Sometimes you have to take the freeway to get to the good stuff.

    • wwalkersd

      P.S. Finally an Enfield with a frame that looks like it was originally designed to have a swingarm, rather than like a rigid with a swingarm grafted on!

      BTW, I really, really like the looks of this.

  • ak

    Ah, this is so cool but lets be careful…

    Price, value, selection…nobody even comes close (to the big 4).

    This bike either needs to be priced under $7000 or over $20,000. Any word on what the range would be if/when it hits production?

  • Abilash

    Agree….They better work on the engine….Take a thing or two from the EGLI Super Bullet…Other wise its all talk and no trousers…Or trousers stuffed with socks

  • Knife

    Pull that motor and drop in a Rotax and that would be something.

    • Ceolwulf

      I keep thinking of something like this with a CR500 motor …

  • Campisi

    Ooh, kickstarter…

  • Taco

    This bike is drop dead sexy.

  • KR Tong

    Adjustable rearsets + ohlins rear shocks + venom tires + made in a country thats mostly dirt roads = wat?

    +1 on the kickstarter. And the belt strap for the tank. And the small paint touches. And that cluster…. but probably what, ~30 hp?

    • stempere

      That’s the only negative thing i see so far, all their range has 28bhp.
      That’s not much.
      I do hope it’s really light if the engine isn’t more powerfull than that.

      • Ceolwulf

        Should come out to similar performance to a CBR250? Which would be fine, I think.

        I wonder what kind of tuning potential that 500 has. Norton were getting over 50hp from their 500 single back in the day.

        • The Other Will

          But this will cost twice as much as a CBR250.

    • michael uhlarik

      You need to go to India, mate. Lots of dirt roads, yes. But also a modern country with highways, condos, iPhones and more millionaires than anywhere else.

      Did I mention a history of democracy, strong growth, English as a common language and a first rate university system?

      Go India.

      • KR Tong

        You completely missed the point like its racist to point out the lack of pavement. If even only a quarter of the roads in your country were dirt, what kind of bike would you want? You want street slicks and lean angle, or something that wont get stuck in a ditch?

    • Campisi

      If India keeps expanding the way they are, those roads won’t be made of dirt for too much longer.

  • Chris

    that bike is beautiful

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Black. Black with a two-person seat. Maybe keep the silver fenders. Maybe forty hp? A bit more than five thousand, maybe six? Done.

  • zipp4

    Why has this not happened earlier? I guess maybe the Sport Classic and the Thruxton fit into this category, but this just seems like a no brainer!

    Price it right and I will own one of these, guaranteed.