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Back in November, I explained that the unique appeal of the Ural sidecars is that they’ll go where no other vehicle can. A unique combination of compact dimensions, relatively light weight and 2WD makes them virtually unstoppable. Well, here’s one place they won’t go. This Austrian rider somehow managed to bury his in a mud pit smack in the middle of a Panzer obstacle course.

Little context is available aside from the location (the pics come from the Soviet Steeds Ural forum), but it appears as if the rider ended up in the pit by accident. He can be seen wallowing through the mud, abandoning his swamped hack. The traps themselves are intended to train tank drivers to navigate the most difficult terrain possible. That’s right, pits like these are purpose-built to max-out the ability of a tracked military vehicle. Much less a road-legal sidecar.

There’s a chance, if he hit the kill switch before plummeting over the edge, that the engine won’t have tried to inhale and compress an incompressible mix of dirt and water. And one of those Panzers plus a tow strap should be able to haul the sidecar out of the mess. Regardless, he’s still likely in less of a pickle than the one I caused Sean this summer.

In other news, I just wrote a feature for Wired on visiting the Ural factory in Siberia.

  • guest

    Hes so dainty getting out of the mud.

    • adeysworld

      Like George Costanza skipping over a puddle

      • austin_2ride

        I believe the kids said his name is Mary.


    Looks like poop.

  • Troy R

    haha, I thought you might enjoy that.

  • HammSammich

    Yay, a new wired feature. I love reading what the douchey anti-motorcycle Prius drivers (or more likely the teenage sons of prius drivers) have to say in the comments. :)

    • Wes Siler

      You mean “most people”?

      • HammSammich

        HA! For sure, but some of the comments I’ve read in your Wired features have been the distilled essence of that anti-motorcycle ignorance. Maybe I’m just spoiled by HFL’s comments.

        Actually, so far it seems the comments on this Ural feature are civil, perhaps a by-product of the general goodwill a sidecar seems to engender.

        • Wes Siler

          It probably helps that I’m not flicking people off in any of the photos too.

  • Gene

    Now he’ll have to rename it K19… or maybe S-363

  • The other Joe

    Or Kursk?

  • Kevin

    A Russian military vehicle stymied by mud… shouldn’t that be a German military vehicle? French maybe?

  • aristurtle

    Hmm… now where would one mount a winch onto an Ural sidecar?

    • Robert M

      Somewhere above the water line.