Retro: 1981 Ducati TT2 prototipo di Saltarelli

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In 1981, the Ducati TT2 became the first racing Ducati to be equipped with the now-famous trellis frame. The bike you see here was the prototype, developed by factory test rider Carlo Saltarelli. That frame weighed just 15lbs and made room for a single, center-mount Paioli shock. Together, that made this bike the predecessor of the Ducati racing archetype. The 851, 888, 916, 999 and 1098 started here.

This bike is being auctioned in Monaco in May, along with 100 other notable Ducatis from Saltarelli’s collection.

  • the_doctor

    Man, that auction page is pretty damn awesome. 100 people are going to be very lucky (or the one dude that just buys them all).

  • JK

    Who designed this machine Tamburini?

    • Rick

      Tamburini was with Bimota at that time, but his earlier multi-tubed spaceframe designs might’ve been an influence.

  • Scott-jay

    Shirley something there originally to fend off debris from mouth of rear carb …

    • Rick

      Probably a simple wire mesh screen to fend off the bigger chunks.

  • V

    The TT’s were Taglioni’s. For carb debris – Real TT’s had a fiberglass panel that sealed off the inner frame area, with a rubber diaphram that allowed shock absorber movement

  • Keith

    Stop calling me Shirley :)