These Italians are obsessed with BMWs

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Expressing the connection between man and machine that fuels passion for motorcycles is something creative people constantly struggle with. It’s a feeling that’s at once overwhelming, but extremely nebulous. Italian videographer Giorgio Oppici’s approach? Pure machine porn. If you don’t want a vintage BMW after this you don’t have a heart.

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  • TuffGong

    What a beautifully shot piece of film.The subject matter was equally wonderful…

  • Jesse

    Oh. Oh my.

  • nikolas

    anyone know what model bmw is at 1:52?

    • pplassm

      It’s got an R80GS tank, but it could be just about any airhead, very modified, of course. Looks like Maico forks.

  • Taco

    My favorite part is the dirty greasy hand grabbing for a sandwich. Or should I say panini?

    • Gingerbeard

      Panini is plural, panino is singular. That part kind of grossed me out—hopefully he didn’t get enough grease on the sandwich to make him sick or ruin the taste.

  • RocketSled

    I wanna go hug my K-LT…

  • ak

    The specialty tools on the wall that are part numbered with matching silhouettes sealed the deal for me.

    • austin_2ride

      That would be a BMW Motorrad Special Tools cabinet. A BMW requirement for any new dealerships. Most manufacturers have some type of special tools storage solution.

      • Campisi

        It’s the James May solution!

    • Core

      Definitely an efficient setup.

  • filly-fuzz

    Great, now i have old beemer lust.

    • contender

      Old Beemer boner?

      • filly-fuzz

        Eh sounds gross but I think I totally got one

  • Keith

    Had a nice ’72 R50 “toaster” and let it go….sigh…
    Very nicely done bit of video.

  • Gingerbeard

    The sidecar racer is quite a sight, when you get a look into the fairing from behind, at least; never had heard one running though.

    • Ceolwulf

      For some reason (not necessarily reasonable) I badly want a street legal racing sidecar. For when you really need to scare yourself.

  • austin_2ride

    My boss just bought a very nice 1959 R26. It has 15,881 on the gauge, in original used condition. It starts on the first or second kick and is a truly a beautiful bike!

  • Brad

    So sweet, the Porsche was a nice touch. Eating without washing up while working on a motorcycle(or other vehicle)is a tradition that I have enjoyed with no ill effects. Molto buona !!

  • Peter88

    Wow! Beautiful!

  • Denzel

    eat pray wrench

  • Ben NYC

    BMW was foolish not to release a classic bike like Triumph did with the Bonneville.

    • Wereweazle

      Their r1200r has classic-ish styling. I certainly enjoyed riding it when I had one as a loaner, and every single time I stopped anywhere I got compliments and questions about it.

    • kidchampion

      Triumph produced a reliable modern vintage bike to replace an unreliable vintage bike. I bought a 72 R75/5 toaster tank for $1500 in 2009. It had been sitting in a shed for 10 years. I rebuilt the carbs, replaced the shocks, cleaned the bike and it runs like a top. My point is that 70′s-80′s BMW’s are plentiful, relatively inexpensive, and reliable – there is no need for a modern replica.

      • Campisi

        Still, a modern retro BMW would most likely be moderately successful in the marketplace. Not everyone interested in vintage styling has the knowledge or interest to even bother with an old machine; I’d bet any of them are smack dab in the middle of BMW’s age and income demographic. A corporate interest in forward progress over heritage romanticism is what most likely keeps such a bike out of their product portfolio.

        • Campisi

          *I’d bet many of them

          … WebOS must not like the edit feature.

  • paul redican

    Superb piece of film making, I love that DSLR technlogy and affordable camera rigs means there is more and more of this really high class work getting made on all manner of subjects.
    Combining a great eye and camera skills with beautiful machinery is a complete win. More like this please : )