Geriatric stunters terrorize Barber

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Featuring Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil’s exceptionally stylish granddads, Jason DiSalvo moonlighting as a security guard, a very wet Barber Motorsports Park and drifting Triumph Speed Triples, think of this video as the English brand’s take on last month’s epic Icon drift fest. The video kicks off Triumph’s partnership with Barber, which will see it sponsor AMA races and the track’s vintage festival. Who wants to bet Nick and Ernie nearly pissed themselves in fear when they were told they’d have to stunt their way through Barber’s museum and its priceless collection of classic motorcycles?

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  • Adrian

    Nicely done. I love that place. Last year’s Vintage Festival was awesome. Looking forward to attending again this year. Might have to make the trip to the AMA event, also.

  • Chris

    it would have been cool if they had the old versions of themselves steal the bikes for a joy ride.

  • robotribe

    Old guy versions of themselves need some fancy future tech like a hover-walker or those crazy double-necktie shirts from Back to the Future 2.

    Still cool.

  • craymor

    very cool:)

  • rvfrules

    Should’ve had the old guys fire the bikes up and start stunting.

  • adrenalnjunky

    I went to the AMA event @ Barber last year, already have my tickets for this year. The museum is so cool to walk around.

  • Korayama

    I just love the phrase, “Geriatric Stunters”.