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So Harley just slapped some different gewgaws on a Sportster and called it a new model. Not notable in the least, right? Well, they did do one thing right. In a world where every other OEM creates at least one or two products capable of appealing to under-49 buyers, but is unable to market them properly, Harley does the opposite. Its products suck, but its marketing is, occasionally, brilliant. Here, chasing those damn under-49 kids, Harley contracted filmmaker Benedict Campbell to pimp its new 72. The result is great, perfectly ticking all the vacuous youth culture boxes. It’s enough, almost, to create a hankering for assless leather chaps and a beer belly.

  • Mark D

    Advertising is where culture goes to die.

    • Sean Smith


  • damien

    haha. wow, that was pretty good.

    It’s funny to me because my younger brother called me the other day to say he was buying a bike… a harley.

    I couldn’t believe it at first, but then I looked at the website and they make their bikes look good. And with pieces like this, it’s easy to see why this campaign works.

  • BMW11GS

    After seeing what happened to Sean, it is hard for me to look at the gear he is wearing without cringing or to even enjoy that sort of “unhindered elemental motorcycle experience” that that sort of gear is supposed to enable.

    • nick2ny

      You can still enjoy that feeling. People around the world do it every day. Just make sure you don’t ride on slippery surfaces, watch for diesel spills, and wear gloves and boots. And keep space between you and cars. Cars are mainly the problem.


      • austin_2ride

        How about a NSFW warning on the link?

      • Sasha Pave

        Holy crap WTF was that! Needs a NSFL warning!

        • holdingfast

          holy moly. ew. i had to stop after a minute, but 12 minutes of THIS!? wtf indeed. ough.

      • filly-fuzz

        That is fucked

  • The other Joe

    Well, it definitely looks very ’72ish (not sure if that’s good or bad). That’s the year after I was born, by the way.

    Also, Mark D, that’s a truly badass statement. “Memorable” is the word that comes to mind.

    • Mark D

      Wish I could take credit for it; I forget where I read it first.

      I hope it doesn’t come across as demeaning to Mr. Campbell; he’s an artist, and artists have got to get paid. No shame in that.

  • Richard

    Was that shot with an iphone?

    • Adam

      Looks like a Canon 5D to me. But, all I saw was a guy that spent all day riding from downtown LA to Malibu.

      • Richard

        I figured it wasn’t, just trying to draw attention to the fact that anyone with an iphone could have done that. I guess we’re all “film makers” now.

  • Denzel

    H-D pretty much nailed the candy apple red metal flake look-alike that was my Schwinn stingray vinyl banana seat…in ’72

    • Devin

      I know metal flake and candy apple red aren’t the type of colours that appeal to the HFL set, but that paint looks completely fucking gorgeous. If it looks as good in person as it does in that video HD might have the best paint finish in the industry.

      • Woodie Westbrook

        As much as I hate HD I have to admit that they do have the best paint quality in the Industry with the sole exception of the VFR1200.

  • Jon B.

    *open h4l, delete draft email to Wes discussing this short, carry on.*

  • George

    Yes, Harley knows how to market but I don’t think their products suck. After years of making fun of my brothers Road King, I bought it from him just for the heck of it when he decided to sell. Having spent a year with it now, I have to say it’s very well made “old technology”, built specifically to appeal to folks who’re into that sort of thing. And yes, it’s kind of cool. Alas, it’s not my thing and I believe I’ll be selling it soon. I’ll stick with my C14. But Harley’s don’t suck, they’re just not for everyone… or maybe they are and we’re the outlaws.

  • Taco

    This video = FAIL

  • DoctorNine

    Let’s see…

    Candy apple red metal-flake. Just like the kiddie rides at the traveling carnivals.
    Look kids! A new ride! You want one!

    • robotribe

      Seriously. I was almost “there” up until the shot of the Mattel toys-looking logo on the tank against that cartoon metal-flake.

      Nice example of cinematography, but content-wise, it’s as silly as any other commercial. I feel sorry for anyone who’s “inspired” by this to start riding a motorcycle. It’s like watching a Mountain Dew commercial and deciding to take up rock climbing.

      Fucking gross.

  • Triman023

    The worst thing about my 96 Buell is the engine. The Sportster engine has torque and some nice low end power but it spends most of its time shaking itself to death. 30,000 mi and blown head gaskets, front pulley loosens up on its own, carb wears out twice.
    I don’t see the quality in design that the Japanese bikes have. At least its easy to fix most things on it. Parts are way expensive though.

