Triumph Speed Triple R priced at $15,250

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Triumph has quietly priced the Speed Triple R at $15,250, a $3,251 premium over the regular S3. That may sound like a lot of money for an R badge, but it’s actually a huge bargain. Why? Take into account the upgrades and you’re actually saving over three grand.

Update: while $15,250 is the base MSRP, only ABS models will be imported to the US, so you’re looking at $15,999. A regular Speed Triple with ABS retails for $12,799.

Over the regular S3, the R comes with PVM Forged Aluminum Wheels ($2,980) that are 2kg lighter than standard, 43mm Ohlins NIX30 forks ($1,200 for the cartridge upgrade kit alone), Ohlins TTX36 shock ($1,400) and Brembo Monobloc brake calipers ($999). There’s also some carbon gewgaws and whatnot. Total value of the mechanical upgrades? $6,579. Those are all honest-to-god performance enhancers too, not bullshit components spec’d for bling.

$6,579 worth of faster for just $3,251? Sounds like a deal to us. We’re riding the Speed Triple R later this month.

Thanks for the tip, Aaron.

  • HammSammich

    I’ve been riding by my local dealer frequently, watching for this to arrive. It’s kind of hard to get over spending this much after coming from a $7k Bonnie Black, but I strongly suspect that this will be my next bike (Waiting to make a final decision until after I ride it back to back w/ the Street Triple R).

  • oldnick

    In Australia the standard Triple is about 18K, on the road. My understanding is that the R is going to be about 23-24K. On paper perhaps still a good deal, but not as good as what you guys in the USA are getting!

  • oldblue

    We get murdered on bike prices here in Oz compared to people in the states. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Aussies post “bike for sale” threads on global forums only to have Americans reply “dude, why is your used bike more expensive than the new bike price?”

    Back on topic…when is Triumph going to come clean and re-name this bike the “Wheelie Triple”?

  • jonoabq

    Don’t forget to add another $1,200 for the low boy can, and another $225 for the flyscreen.

  • Steven

    the MSRP is Actually $15,995 not $15,250…

    • HammSammich

      That’s w/ ABS.

      • the_doctor

        Yet another “gewgaw”

  • Scott-jay

    Sounds like a twisted-logic sales pitch, too: “… huge bargain. Why? Take into account the upgrades and you’re actually saving over three grand. …”

    Her, “You bought what!”
    Him, “No, no, Baby. I just saved us over three grand!”

    • BigRooster

      “…but I’m still going to put $3k into accesories because everyone on the forum says component XYZ is crap.”

      And so it goes.

  • BigRooster

    Expensive and out of my price range but not over-priced or above market. Personally, I’m never really going to appreciate any of that stuff over the regular S3 (other than bragging rights)so it would be a waste of $3k for me. However in the hands of someone that can exploit the differences, I’m sure it’s well worth the extra coin.

    • HammSammich

      It’s not outside of my price range, other than for the fact that I’m a bit cheap…but I’m definitely not a good enough rider to exploit the limits of the Speed Triple, whether in R trim or not. That having been said, I am very interested in the R for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m constantly trying to become a better rider, and although I may never be a MotoGP racer, I’d like to think that I’ll eventually grow and improve to the point that I can enjoy some of these factory upgrades. Even more than that, my understanding of the suspension on the R is that it not only provides improved performance, but that it will actually provide a better (more comfortable) ride.

      Then again, maybe I’m just trying to rationalize a very emotional attraction to this beauty…

    • sargent

      “Personally, I’m never really going to appreciate any of that stuff over the regular”

      I used to be i that same camp for many many year until I went from a Multi 1100 to a Multi 1100S with the Ohlins stuff. Just the action of the suspension is much smoother, predictable, and just plain better over the stock stuff (which isn’t bad by any stretch). Can’t see myself going back after being spoiled.

      • Sean (the other one)

        Ya. You dont need to be able to use the upgrades to their full potential to notice and appreciate the difference. It could be your second time on a bike, but you’re still gonna appreciate those brakes.

      • BigRooster

        Good points. I suppose it is the same with cars. If one has never driven an M3 the regualar 3 series seems well sorted until the big boy is driven.

  • Duncan

    Thanks Triumph! This is why I like this company, they are actually giving us choices. Look at the new Honda CB1000R. Neat bike, crap suspension and brakes (owners words, not mine). So when you start upgrading, it is not just buying, but installing and tuning the parts to actually work together. I have been down this road before and know you really can’t do it your self cheaper. Take the hit upfront and just enjoy the ride:)

  • Maxwell

    Guys, the bike will only be available in the US with ABS

  • Nick Edards

    Right now, I’m getting quoted $18,700 for a standard non-ABS Speed Triple here in Australia. I think that’s about $500 off the advertised sticker price. ABS Speed Triple is $1,000 more. I’ve asked what the local price will be for a Speed Triple R and I’m getting answers in the $23,500-$25,000 range.

  • runrun

    no extended-swingarm drifter’s version? praise the lord.