Watch Bubba Stewart whip in slow motion

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Watching Bubba Stewart ride can be a bit overwhelming. The Supercross champ just seems to float where other riders bounce, getting his inside foot off the pegs and his butt forward to enter corners before he even lands. It’s like he’s in fast forward while everyone is is stuck on play. But, breaking down his riding to 1,000fps helps convey an understanding of what he’s doing, or at least demonstrates it at a speed that the normal human brain is capable of understanding. Here, he walks you through whoops, a corner and a whip — a move he’s partially responsible for inventing.

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  • ak

    I hope he gets his bike dialed by A2, 6th place @ A1 is not up to snuff. His shoulders must be sore but he is an innovator and has too much talent at times.

    I oft wonder what might have been different had he stayed with Aldon Baker, look @ Villopoto now…

  • Steven

    1,000 faps

    • JRl


  • jeremy

    That was awesome

  • Scott-jay

    Way cool.

  • Paul B

    We need more Supercross madness around here.

  • brian

    you can see the exhaust puffs in the second berm shot…just beautiful.

  • Brammofan

    One of your former (why not current?) contributors just wrote an article on this very same topic:

    • Scott-jay

      Good read, thanks.