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“What happens when you combine a Graves WORKS Project / 2012 Yamaha R1 / purpose-built stunt bike, a three-time XDL stunt champion, fast cars, hot girls, elite helicopter tours, an awesome race track and film the entire event through Tyler Kirk Films? Pure and sic drift insanity and the most advanced drift bike ever built,” reads the official blurb. To that we’d add phrases like “Tight, yo!” and “Sick, brah!” and “Bro, ho! Think of this as The 661’s answer to Ernie and Nick.

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Despite the crimes against taste and fashion evidenced in this video, the bike’s actually pretty neat. When it’s not pounding cans of Monster Energy and crashing jet skis, Graves Motorsports fields Josh Hayes on an R1 and Josh Herrin on an R6 in AMA something something racing. And it’s brought that racing know how to building the bike you see here.

“The bike is the epitome of badass,” says Bill Dixon, the rider in this video. It’s essentially a superbike-spec racer complete with built motor, suspension and whatnot that’s had its TC settings altered to allow huge amounts of sideways drift, in relative safety. The Dunlop Road Smart tires, far less grippy than race counterparts, help there too. The less grip a tire has, the easier it is to maintain a slide on.

For those that like lists, here’s the complete specs:
2012 Yamaha R1
Graves Motorsports Superbike Engine
Graves Motorsports WORKS Suspension
Graves Motorsports WORKS Suspension Link
Graves Motorsports Low Mount Full Exhaust System
Graves Motorsports Modified R1 / R6 Tail Section
Yamaha YEC Kit ECU
Dunlop Road Smart Tires
Dynojet PC5, Secondary Fuel Module, Quick Shifter, Auto Tuner
Custom Fuel Cell
Hand Fabricated Carbon Tank Bodywork Cover
Multiple Fuel Mapping options
Thumb Throttle
Braking Rotors
Rear Hand Brake
Thrust Company 55 Tooth Sprocket
Hel Brake Lines
RUNMAN INC All In One Triple Clamp
RSC Clutch Lever
Htmoto Traction Seat and Tank Cover
No Limit Edition GPR Stabilizer
Taylor Made Carbon Fiber Stunt Tank

  • Kirill

    Everything about this video is 909 as hell.

    • walter

      Well put.

      Those may be authentic 909 cop/whores.

      • JVictor75

        I had to go look up “909″ at urban dictionary. Which led me to the dirtopia entry for “flatbiller”. Funny stuff, that.

        • Holden and Annette

          Oh my god, thanks for the tip. That photo in the dirtopia entry is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

          • Kirill

            The worst part is that all of it is 100% true.

  • vic06

    I don’t consider the extended swingarm a crime when it’s on a purpose-built bike. It’s a lot better than painting the bike with green flames and put a huge rear tires to ride it to a parking lot in shorts once a week.

  • 2ndderivative

    Better shred than dead!

  • evilbahumut

    um.. i don’t understand the point of the GTR in the video. The editing made it seem like there was going to be some type of story being told, but it was just a bunch of hoonage.

    Apex and E-Dub’s was way more fun to watch in my not-so humble opinion.

  • adeysworld

    Who was the executive producer? Keith Code? Look and feel of video…DATED.

    • nick2ny

      Hahah, I always thing that about Keith Code’s stuff, but I still love him!

      • adeysworld

        Yeh KC is great, I see him a lot out here at events. Homeboy needs a sun-hat tho, looks like a white raisin in the sun. lol

        • Sean (the other one)

          Thats racist.

          • adeysworld

            Yeh and…

  • Scott-jay

    “… like lists, here’s the complete specs: …”
    Why not retail prices?

    • adeysworld

      There’s no shopping cart here…

  • Raubert Van Harris

    Icon’s Video: Something cool and tasteful that you want to share with your friends

    This Video: Wait why am I watching cops?? Oh it’s a porno …wait no it’s not

  • Case

    Taylor Made makes a stunt tank? WTF??

  • Brant

    How is this more douchey than the ICON videos?

    • Raubert Van Harris

      The Icon videos use music and editing to tell a funny story while artistically displaying some badass riding. This video is more of a chest beating “LOOK HOW BADASS THIS IS” smashing together of random clips. They both have some awesome riding though!

  • Skank NYCFastest

    ‘Street racing is for squids.’ WTF? How dare he say that!! I feel insulted. :(

    • adeysworld

      Hahahahaha yeh that took that the wind outta my sail too :(
      What now?

      • Sean Smith

        Keep street racing?

        • adeysworld

          That’s where my money is.

          • Skank NYCFastest

            Yup,thats good money. Just waiting for the weather to break so I try out these BST’s.

  • tomwito

    Where was the money shot?

  • filly-fuzz

    That dude has bullshit skill!
    Too bad the video was total rubbish.

  • Edward

    The angles he got were f-ing crazy. It’s incredible that he didn’t highside 800000 times.

  • Chris Davis

    A moral without a story. What fun.

  • Korayama

    Farce? Satire?

  • stempere

    Yeah compared to icon (or not) production sucks, you kinda hear what the girl says on the radio but not really, storytelling’s got no rythm, etc. Editing seems a bit quick and dirty to me…
    The bike is kind of badass though.

  • RT Moto


  • Johndo

    yeah I think Icon put the bar really high. Bike is cool though and guy has skills. Just leave out the cheesy parts from the 80s next time…

  • Brammofan

    I watched all the sponsor credits at the end but couldn’t find the manufacturer of the BAU. Did anyone else happen to catch it? I’m surprised Wes didn’t include it in the list at the end of the article.

    • Wes Siler


      • Brammofan

        Breast Augmentation Unit. Duh. You may know motorcycles, but you’ve got a thing or two to learn about what makes this world go ’round.

  • slowestGSXRever

    “Brand new 2012 R1 with traction control” and then… nothing but burning the back tire. Good thing he got traction control on the bike.

    • Sean (the other one)

      best line of the clip.

  • Emmet

    nice gixxer bro! that movie was sick!!!1!

    • JVictor75


      You mispelled “brah”, brah. (lol)

  • Korayama

    “can you do a dope stoppie”?

    Has to check his squid/human conversion sheet.

    Not sure all of my translations are correct.

  • contender

    I feel like Speed and Strength is the old Icon.

    • Sean Smith

      +1 There’s like five other companies selling that stuff.

    • Tony T.

      I confused Speed and Strength with Bilt last time I was at Cycle Gear. Someone must be buying it to fund this crap, though.

    • Jesse

      Funny, that.

  • Groomez

    Looks like he almost got raped.

  • R13

    UM at least the Icon videos had a rough story line, what was the car there for? Who washes a car in the middle of the track? WHy did they mention the traction control if he’s just gonna turn it off? Now I really feel insulted.