This is Dakar hell

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Fully-fueled, a KTM 450 Rally, the fastest bike in the Dakar, weighs 465lbs. You really don’t want to have to lift 465lbs out of foot-deep, thick mud, do you? Especially not with a camera helicopter blowing hurricane-force sand in your face. And you haven’t just spent the day hauling ass across the Chilean desert. But that’s what the rally’s competitors had to do today, when a surface that looked firm turned out to be a thin crust disguising a nasty mud hole. Endo ahoy.

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  • Aienan

    I have enough trouble picking my bike up on pavement. Serious props to these guys.

  • Troy R


  • Justin Dibene

    F THAT! But man that would be so fun, aside from the mud chit hole part

  • jeremy

    465 lb bike with 200 lbs of fucking mud on it in the high desert in south American summer? Fuck that.

  • Ax

    Major suckage, but there are MUCH worse things than this that can happen.

  • tpnewsk

    465lbs??? Twice as much as a factory 450 mx bike? I know you guys are wont to embellish but come on. Quick calculation gives 390lbs fully fueled for the one you can actually buy, and knock off 30+ for it being works with titanium everything and you guys aren’t even close

    • Penguin

      I should imagine that 465lbs is pretty close – after all the 450 Rally Rep bares little resemblance to it’s EXC & SX cousins. Rally bikes and cars tend to go for heavy and tough as apposed to light, fancy and specialist especially with this year’s rule changes for engine changes etc..

      The Rally has a steel trellis frame which has got to weigh more than the aluminium jobbies on the enduro tackle. KTM themselves quote an un-laden dry weight of 330lbs, add in 35 litres of fuel, fill those big rads and large sump with fluid, 3 litres of drinking water, nav gear and tools and you’ve got one hell of a barge which only goes to make what these guys can do on these machines even more impressive (Let alone back in the good ol’ days of 900cc monsters).

  • Eric

    good to see he got unstuck…

  • Beewill

    That video missed the best part. After Despres got stuck, Goncalves got stuck and proceeded to help Despres get out. Once Despres got unstuck he just rode off with out helping Goncalves. I realize its racing but it was still a pretty dick move on Cyril’s part.

    One only one American left in the race, Ned Suesse #81. GO NED!!!

  • moshaholic2

    brutal attrition rate on the bikes this year. Over 50 have dropped out already.

    Hope Ned finishes. But, in 79th place, he’s in the “bucket list” class of guys who wish to just complete (not win) a Dakar in their lifetime. Hat’s off to him, cause I would fall flat on my face in the first day as I suck at moto.

  • Scott-jay

    Surprised to see literally graded tracks for the riders to follow. Mud pit even shows signs of being dressed & prepared. (post, plus Pedro’s video link, above)

  • Jason

    It’s too bad Paulo Goncalves can’t just kick Despres’ ass back at the bivouac to settle up. He’d get a DQ for “unsportsmanlike conduct”, just like the Russsian truck team. What an asshole. At least he got the ‘stuck in the mud’ time removed from the official clock because it wasn’t on the road book. Still, that was a dick move. I’d be looking to roost Despres next time I see him broke on the side of he track.

  • mathew

    I was trying to use a shortcut to get out of the Starbucks parking lot the other day. They had just used the sprinklers on the medians. I got my KTM adventure stuck in the mud. It took me 20 minutes to get it free. I got my rally riding suit all dirty, and I broke the cup holder off my handlebars.

    • Penguin

      This! 100 million percent this.

      Don’t forget “I broke the peak off my Arai TourX, now no-one will know I’m a hardcore rallyist.”

    • Jason

      Damn that Starbucks!!! Damn their eyes!