Video: the very first Ducati 1199 dyno run

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Italian magazine Motociclismo snagged the opportunity to film a pre-production Ducati 1199 Panigale undergoing dyno testing. No word on numbers yet — they’re likely embargoed until close to the bike’s February launch date — but this is a good opportunity to listen to the 1199 running away from a perfectly composed promo video. Does this sound like a 195bhp v-twin to you?

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  • zipp4

    Not exactly a beautiful sound, is it?

    • Joe

      Doesn’t matter, had sex

      • JP

        removing coffee from my screen now thanks. Lol

  • Johndo

    Not a fan of the sound either…and when it’s not reving it sounds like it’s going to stall…

  • Charlie

    Sounds like every other 195hp v-twin I’ve heard

  • jpenney

    There’s quite a change in the sound at about :30. Is there something that changes (like and exhaust butterfly valve or dual runner intake) or is that just when the cam profile and engine geometry really start working together?

    There might be quite a hockey stick on the chart.

  • Joe

    Harley V-twin + 2 tsps. of crystal Meth= 1199 exhaust sound

  • Deltablues

    I say wait for a video that wasn’t recorded on a cell phone. Bet is sounds much better than in this vid. It does towards the end have that same low/high pitched thud all the powerful Ducs make.

  • Groomez

    Sorry, I fucking came

  • Greg

    The 1199 is so powerful riders have to put down their visor on dyno runs…. true story.

    • Jesse


      Time for Serious Business.

    • Deltablues


    • mugget

      Hahaha, nicely played.

  • tomwito

    Sounds like a WWI Bi-plane at idle. But I’m sure with pipes and in person it will sound much better. It sounds badass in the promo video.

    • pplassm

      Most WWI aircraft did not idle. They ran full throttle, with a kill switch to blip.

  • Brian

    Fire breathing 195hp twin + (what looks like) stock exhaust / cell phone cam = that

    Everything considered it sounds about right.

  • DoctorNine

    I’m not sure what the state of tune is on this run, but there’s some stutter in there that needs to be fixed. You can see the imbalance on the deceleration phase afterward. Still some kinks to work out, imo.

  • knanthrup


  • Trev

    I am sure D&D is finding some way how to get their “mufflers” (read: just straight pipe with a muffler surrounding it) on that bike the second they get their hands on one.

  • RT Moto

    Sounds pretty damn good. I am accustomed to the Ducati sound so my opinion is biased. Either way I can’t wait to hear it with Termis!

  • JP

    Somebody please record this with a mic with some semblance of low frequency response. However, that valvetrain is much less whiney than my Duc.

  • Skank NYCFastest

    Sounded like it took a long time to rev out 4th gear. It’s going to make a nice snack for the ZX10 and S1000RR.

  • 1198freak

    Shitty recording but still sounds good, you can hear how this thing revs higher than the 1198…It probably is a noticeably peakier motor than the 1198 but with that much power it won’t matter, I bet in low end and midrange this bike will leave most other liter bikes behind, with the exception of the BMW with its monster motor.