Ross Noble: badass enduro racer

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You’re familiar with Ross Noble from his standup and from “Have I Got News For You?” Well, at least if you’re British. But, did you know he’s also an enduro racer? And not just any enduros, but even the Romaniacs extreme enduro, described as the toughest in the world. The comedian entered this year’s race on a KTM 350 EXC-F, cameras following all the while.

  • Edward

    Best Quote –

    “Why do I do it? Because If I didn’t I’d turn into one of those people who think golf is a good idea…”

  • oldblue

    Ross Noble lives the dream.

    Makes a living through comedy, travels the world, indulges whatever bike adventures his heart desires.

    Bloody funny guy and all-round legend. The more Ross on HFL the better!

  • rndholesqpeg

    Obviously I think he needs to have an interview on WTFpod, and Wes can help Marc Maron with the motorcycle questions.

  • Darren

    Ok, is that guy in the background taking pics/video with an iPad ?!?!

  • muckluck

    That is AWESOME terrain I would love to be as half as good as he!

  • Keith

    Epic push at the finish line!
    What a great adventure.

    • Jesse

      I think I just learned everything I need to know about the dude’s character in 15 seconds.

      Cheers to him.

  • Joshua Manning

    now that’s what I call a reality show:-)

  • damien

    Damn, that was great stuff.

  • JK

    Thats awesome.Seems a sound guy,funny as hell.I’d love to do it some day.

  • Filipe

    Very cool.

  • Alonzo

    Met him at Just For Laughs in Montreal. Great comic. I knew he rode BT had no idea he’s this bad ass. Go Ross

  • Andy Gregory


  • Bronson

    This series of videos is so badass. Thanks so much for posting!