    • contender

      My ’06 Ulysses is my favorite bike of all time. When it is running. If only I could chase down the f$*$ing electrical gremlins to get it back on the road. I bought it to avoid the finickiness of the first-gen multistrada. Ha!

      • je

        My ’06 XB9SX is my favorite bike of all time. When it is running. If only I could chase down the f$*$ing electrical gremlins to get it back on the road.

        I heart you Erik B but if you lived close I would be at your door begging for assistance.

        • bluemilew

          ^ roommate has an sx, great bike to get places in a city. knock on wood, but has been super reliable in the last 15k miles we put on it in 2 years

  • Pat

    I’m kinda drawn to it. A simple bike to ride and enjoy the riding experience. But, those retarded ape-hangers ?!?

  • tbowdre

    When I am riding much of the experience is about the machine. The performance of the machine. Feeling the suspension and geometry working together… feeling the power motorcycles are so easily capable of and scrubbing speed in milliseconds…..

    Harley products do not suck, they just suck at building performance machines. They excel at building 2 wheeled pirate ships that make really loud farting sounds and put put put all around town

    personal preference I suppose

    • Doug

      I think I love you.

    • Kirill

      How much of your time on a bike do you spend “feeling the suspension” and how much do you spent put putting around town?

      There’s a lot of gray space between Pirates and Power Rangers.

      • tbowdre

        DRZ400Supermoto in town, Buell 1125R in the canyons, desert and mountains.

        Set my sag on both and I am definitely feeling the suspension everywhere.

        Not try to be contrary, jus sayn

    • Peter88

      Here’s a quote from “Mule” that I ran into just the other day.

      “Appreciate your valued opinion, but apparently you’ve been too busy hating Harleys to ride one that’s been lightened up a bit and has some motor work done. I felt the same way too for many years until I built one to go and handle for a friend. I really had to take off the blinders at that point.”

  • Glenngineer

    Fuck that, young posers don’t make me want sportsters just as much as old posers don’t make me want road kings.

  • Trevor

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. They seem to be trying to appeal to the general retard with shit loads of money. It’s not just about Harley however; sure they may have a few nice bikes. It’s all the twats that ride them that will prevent me from ever owning one.

  • markbvt

    So wait, how does this tick those vacuous youth culture boxes, aside from the hipster “make it look like 16mm film even though it’s digital” one? The bike is fucking ugly, the riding location looks pretty boring to me, and nothing about the video manages to pique my interest in the least. And yes, I’m one of those damn under-49 kids.

    Did you really think this was a great video, Wes, or are you just fucking with us?

    • David P.

      I think the operative word there is “hipster.” Lest you forget, the trend in modern culture is increasingly “retro”; faux-vintage film grain, faux-vintage sunglasses, faux-vintage coffee maker, faux-vintage motorcycle. Obviously, to the “hip” crowd, coolness is achieved by purchasing articles of clothing older than they are. Try arguing technological improvement with someone who rides a bicycle with no gears and no brakes; I think that’s very telling.

      • contender

        speaking of fixie-riders, I just watched ‘To Live & Ride in L.A.’, but at the end I could not figure out why I had just watched the whole thing.

        Nor did I understand why I then trolled craigslist for a bicycle.

        • RT Moto

          I thought the exact same thing after I saw that flick. To each their own I guess…

          • rvltng_bstrd

            Terrible, tedious flick, I forced myself to watch it until the end… I also hope this was a joke.

  • Noah

    Urban cowboy looks pensive while wearing gear that serves little function on a machine that cannot turn. Enjoy that if you can.

  • paragonmc

    Hmmm… Why can’t they keep the camera in focus? But seriously, it’s going to take a lot more than a over-produced, self-conscious lifestyle short to get me on a new Harley.

  • Chris Davis

    The right vibe for the wrong bike.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    That video made me sad for America.

    I want more EBR.

  • Campisi

    I try not to hate on Harley-Davidson too much, mainly because I’ve never ridden one and they’re clearly a different stroke for different folks than me. That said, can the next Sportster variant be a do-it-all standard for those of us who would be interested in an American machine that isn’t a classless charicature of an era nobody under the age of forty has any interest in? Something like the Forty Eight, but with a higher seat, foot controls more or less underneath the rider’s mid-section, normal-ish bars, and provisions for a luggage rack.

