Custom: Bandit9 Magnus

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Magnus is the second custom Chang Jiang from Beijing-based builder Bandit9. A more raw, brutal take on the Chinese 750 than their first bike, Loki, Magnus adapts fine sculpture technics to achieve a burned finish, contrasting that with chrome for exposed mechanical components like the front fork springs. It’s a chopper, but thanks to plunger rear suspension and modern brakes, a functional one.

“We focussed on trimming the fat that comes standard with the CJ750,” explains Daryl Villanueva, the art director behind the new shop. The back fender and seat were removed, the air filter trimmed, all electricals and battery were designed to sit in the chassis of the bike. We wanted to achieve an aerodynamic look by making the tank and seat flow.”

“Lighting the tank, frame and fork on fire with a blowtorch gives them a pebble-like texture. It’s a technique commonly used in fine art sculptures. Subtle chrome details like the front suspension, spokes, speedo dial and exhausts add a little elegance.”

“We included interesting details like a gas cap fashioned from an old crankshaft and a speedometer dial taken from an old freight train.”

The end result is a raw, industrial look, somehow appropriate for China’s rip off of a Soviet take on a pre-WWII German motorcycle. Bandit9 plans hopes to continue to define a custom look all China’s own while expanding outside working solely with the Chang Jiang brand.

  • JR

    I like these CJ’s. We keep seeing them online, too bad they are kind of rare (correct me if I’m wrong there). They seem like a cool bare-bones and basic type of motorcycle that looks like it’ll run forever.

    • Devin

      My friend (a motorcycle mechanic) and his Dad put together a CJ sidecar, it broke in the first 60 miles, and has broke three times since. It’s kind of shit, but they’ve replace so much on it now, it should eventually run fine.

      I don’t know if the CJ750 sans sidecar is the same bike or not. All I know is that I still haven’t gotten a sidecar ride.

  • Chris

    id totally ride that thing

  • Peter88

    That is a good lookin’ bike.

  • Michael

    What Pete said. One good lookin bike, for sure.

  • Jesse

    I can get behind any bike that gets lit on fire as part of the build and customization process.