Bike shop 2.0?

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Vancouver’s MotoMethod isn’t the only shop in the world to put a more holistic, community-oriented twist on the traditional bike shop business model. But it is the only one to explain that twist extremely well in a slick video. What? No greasy malcontent spitting on his hands before a handshake? No screwing customers on parts prices? No learing at potential customers, ensuring that they go somewhere else? This’ll never catch on.

Thanks for the tip, MG.

  • TuffGong

    Obviously a business model that fits neither most owners nor customers needs. But man, it must be heaven for these fellows and “their” customers,as it clearly fits their needs and desires and indeed their souls,beautifully..As an industry veteran,this would be heaven for my moto heart,if not my bank account….

    • RocketSled

      We’ve got a local Maker type place called Clubworkshop. If I’d found it 6 or 7 years ago, I’da never built the home metalshop. I’m not sure what’s better. Sure, it’s great to walk 15 feet and go make some shavings, but I don’t have any CNC stuff (they do), and that $50 a month membership could have been funded for an AWFUL long time just on what I paid for the Lathe.

  • Johndo


  • ike6116

    Everyone who comments negatively about this needs an icepick to the dick.

    • Kerry

      Yes, a nice little vimeo short with some good production value can certainly tell you everything you need to know about something. I suppose actually having been there wouldn’t count for anything.

  • paul redican

    Makes me happy to know there are people out there who put their passion and desire to share before profit or ego. Totally cool with even trying.

  • Taco

    My favorite image at about the 2:40 mark was that Heineken mini-keg that I guess they filled with gas; hanging like sort of IV hooked up to the bike. Priceless.

    • mugget


      I saw that stand with the tube feeding fuel to the bike, I kinda chuckled to myself – seemed as if the bike was in a moto-hospital in intensive care. Haha.

  • Sean Smith

    There needs to be a place like this in LA.

    • Gene

      There needs to be a place like this in Orlando.

      I’ve got the bike lift, No-Mar tire changer, and the ton ‘o tools, but you learn an assload just chatting with other folks. Some of the tiny tips I’ve learned from a racer friend have saved me days of work, and he learned them from other racers.

      It took me ages just to find a machine shop willing to do bike stuff.

      I wonder how they handle overnight stays. My FJR can take hours just to pull the plastic and drain the coolant to get the valve cover off, much less the time it would take pulling the cams & putting them back on, for valve clearances.

      @tuffgong: hey, if the niche is big enough for you to make money, that’s all you need.

      90% of the riders around here are Joe Racer ‘tards in flipflops, shorts and no helmet who don’t even know which end of a screwdriver to stab themselves in the eye with, but there’s folks out there that would appreciate this.

      • TuffGong

        If it feels good do it.There is a synergy between customer and proprietor in any successful business.Clearly these fellows and their supporters/customers have it…@Gene,your last point was more or less my point,and even without a negative take to it,there are lots of folks without the time or skill to take part and for them the traditional structure is needed. These fellows and their “people” do not need that structure. They have their own thing and it is a beautiful thing…I would hope anyone with the desire to try this would give it a shot…dreams die hard…passion is powerful…

    • mugget

      There needs to be a place like this in Brisbane, Australia.

      I would be there just hanging out to see how they get a non-starting bike to run again and just to see what it looks like to take an engine apart.

  • Mark D

    Damn this would be perfect right now. I need to replace my steering head bearing, and while I could probably do the job myself, not having any decent tools or work space makes it pretty much impossible. Add in a bunch of cool people to shoot the shit with, and there’s a fun Saturday afternoon.

    I did get a good vibe from Werkstatt in SF, but I don’t think they’ll let me use their tools!

  • oldblue

    Best stuff on HFL in ages. No posing, just doing.

  • AJ

    There’s a huge appetite for this sort of arrangement in the UK not-quite-classic car scene. Looks like there are too many liability and insurance issues though.

    A members club with an LLC in the background should work though. Getting a suitable workspace is expensive though.

  • Bill

    There was a place in San Diego called Privateer’s Garage that was built on a similar model. For $25/hour you had access to a full selection of professional mechanics tools, to include a No Mar machine and other motorcycle specific stuff, as well as free advice/assistance from the staff mechanic. It was a cool place to spend a afternoon working on your bike. Sadly, the place closed after about a year.

  • Jesse

    I’ve wanted to do something like this since I owned my first moto. Bless them for making it happen.

  • Filipe

    Damn… I’ve dreamed of a place like this in NYC. If only…

    • Divino Paran

      If you start it, i’ll come hang

  • combat77

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I was reading Classic Motorcycle Mechanics one day and admiring the fact that the tech article Wrench was a bit grizzled. Not only was he grizzled but so was the shop that he was working out of. Why, I thought to myself, do you see stuff like this more-so in the European mags? Why don’t my fellow Yanks have the cajones to live on shoestring budgets and have righteous DIY bike garages. My conclusion: Fear of hurting ourselves and not having health insurance. Chew it.