    • Ross

      If you want to buy an overweight ducati you could go with the sportster xr1200. It ticks most of the boxes you listed.

      • Campisi

        Eew, Ducati. I was thinking more along the lines of a Ural Solo/Triumph Bonneville sort of do-everything capability.

    • Woodie Westbrook

      They actually made one, it was called the Roadster. No one bought it. A few turn up on craigslist. They are the best sporty’s HD put out.

      • BigRooster

        The XR is like 1000x better than the Roadster.

      • M

        for some reason the site won’t load at work, but the roadster’s listed for a 2012 model on

        i looked at one and didn’t find it significantly more appealing than any of the other sportsters. it was heavy and the ass-end of it was irritatingly low. i don’t know what hd has against useful rear suspension, but i wish they’d get over it.


  • ike6116

    Im with the mob. Shit sucks.

  • Coreyvwc

    Apes, skinny tires, and forward controls. Ingredients for one ugly motorcycle!

  • Al Herbert

    Yeah, pretty weak..

  • Tommy

    How you gonna market a bike to 20 something hipsters that you cant throw a chick on the back. Isnt any dude who’s buying this commercial and this bike just doing it to get laid.

    • Kirill

      You can easily swap in a 2-up seat and pegs onto any Sportster. Doesn’t even cost much.

  • filly-fuzz

    M:See ya babe gotta go….

    F:but why must you leave?

    M:gotta go to the beach and eerrrrr……just kinda…stand there I guess.

    F:but we could have some intercourse instead.

    M:sorry babe, a mans work is never done.

    Well the bike looks pretty nice, but that riding position makes cactus sex look comfortable.
    Nice music too.

    • Restless Lip Syndrome

      “Cactus sex” made me guffaw. I will keep this image in mind when someone asks me how long trips on my Husqvarna feels like.

  • Doug

    Egad. What is it with that wretched guitar solo? Dreadful Grape.

  • damien

    The snobbery of the comments here are fucking hilarious. I guess no corner of the interweb is safe from meaningless ramblings against things you don’t like.

    I certainly don’t like HD’s or the lifestyle of polishing, loud pipes, chaps etc… but the hate on this video is a bit over the top I think.

    I suppose everyone here prefers the cheesy 90′s hard rock, boring-ass vids from Honda.

    • Roman

      Ah, the inevitable backlash to the backlash. Seems to me that this video is crying out for one of those “the dream vs. the reality” mash-ups. I appreciate what these guys are trying to do, but the lifestyle stuff is a little irksome. Plus, you know that guy is definitely a Ducatisti in real life, for better or worse…

    • ike6116

      Im 27, at least “cheesy 90′s hard rock” is something I can actually have nostalgia for and seeing as how that seems to be the only thing Harley Davidson knows how to deal in they might learn a thing or two from Honda.

  • ak

    Still living in the past, not for nostalgic sake, but for a complete lack of progression on any level.

    Not going to lie though, that crude v-twin is a blast in its own right and to be on any motorcycle now is wonderful as I get older.

    But the culture is tainted…kind of like FMX.

  • Jesse

    I could see the appeal, maybe. But right now, I’m way too in love with “touring” on my ratty old sport bike to want a ratty old cruiser.

  • Deryl
  • Joel

    When I was ready to buy my first motorcycle, I showed my wife a few different 600s and a Sportster. She was overwhelmingly in favor of the Sportster. I commuted on it for a year and then bought a Kawasaki Z1000. The Z1000 could wheelie, stop and turn on a dime, and sounded like a piece of kitchen equipment. A while later I sold both of them, but the Sporty is the one I miss.

    I don’t own leather chaps or ride with people who do, but I like the feeling of being on a machine that still shows its mechanical nature. As our society grows more disconnected from what goes on inside the machines we rely on, I find myself drawn to things I have a hope of understanding and working on myself. Harley’s are obviously not the only motorcycle that fall into that category, but they’re the one I choose to ride.

    I’m not out to get a knee down on the way to work, but to experience my surroundings as they pass, to feel and hear the machine that is my motive power.

    • Wes Siler

      You should try a wider range of bikes. 1,000cc inline-fours are hardly learner fodder. Something like a Honda CBR250R will allow you to experience your surroundings while performing in a far more competent, safe manner.

