Gigi Soldano’s Rossi slide sequence

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You’ve probably seen this photo of Rossi sliding his Ducati GP12 during pre-season testing. And, if you’re an armchair expert, you’ve likely suggested that the photographer, the famed Gigi Soldano, manipulated it in Photoshop. You can tell because the pixels are all wrong and you’ve seen quite a few ‘Shops in your time. But, it’s real. And, to prove so, Gigi has just released the full sequence that was captured as Rossi passed his camera.

Here’s the sequence, in order:

via Ducati News Today

  • Aaron


  • KP

    That guy is good at motorcycles.

    • robotribe

      Well put.

  • Jesse

    That is so damned swank.

  • tony starr

    someone should animate that.

    • holdingfast


  • the_doctor

    Isn’t that guy like, 33 today?

    Anyway, that is totally what I think I am like when commuting to work.

    • Doug

      Ditto. Nothing sticks to a corner like a Honda Cub with some nice gazelles.

  • $Lindz$

    That shit is so gnarly.

  • Case

    I guess that’s how you steer the Ducati.

  • resonance

    stoner does it better!! rargh

  • alexio

    Cool to see the rubber strips appear… Unless those were photoshopped too!!

  • Justin Dibene

    all i know is that SEAN SMITH rides like this….

  • Tommy
  • Chris

    i don’t care if he never wins again. This is killer.

  • Michael

    So bitchin’. Glad to see 46 on the GP12. We never got to see a glimpse of his real riding style in 2011. The man is poetic on a bike that suits him.



  • estlin

    Here’s a composite:

  • donniedarko

    I hope he can somehow stick it to the super whinger Stoner…

  • estlin


      • Ganesh

        Nicely done

  • mugget

    I guess I missed all the buzz on this one. But who would really think it’s Photoshopped, especially if it’s straight from a photographer? Anyway, not all that hard to believe since Stoner and others ride in a similar way and there’s plenty of photos of them doing it as well. Plus, we know that Rossi is good at motorcycles.

    *BAM* Rossi just hit that apex and is saying “who’s your daddy!?”

  • GGno

    Season 2003… Guys in motogp slides since the beginning…