This is what a 180hp Vincent Black Shadow sounds like

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You’ve seen engines rev past 7,000rpm plenty of times. 180hp at the back wheel isn’t rare anymore either. Neither is nitrous. But have you seen a 1950s Vincent Black Shadow motor do all the above? Epimetheus, a 1,665cc Vincent built by John Renwick and Ed Wallbank does all that.

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  • Teodoro William Ragazzi

    what’s up with the torque?

  • RocketSled

    THIS is how I want to grow old.

    • je

      Thats exactly my thoughts as I watched this video..

  • 10/10ths

    I’m such a pussy.

  • Xenophya

    Is that Mike Jackson doing the filming?

  • Xenophya

    Corr Bloody ell

  • Xenophya

    And did those feet in ancient time.
    Walk upon England’s mountains green:
    And was the holy Lamb of God,
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

    And did the Countenance Divine,
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here,
    Among these dark Satanic Mills?

  • DavidMG

    I love this video! These guys are hilarious. Great job.

    Would someone explain to me what’s the whole pneumatic system for? Is it part of the transmission?

    • Scott Pargett

      the pneumatics physically change the gear instead of your foot with a more direct linkage than a lever on the outside.

  • markbvt

    Screw Harley… From now on Vincents are the only true V-Twins in my book. God, I want one.

  • contender

    I feel guilty for being aroused by this.

    • Jesse

      I’d feel more guilty if I wasn’t.

  • PCPaul

    Oy Bloody ‘ell! Jerusalem indeed!!

  • paul56

    Stone the bloody crows! The sun never sets on the British Empire- if only in the unrelenting spirit of Her Majesty’s subjects.

  • Deltablues

    One of the most entertaining motorcycle vids I have seen. Oh, that Vincent engine is BEAST.

  • Slothrop

    Stone brilliant…

  • Stacey

    Why is the bike named “Afterthought?”

    • doublet

      Uh, also “hindsight” .. which is 20/20. This bike was new ~60 years ago. That’s alot of time to look back over, asses the fruits of, and apply.

  • Jesse

    Hells. Yes.

  • Edward

    These guys are heroes

  • holdingfast

    that was totally the most awesomest hilarious and inspiring video ever. thanks dudes.

    dont call me an engineer, i m just a plumber.

  • Michael

    Air cooled V-twins rule.

  • Core

    That was awesome.

  • boxofbits

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen…