First photos of the KTM Moto3 racer

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A cast swingarm pivot plate mated to a dainty steel trellis frame. A self-supporting carbon seat unit. A 55lbs, 250cc, single-cylinder four-stroke making something in the neighborhood of 54bhp. Tiny two-piston radial brakes. 326lbs (including rider). These first live photos of the KTM Moto3 racer, shot during Valencia testing, make for some great bike porn on a Friday afternoon.

Read more about the KTM Moto3 racer and its unique 250cc motor.

  • Gene

    I started making ring-ding noises. Then I cried.

    • tomwito

      I feel your pain. :(

  • Lucas Worthing

    If only I wasn’t 6′-5″ and 220 lbs. The carbon work is gorgeous!

  • Coreyvwc

    That is a thing of beauty.

  • michael uhlarik

    If there is a God then this would be available to the buying public.

    How I love small, light motorcycles…


    • Coreyvwc

      Would be awesome if you could get the power this thing is squeezing out, but without the insane hourly maintenance cycles. Until then, maybe not so much…

      Btw, that thing would fit me like an isotoner glove. So I’m not another disgruntled giant American who hates it’s minuscule dimensions.

  • Your_Mom

    I love this. As Mr. Uhlarik said, small and light is always better than big and heavy. However, it is also sized for like-sized people. I cannot wait for a street oriented version with a 350 or 450.

  • oldblue

    If this is the start of more race bikes and less hipster bikes on HFL, I’m all for it. Beautiful.

    • Campisi

      Why not both? There’s no maximum page limit after all.

  • tbowdre

    is it just me or does that pic look a little photoshopped?

    • gtsoup

      Definitely looks cut and pasted. Either that or its a magical non-shadow-casting machine.

  • Slothrop

    If KTM come out with a lightweight sportsbike, along the lines of the Mototech RC4, they will have as much of my money as they ask for.

  • Philip

    I REALLY want a 250 track bike! Wonder if the CBR250R can be pumped up a bunch ala Bazazz, pipe, CBR600 injector, etc…