      • Joel

        I do look forward to trying more bikes, I just need to convince my wife that I could squeeze a couple more in the garage…

        FWIW, I grew up riding a dirt bike around the farm, so learning wasn’t my goal. Don’t get me wrong, the z1000 was fun, but it didn’t evoke the same emotion for me. Admittedly, that’s a highly subjective measure and different strokes for different folks, etc.

        The Ural’s appeal to me for the same reason HD’s do – they seem like real honest-to-goodness mechanical machines. I’d like to know how much of the hate is directed at the demographic that typically rides HD and how much is directed at the machine itself. There’s a valid argument that they’re over-priced, but beyond that I think the machine itself is worthwhile.

        • Wes Siler

          I strongly dislike Harley for its shady business practices and truly awful products. I also find the divergence between the image they and their owners market and the reality to be fucking hilarious.

          Try some more bikes, that Sportster was garbage. If you want a man/machine connection, pick up a Moto Guzzi. Modern ones are simply fantastic machines, one from the ’70s or ’80s will still be 30 or 40 years ahead of anything HD sells.

          • Trevor

            best damn thing I’ve read in a long time.

            yeah, i ride a Guzzi

        • Sean Smith

          Go buy a Monster from the 90s and be forever happy and content.

  • Jon B.

    Some of the coolest people I know these days are Harley guys. They are my age, sometimes older, and they own or rent small shops where they build bikes. They’ve taught themselves to paint, weld, and work on their own bikes, and in some cases make money, see the world and live life due to these personal passions. They aren’t the coolest because of how they dress but because of how open they are, and how much they are unlike the typical cold stare, no smile, sportbike owner.

    Maybe this video needed less flash and more reality, but comments knocking a manner in which coffee is brewed, or what looks like an enjoyable road to ride, just seems odd. I’m a hipster now because I use that same Bialetti to make coffee every morning due to the fact that I don’t want to spend 5 bucks standing in line at the local hipster coffee shop?

    You would all truthfully rather be at work today—stuck in a cubicle—than on the road riding that bike out in the sun? C’mon.

    • Gene

      Definitely a different bunch than any I’ve ever seen. Around here they’re mostly all ignorant low-class no-education pirate stereotypes that would need 3 tries to poke themselves in the eye with a screwdriver.

      These are the types that get out of their old beater Ford Econoline covered in HD stickers to come over and hassle sportbike riders.

      Then at Bike Week, there are the doctors & lawyers that take 2 minutes to find the shift lever again at every stoplight.

      And yeah, at least in my cube I’m not wishing to god I could get off this POS and get a real bike.

    • M

      the guys hfl tends to associate with hd cultural annoyances generally wouldn’t be seen on a sportster, anyway. those guys are into the biggest, weirdest-riding motorcycles they can find.

      the younger harley crowd is either a part of the prior group and runs the bigger bikes or has a sporster just because they can’t ride with the rest of the crowd on a non-hd bike, or otherwise they’re pretty much completely outside the rest of the hd culture and are in most cases i’ve seen about like the younger guys who are into old ujm’s or easy to get/easy to make your own bikes.

      the young harley guys tend to a lot nicer than the younger restro-custom dudes, too.

    • Mark D

      Real motorcyclists use an Aeropress :)

      BRB, just finished my espresso, time for a ride.

  • BigRooster

    Would you guys still hate the video if it was remade, shot for shot, but with a different bike – say a Triumph Thruxton or a CCW?

    I think calling the 72 a new model is not really true, its more of a trim line, but distinction without a difference I suppose.

    Im sure it will sell well. HD amazingly sells about as many Sportsters every year as Ducati or Triumph sell in total, so they must be doing something right. Even if they only find 40k dumbasses that dont know any better every year they do it better than anyone else so even that is an accomplishment. The are obviously selling what lots of people want – just not what we may want.

    The bike itself is nice looking and photographs well and like it or not, that is all a big part of the buying public is interested in.

    So agree, low performing and higly priced, but its product enough consumers want to justify its continued existance as is.

    By the way, the XR1200 is the best Sportster ever made and it has sold less than 10K units since 09. The shittiest performing sell the best.

    • Kirill

      The XR1200 is also not marketed worth a damn, which is unfortunate because its a solid (if slightly overpriced) bike for people that want reasonable performance and some comfort.

