Aprilia CapoNord 1200: RSV4 meets ADV

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These are the first images of the Aprilia’s new adventure tourer, snapped earlier today by Motociclismo.it at Piaggio Group’s annual dealer convention in Monte Carlo. Based on the frame and 130bhp, liquid-cooled V-twin of the Dorsoduro 1200, the Aprilia CapoNord 1200 is equipped with much taller suspension, a two-piece seat and low-mount exhaust. Equipped with 17-inch wheels and monster 320mm brake discs, think of this as a tall, comfy sports tourer rather than something that’s ever going to venture off-road. More info as we get it.

  • dan

    I just cant warm to Aprilia’s styling (and I own one).

    • Miticale

      It looks like they didn’t attempt to DESIGN this- they just took a whole bunch of cues from everything else in the line up and mashed it together. I feel that the presence of this defeats the purpose of the Dorso 1200.

      • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

        This thing is even uglier than my Multistrada.

        • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

          Is there a hidden sign on on all practical bike riders that says “We Love Ugly, Heavy Bikes”? Why the hell make it so damn ugly?

  • http://www.TroyRank.com Troy R

    It’s an ADV fashionista, and I’m not all that sure that I’m opposed to it.

  • markbvt

    Great. Another “ADV” bike that’s really just an upright sportbike.

  • Devin

    markbvt, my thoughts exactly. Can we come up with another name for these ADV styled touring bikes? If it doesn’t have a 19″ or 21″ front, you can’t fit decent tires on it, and it is not an adventure bike. Multistrada being the biggest offender.

  • Roman

    Ugh, would much rather see an updated Futura than this abortion. Can’t wait for this faux-adventurer trend to die out.

    • Rick

      Hey Roman, were you working at Moto Italiano in San Mateo when I bought my dark gray Futura in 2002? That was a pretty cool shop to hang out at, and nobody will ever forget “Manson” at the parts counter either!

      1000% agree about a new Futura: every year at the SBK races in Utah I ask Gigi Dall’Igna if he’s got my new one ready, with a 1200cc V-4 and carbon fiber saddlebags. Öhlins, too!

      Might as well ask for what you really want, eh?

      • Roman

        Neah, I was stumbling through my last year at College Park, Maryland in 2002. Was this close to getting a Futura a couple years ago, but ended up getting a VFR instead. Always dug the those bikes though…

  • contender

    Am I doing something wrong to be unable to view these galleries on my phone? I have an android-running Evo, and I don’t see as much as a link to these galleries.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Try toggling the mobile site off at the bottom of the page.

    • tbowdre

      yep Wes has it right… I have an EVO and it works fine with mobile off

  • AHA

    Agree with you guys for the opposite reason. ADV pretensions actually compromise the admirable ‘all road’ capabilities of “upright sports bikes ” Call them Tall Roaders if you like. We should restore the Dual Purpose name for larger capacity bikes with genuine offroad cred.

    • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

      I thought motojournalists were calling these suckers tallrounders.

  • Rick

    Fuel range Is a big question mark on this one…is it as poor as other late-model Aprilias?

  • Johndo

    Not thanks.

  • Eugene

    Personally I love these street oriented ADV bikes. Like big supermotos their great fun but more versatile. More importantly for someone like me who is too tall for shrinking sport bikes and boring standards these make sense.

    • http://vtbmwmov.org Eben

      I’m with you. An extra inch or two of suspension travel and an upright seating position just make for a better street bike (provided you’re tall enough to get a leg over it). Unfortunately, whenever anyone builds one, the ADV folks start screaming that it’s illegitimate unless it has a 21″ front wheel and a 10 gallon tank.

      The styling is pretty much non-functional on the “proper” ADV bikes too, so it doesn’t really make sense to trash a manufacturer that applies it to a street bike.

      And hey, TKC-80s are available in sport bike sizes now, so maybe everyone can relax a bit…

  • 10/10ths

    These type of bikes are THE PERFECT street bikes for the real world.


    The tall suspension soaks up potholes and rippled pavement out here in the “real world.”

    You sit up high and can see over traffic and fences and bridge rails and enjoy the scenery on a trip.

    They are all day comfortable.

    They have great fuel range.

    They have large payload capacity for luggage.

    They have extra wattage for heated clothing and extra lights.

    Chicks look at you with far-a-way eyes and want to be “Rolled Away!”

    If I could only keep one of my three bikes, The V-Strom would stay. The Ducati Monster and the Honda RC51 would have to go.


    • The Other Will

      I’m with you here. If you didn’t call it an ADV bike, would anyone have a problem with these? Isn’t it time that we all just agree that a good, all around street bike has been born from some awesome ADV bikes? In my mind they’re not poseurs anymore, they’re just a different segment.

      • markbvt

        The trouble is that the manufacturers themselves are trying to position these types of bikes in the adventure segment. Ducati with the Multistrada and Honda with the new NC700X are prime examples. If they’d just call them tall, upright streetbikes, I don’t think anyone would have anything to say.

        • Roman

          I haven’t spent much time on these, but I don’t understand why you need a tall standard? Do they handle better than today’s standards like Speed Triples or the Honda CB1000R? I guess they’re more comfortable for bigger guys, buy that’s about it seems. I like having front end feel, these bike look like you’re riding on stilts.

          • AHA

            Test a KTM 990SMT and you’d understand. It has all the virtues 10/10ths describes above (+ a few more) without long travel forks or a supermoto perch. It’s really plush on our terrible British roads. Handling, courtesy of fully adjustable WP suspension, is easily on a par with the best that Honda and Triumph can offer (and that’s being generous to them.)

            • Roman

              Heh, I actually really like the KTM SMT, have been drooling over it for a couple years. But that seems like a pretty unique and separate concept from the pseudo-Adv segment that’s all the rage these days.

              • AHA

                Agree 100%. I think the pseudo-Adv trend is simply a fashion thing. Mfrs try to make what sells well,not ness what will ride well. Hence the last few generations of impractical but sexy-ballistic supersports and now this current crop of compromised world-crossers destined for life in the suburbs. Two wheeled SUVs basically?

                • The Other Will

                  It’s purely a marketing thing. Everyone gets that, the consumers and the manufacturers. Just like everyone gets that “Adventure!” sells better than “Commuter!” Anyone who is actually going to take these off pavement is going to do a little research first and buy the best bike for that. But we all know that for the most part that won’t happen.

                  Two-wheeled SUVs is a bit unfair, I think. Even if they don’t go offroad have a REAL ADVENTURE! they are still way more practical and fun than a Suburban.

      • Kevin

        There are two problems with these bikes as sport tourers: the wind/weather protection is subpar compared to more traditional sport tourers like the Concours, RT, et al, and they are a long reach to the ground for anybody with less than a 32″ inseam.

        I manage on my Multi, but if the bike was 2″ shorter and had a big, electrically adjustable windscreen… ah, Nirvana…

        • http://vtbmwmov.org Eben

          Ah, but for those with more than a 32″ inseam, not having to be folded up with your knees and elbows rubbing together is what makes these all-day comfortable and is a fair tradeoff for a little less wind protection.

  • rvfrules

    Adventure is a state of mind that can’t be stopped by a 17” wheel…