One lap of Chuckwalla aboard the 2012 Lightning SB14

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Here’s a sneak preview of Lightning’s 2012 TTXGP race bike. They haven’t released details yet, but this thing looks fast, passing ICE 600s and 1,000s as it completes a lap of California’s Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. The TTXGP returns to North America on May 4th at Infineon Raceway, going to to a five-race season, including the World Championship, this year at Daytona Raceway on October 21. 2012 is going to be a huge year for electric motorcycle racing, with tons of development going on behind the scenes promising faster bikes and better racing than ever before, as well as one or two major manufacturers entering the fray.

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  • tears

    What major manufacturers are coming to TTGXP?

    • Brammofan

      Not sure what qualifies as “major” but Brammo has said they’ll be there for all the North American races.

    • Dr. Gellar

      Indeed, care to elaborate on that a little further?! What a tease!! Very cool news though if should this end up being true, as any new participants in TTXGP (or electric roadracing in general) will be a good thing.

  • Kevin

    Did I just get my teeth drilled while watching a race bike? Because it kinda sounded like that.

    • rohorn

      Some day, a kid is going to get his teeth drilled and say “That sounded just like a superbike!”.

      I have greater hope for advances in motorcycle technology than dentistry…

  • Campisi

    It makes such a clean sound.

  • Johndo

    serious ear damage if you don’t wear good ear plugs, can’t imagine hearing that for a complete race…

    • jp182

      same could be said about some race pipes.

  • stempere

    Remember when we whined about manufacturers covering engine sounds with cheesy music?

    That’s the real revolution with electric bikes. Now we WANT the cheesy music.

    That things looks stupid fast though.

  • runrun

    the pucks make more noise than the bike! what is making that bike noise? gear & chain whine? sure caught a lot of other bikes napping!

    i saw chuck yates at pikes peak last summer, and your only clue that he was rocketing towards you was the occasional squeak from the brakes or a bit of tire noise.

    would definitely miss an ICE’s exhaust sound if it disappeared from racing altogether, but electric is cool in a different way.

    • Coreyvwc

      Seriously? You must not be able to hear too well… Chip Yates bike made A LOT of noise, it sounded like a jet turbine engine to be more specific. This EV racer seems to be even louder.

  • Keith

    I imagine that power delivery is very linear and predictable.
    Not having to think about the right gear for corner exit would be handy.