AGV updates AX-8, Dual

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Already one of the most distinctive, lightest, versatile and highest value helmets available, AGV has refined its AX-8 dirt helmet and AGV AX-8 Dual for 2012. Changes are relatively minor, if worthwhile. Padding is refined in pursuit of comfort while, less noticeably, the construction of the chin bar has been altered to make it better at absorbing the forces of direct impacts to it. Weights and prices remain unaltered. At $400, the AX-8 Dual is a clear favorite for dual sport and ADV riding (I wear it around the city too), where its extremely wide field of vision and excellent ventilation combine with an all-up weight of just 1,400g (medium) to make literally every rival look silly.

  • fasterfaster

    Loved a lot about this helmet, but did they fix the D-rings buried up in the helmet where you can’t reach them, and the ear padding that ensures your ears are folded down every time you put it on?

    Except for those two things, it was the best fitting, lightest weight, best field-of-view helmet I’ve ever tried on. Seem like easy fixes, but were deal breakers for a purchase.

  • Cockroach

    Question: Would there be an advantage to using a helmet like this in city riding instead of a street lid? Field of vision, weight, protection? I ride a dualie in the city, and have always worn street lids. Should I switch or is it merely a style choice?

    • Sean Smith

      Sun shade.

      • John2

        Definitely for sun shade, but if you want to add shade (admittedly not as cool as this or the Arai XD, or as long a bill) to your current street helmet, try I’ve had one for 10 years…so I’m not cool, but I do have shade…

    • Wes Siler

      Ventilation. Vision. Sun shade.

      • Ankur V

        How are they at highway speeds?

        • Sean (the other one)

          Sun shade is kind of a pain on the freeway. This helmet just doesnt feel as snug (little less padding, at least on last years) which is why the ventilation feels better, but it has more buffeting at speeds. This one is great for around town, but I always wish I had my normal street helmet on when I end up on the freeway.

  • brian

    Couldnt agree more with ear folding thing. At first I never had a problem….. When I had long hair that went below my ears. Then I got my haircut and was like WTF. Overall I love the helmet though. I wear as a city commuter and it is awesome. Plus with the white helmet and the dark shield make me look like a fat stormtrooper riding a supermoto. To clarify, the helmet does not make me look fat. My big beer belly does.

  • Campisi

    I’d probably own one of these by now if I could find a shop that actually has one on hand so I could try it on. Ducati of Seattle is the only place that carries AGV at all (as far as I can find) and they only have the street helmets.

    • Wes Siler

      Call RevZilla and talk to them about returns. As far as I know, they’ll let you send it back and replace it at no charge.

      • Campisi

        And lo, the ancient Nolan Streetfighter did get placed upon the shelf, a seasoned veteran worthy of its rest…

  • RT Moto

    Wearing a skullcap solves the problem of the ears folding down. I wear one all the time regardless of helmet and every time the helmet just slides on oh so smooth.

    • Archer

      This. A must if you’re using IEM’s as well.

    • fasterfaster

      I’ve been looking for an excuse to rock a do-rag. Found it.

  • the_doctor

    I love my Dual, and would buy one again. Hell, I am thinking of just selling mine to get that Rossi replica one.

  • Jesse

    I do adore my Arai XD2 (which I also use for solely for street riding) but it is time to replace it this spring. This is looking promising.

  • Eben

    Anyone know where you can actually buy the chin vent from the dirt version? I bought mine (previous gen, on clearance for $230 in December) for hot weather riding and am not too sure that little vent is going to flow a lot of air at low, trail speed.

  • Mike Brooklyn

    Buying either this or the Icon Variant for street riding exclusively, and am somewhat stuck. Downsides seem to be road noise and wind blasts hitting harder, from what appear to be thousands of monkeys typing incomprehensibly into review sites everywhere. What is the HFL verdict between the two, given that they were both covered? Especially for Street use.

  • ontheroad

    Your relentless promotion of the lid is breaking me down. Must. Buy. AX-8 Dual EVO.

    • Sean (the other one)

      He isn’t kidding when he says he loves it, there’s no bullshit to try and please AGV here. Everytime he wears it he tells me how stoked he is on it. A solid buy if it meets your needs.

  • Nik

    To echo what others have said, hopefully the ear pads got better and the d rings have been moved. The d rings sat right on my jaw bone and were pretty uncomfortable, one or two inches in the length of the strap would solve that problem. Other than this two things the helmet it super light, quiet, and looks great.

  • Rob

    I have an Arai XD. After reading the first HFL review of the AGV I was excited to see one in my size at Motocorsa. I was not impressed. The extremely sharp beak seemed possibly dangerous. A friend bought the Variant, but it was falling apart within 6 months. My XD has been the first helmet I grab for the last 5 years, everything still works like it should.