      Like me (I have one).

      • BigRooster

        Marketing? Please. Everyone knows about that bike and they market it more than you think. They built that entire spec race series for the sole purpose of marketing it. They pushed it pretty hard in 08/09 with only meager results. HD usually pushes a model hard at first and then only markets the brand after that. I doubt there will be any marketing of the 72 nex year. When is the last time you saw a Nightster advertisment?

        Some good products dont sell well. The XR is one of those products.

        • Kirill

          While the spec racing series is cool, I think its a waste of money since most people don’t give a shit about motorsports. The original XR1200 had a few flaws they fixed with the 1200X (notably, better suspension components), but in the end, I think its suffered from the Buell effect – the dealers don’t know how to sell the bike or handle the sort of person inclined to buy one. I was fortunate enough to deal with a highly-professional sales rep that did not try to upsell me on anything I wouldn’t have wanted nor wrote me off immediately because I was some 20 years south of the usual Harley demo.

          • Sean Smith

            If it had a 17″ front wheel, I think it would sell a lot better. What are your tire options like with that 18?

            • Kirill

              I haven’t looked, honestly. I’ll probably go for something more touring-oriented once the originals wear out since I spend far more time on the slab or otherwise going in a straight line than I do leaned over nor do I care that much about limit performance since I don’t ride that fast on the street out of self-preservation and am still a couple of years away, $-wise, from willing to risk binning it during a track day.

              If I cared about performance that much, I would have just kept my Falco. Hell, I would have kept that thing anyway except that I was going to kill myself on it sooner than later.

              I do wish the XR had a bigger gas tank though.

    • Joel

      I think Harley has recognized that ‘performance’ isn’t item number one on a lot people’s lists. It’s not on mine. Half the time HFL is espousing that same idea – the fastest, most technologically advanced liter bike isn’t what people need. So… the only problem is that HD is over-priced and the wrong kind of people ride them?

      In my experience HD’s have pretty good resale value. My sporty (’07 1200 custom) was 11k out the door and I sold it for 8k two years later with 13000 miles on the odometer.

      • Wes Siler

        There’s a big difference between a bike that’s just a fun experience and one that’s underbuilt and overpriced in every conceivable way. If you want to just cruise around, why not do so on a Bonnie? It’s lighter, has real brakes, real tires, a motor that does motor-like thing and a seat that isn’t stuck down by the ground somewhere.

    • ike6116

      I think a lot of us would. I think I can easily say we as a HFL audience really want EBR to succeed but every time one of those videos pops up from them we recoil with how truly horrific they are.

      Taste, HFL readers has it.

    • Scott-jay

      “… the XR1200 is the best Sportster ever made …”
      Buell XB12R is the best Sportster ever made.

  • NickK

    Holy shit, that sucked.

    Ooh, I make coffee in a Moka pot. Just one cup, fuck the chick that just held her nose and had sex with me. Oh, and now I must ride. On my sparkly bike with my sparkly 3/4. Oh and again, no chick, because I like already had sex and it’s going to be at least 48 before I can get it up again (because of my meds). Ahh the wind in my face. Wow, that guitar music is almost cool in how shitty it is. Must concentrate on holding this bike straight. Wait – why are you falling asleep at your desk?

    Okay, so I broke the 4th wall a bit there.

    But seriously, you hipsters out there should be insulted that Harley thinks so little of you.

    Preemptive: Owned an FXDWG for eight years.

  • Paul

    Someone at Harley watched “It’s better in the wind.” If they want to sell to hipsters though, maybe a cafe racer instead of a chopper?

  • adeysworld

    Looks and sounds like the intro to Son’s of Anarchy…

  • slowtire

    Yawn. Again with the pirates, power rangers, beer bellies…who cares. Erik Buell is God… bla bla bla. Don’t buy the bikes. Ride what you want. Stop whining.

    • nymoto


      • Edward


  • holdingfast

    i wish i could say something like.. oh i know this is aimed at me and it really sparked my desire to own a harley – alas i can’t. this looks and feels terrible, way to make the bike look like a fancy honda rebel. eck.

  • Peter88

    I read all the comments, added one of my own, then watched the video.

    Guy wakes up, has some coffee, kisses his girl and takes a ride to the beach. He was enjoying some simple pleasures. The video captured that very nicely. And that bike did not look as awful as many of the comments here made it out to be.

