Ride onboard as Chip Yates hits 200mph

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Last summer, Chip Yates took his electric superbike to Bonneville to set a new outright speed record for electric motorcycles. He couldn’t quite match Lightining’s new 215.9mph record, but he did break 200mph, setting four FIM records in the process. Here, for the first time, is onboard footage of that top speed. Weren’t electric motorcycles supposed to be silent?

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  • Denzel

    Love it when Chip makes an appearance doing whatever the hell next with that god awful looking bike. He’s pure american… In the best way.

    • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

      Enjoy it while you can. He tweeted earlier this month that the bike is being donated to the Peterson Automotive Museum. He’s on to electric airplanes now.

  • PCPaul

    Don’t like those wobbles at the end of the first run, uh, uh! Nope. Would have been pulling seat fabric out my butt for days…

  • Campisi

    As a recovering sci-fi nerd, the banshee wail of a powerful electric motor appeals to me in a similar manner to the sound of V12 Formula One engines at full song. Their noise is like cologne properly applied: imperceptible to most, but alluring to the one person who gets in close to dance.

  • donniedarko

    Chips the man… His Pikes Peak stuff and AMA stuff is cool. Bummer if he is done like other poster said :(