The One Motorcycle Show returns to Portland

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Gonna be in Portland this week? We are, for See See Motorcycles’ 3rd annual The One Motorcycle Show. The idea is that a bunch of talented local types like Thor Drake and Drake McElroy (we confuse them too) build their ideal motorcycle. The one bike that they could ride for the rest of their lives. Then there’s like music and beer and mayhem and stuff.

There’s actually two nights of activities, with an encore presentation of 21 Helmets on Saturday night. Thrown by some kick ass dudes, you’d be stupid to miss either.

The One Motorcycle Show

  • austin_2ride

    Speaking of shows. Will any of you make the trek east to Indianapolis for the expo the following weekend?

    • Wes Siler

      We were talking about it, but the midwest in winter is a hard sell.

      • Ankur V

        I wish something like this was closer home in NYC. I can’t make the trip out to Portland during the school semester. Slightly related – Any plans to check out the Progressive Motorcycle Show in NYC this weekend?

      • austin_2ride

        Yeah I hear you, it was 55 two days ago. It’s now 28 with a low tonight of 12 and I was just outside brushing off the 1″-3″ of snow we are forcast to get today.

        Shoot a message if you decide to make the trip. It would be nice to meet you all.

  • Scott-jay

    Great gallery @ post’s web-site!

  • Andy Gregory

    Making some plans with the lady to come down from Seattle, was bummed to miss last year. See you guys there.

    • Wes Siler


  • Campisi

    Gotta love the old Honda 50s, but the contemporary CT70s were superior machines.

  • BigRooster

    So I assume the product of the last two shows failed at the stated mission?

    Joking aside, I like the idea of the perfect motorcycle but I’m not sure if anything in the pictures comes even close in my mind. Cool for sure, but little practicality or utility in the lot. These are more art than motorcycle perfection – not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Holden and Annette

    Lookin at the gallery, I like that scruffy dude’s bike.

    Also in the gallery, there’s one photo of a woman on a bike. What is that bike, and specifically, what is that engine? It looks like a sculpture more than an engine.

  • Miles Prower [690 Duke, MTS 1200]

    Huh? Two engines? How are they connected/synched?

    • Erok


  • Rob

    Huge turnout last night. So much so that they ran out of PBR and were selling Black Star. Might swing back by this afternoon to actually see the bikes.

  • Ceolwulf

    When I got to what appeared to be a steam-powered bicycle my brain gave up trying to make sense of any of it.

  • Michael Rogers

    Was expecting something a bit less art show and less of a “scene”. Coolest motorcycles were the ones people actually rode in and were parked out on the street. They had this ICON motorsports area showcasing some concept bikes, they also had one of the Moto Cysz electric bikes which was pretty cool. Good to see a local guy do good, but this show has jumped the shark for me..was way more about $$ and less about the bikes and the guys riding them. Felt like I was in some art show/scene thing. Saw alot of bikes there that probably sit in someones living room and get looked at. Again..whole thing reaked of $$, all good tho..good on ya.

    • Tony T.

      The MotoCysz was actually the gas-powered C1. Probably the most gorgeous purpose-built bike there, IMO. It was really nice to see road grime on the belly fairing, too.

    • Rob

      With free admission and $1 beers, not sure exactly how this was about the $$. Very few of the bikes were for sale, some of the wall art was I guess. Yes, you were in some sort of an art show/scene thing, I think that was the point. It drew in the hipsters, biked and unbiked, as well as a lot of folks that were curious or just looking for a Party. Also a lot of motorcyclists from all different strata, which made the street scene interesting as well.