  • matt

    That bike looks pretty sweet, and the ape hangers and forward controls would be pretty comfortable for about an hour or two at a time (I had a similar setup on a triumph), not too shabby for cruising around town looking at stuff and trying to be awesome. Too bad this thing is probably 10 grand.

  • Michael

    Trying to compare Harleys to sport bikes is like comparing pick up trucks to sport cars. What’s the point?
    BTW, Pickups outsell sport cars and I’d rather have a Harley dealership than any other. Particularly if the bottom line is important.

  • AHA

    OK, so we ALL know that HD sells bad bikes to people who think they’ll look cool riding them. So, if a competitor made kinda similar bikes that were actually pretty good but way, way cooler, you’d think they coud at least get into profit. Not Moto Guzzi. Why is that?

    • BigRooster

      Because “cooler” is subjective and Guzzi offers limited dealer choices, slim after-market parts support, and wicked expensive OEM parts. All crap that is very important to cruiser guys. Also, many cruiser guys want a HD or nothing at all – the only choice they make is which HD product. That is how the HD world works, they sort of only compete with themselves.

      It is also my theory to why the MoCo hates making bikes like the XR (or Buell), it removes them from this nearly competition free world. Bikes like the XR almost demand to be cross shopped where that is frequently not the case with cruisers because some guys just want a Harley. HD sells on stuff like paint, metal tanks, and hidden cables, where that stuff is of nearly zero importance to non-cruiser buyers. Cruisers have completely different purchasing criteria than a real bike; which usually begins and ends with the looks and all the BS romance placed on perceptions.

      Using the XR as an example, it is REALLY overpriced with its competion and HD has no choice but to sell on more than looks and brand cache. If you just want a decent performing Harley (and no other brand), then the XR is an OK value but when compared to anything else in its market segment it is not. The competition is other standard, naked bikes: the Ducati Monster 696, 798 and 1100, Aprilia Shiver, Buell XB9sx/XB12Scg/Ss, Triumph Street/Speed Triples and the Moto Guzzi Griso- all of which I considered when shopping the XR. I think it would be more competitive if priced less than $10K, but at $11.5K, HD placed it against some stiff competition with strong cache brands like Ducati and Triumph. HD executives handicapped it by overpricing it so badly. Why does the XR cost more than the ’10 Buell XB did when it was new? It doesn’t make any sense to me. The Buells had many more proprietary, unshared, parts, higher quality components, and sold in low volume, yet the XB12 Lighting topped out at $10,299 – and people bitched that Buell was overpriced. Additionally, one can buy a Street Triple for $9,500. Triumphs have brand cache, great performance and gobs of character – so lots of the same for lot’s less. Personal preference may differ of course but one would have to REALLY want an XR to spend the extra $3-4K over the ST3, but given even pricing, I think the XR would win over far more converts than it does now.

      My search ended with the MG Griso . The Griso is (IMO) a much better bike. It looks amazing, has character out the ass, performs as well as I require, comes from a cool marquee, and has exclusivity. Yes I admit the Goose is just as overpriced as the XR but at least I can blame the price on being a low volume import, I’m not sure what the HD uses as an excuse for the XR.

  • philn

    A couple of my friends’ younger , hipster siblings keep telling me they want an Iron 883 as their first bike. They tell me this often as if searching for my blessing. I tell them if they get any Sportster, get an XR1200. They still want the Iron 883. Or that anything in the Triumph Classics lineup is better than HDs. Or to lookup Cleveland Cyclewerks. They still want the Iron 883. I tell them my first bike was a ’94 Sportster and I wish I had known better, and they still want a damn Iron 883. All of them. My experience meant nothing. So the marketing team did something right. Not sure what, though. I think I need to cash in on this with armored cardigans and helmets that look like fitted caps.

    • luxlamf

      My GF bought an Iron as Her 1st bike, She never rides it, I put 8000 miles on it for the hell of it (especially when my Vrod was in the shop) fun little bike, great looking too. I wanted Her to buy a 696 (and if I had known she wouldn’t actually ever ride it I would have pushed for the 796) but it was too tall for her. This bike here in his ad tells me HD has run out of ideas, this Sportie is a failure in my opinion, the 48 that came out a few years ago is a great bike, this one looks like the parts bin was raided at the last minute. And its Tiny in person.