One lap of Sepang with Casey Stoner

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This morning’s pre-season MotoGP test at Sepang was plagued by bad weather, but that didn’t stop Champ Casey Stoner from setting the fastest time. 2:01.761 was 0.675 seconds faster than Lorenzo and 1.484 faster than Rossi, but still off the Australian’s unofficial lap record of 1:59.607. Still, it’s a rare opportunity to ride onboard for a complete lap with the fastest rider in the world, riding the fastest bike in the world.

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  • jpenney

    Amazingly smooth.

    I would like to have seen what’s happening on the display.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, yeah. Must be some proprietary data or something. Weird to see it fuzzed out.

      • jpenney

        My wild ass guess is that there’s some feedback on the what the traction control is doing.

    • Case

      RE: “I would like to have seen what’s happening on the display” – So would the rest of the MotoGP field. KnowwhatImean?

  • RSassi

    What was the switch on the left side of the handle bar he hit when was leaving the pit? Fuel? The go really f-ing fast button?

    • wascostreet

      Pit lane speed limiter?

    • 2ndderivative

      TC setting I think? He used it several times.

      • NewOldSchool

        Pit lane speed limiter I believe. Notice how he nonchalantly takes his hand off the left clipon at ohh, 200mph down the back straight give or take.

      • vic06

        What he adjusts on the straight is the reach of the brake lever. There’s a cable that runs to the other side so they can stay on the throttle while adjust it.

    • RT Moto

      HRC in the videos comments said it’s a pit lane limiter.

  • Sean Smith

    I love watching the triple clamps move as he slides the rear. Awesome.

  • Keith

    The lean angle astounds me!
    Just about fell out of my chair :)

    • Case

      Yeah I was going to comment on this. He’s said in interviews that the tires take a while to warm up but they come off the warmers nearly ready so he tries to get on it right away, as much as he feels comfortable. If he doesn’t they cool off too much and he has to warm them up more carefully.

      And does he ever get on it. That was awesome. Must have been a warm day in Sepang.

  • Raubert Van Harris

    Amazing how he has to wait until the big straights to use anywhere near full power and revs!

  • T Diver

    That would probably kill the Malaysian prime minister.

  • Andy Gregory

    Pretty fucking cool. Since I have a Repsol keychain for the SV I just bought, I should be able to ride it like this, right?

    • vic06

      I’d trow in a few stickers just to be sure.

  • Andres Freire

    Love the lean angle.

  • xphilip

    I about shit myself just watching this!
    Casey’s skill aside, is it just me or does the bike sound like its perpetually about to self-destruct?

  • oldblue

    There’s nothing like having the confidence to wait for 11 seconds of your first lap before you lean hard enough to drag the corner of your windscreen on the kerb.

    Great viewing.

  • Deltablues

    I know Stoner’s RCV is pure prototype, but it looks so finished…as in it looks like it could roll off the production line today and be in your local showroom tomorrow. That just amazes me.

  • Edward

    Did anyone else find the use of the crappy, $5-$10 kill switch next to the throttle to be amusing? Looks like the same no-name kind you get on ebay. Not what I expected on a MotoGP bike.

    • RT Moto

      You’d be surprised how cheap everything looks up close. Keep in mind they only need it to work for a race not years like your standard street bike.

      • Ben

        I remember seeing stoners championship Ducati in person and being astounded by the amount of duct-tape and cheap-o bits and bobs jury rigged onto it. When you have to fix a 240hp bike NOW its not going to look nice.

  • xphilip

    Also – coincidence that you can see his left hand but not his right? Perhaps Honda doesn’t want the world to see where in the corner the electronic wizards let Casey whack the throttle open . . .

  • zato1414

    Casey farts around on a simple warm-up lap, and in my lifetime I could only hope to cut one 30% as good… reality check.