AGV Grid: high-end race features at an accessible price

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Equipped with most of the features of the flagship GP-Tech, this new AGV Grid is a high-value take on the high-end road racing helmet. Weight is relatively low — 1,500g — comfort is good thanks to a plush, removable liner and it benefits from a new, less-awkward visor mechanism being rolled out across the AGV line. At $400, this ECE22.05-certified helmet undercuts heavier rivals from Arai and Shoei by a couple hundred dollars and also benefits from a host of classic race replica color schemes, including the Marco Lucchinelli seen here.

  • michael uhlarik

    Not sure about the 1984 red white and blue graphic.

    Italy, the land graphic design forgot.

    • robotribe

      “1984″ is exactly what I dig about it. It’s Buckaroo Banzai bitchin’.

    • rohorn

      Heck, I’d love it if AGV brought back the KR helmet. Not much into retro myself, but I loved that one.

  • Braden (Griso 8V, SV650)

    So now I’m stuck between getting the Grid or getting the AX-8 Dual.

  • nick2ny

    Country of origin? Okay, I’ll stop, but I would really, really love to know where some of this stuff comes from.

    Are these the real AGV helmets or are they fakes?