Triumph Trophy 1200 spied touring Spain

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Like the sound of the 135bhp, 1,215cc triple in the Triumph Tiger Explorer, but don’t want to sit up high? Well then, this new 2013 Triumph Trophy 1200 might just be the bike for you. Like the 2013 Triumph Street Triple, the Trophy was spied undergoing pre-production validation testing in Spain by Where that Tiger Explorer is a cheaper, more powerful, more technologically advanced rival to the R1200Gs, this Trophy is is all those things to the R1200RT.

That all-new 1,215cc motor is a doozy. Not only does the liquid-cooled inline-three make 135bhp and 89lb/ft of torque, but it’s operated through a ride-by-wire throttle, facilitating the inclusion of traction control and switchable engine and throttle maps, and even cruise control. Not sold by its relative lack of power in comparison to 1,200cc superbike engines? Well, the Triumph’s service intervals are once every 10,000 miles. Perfect for a big touring bike. It also comes equipped with a 950w generator, meaning there’s plenty of power for accessories like heated grips, GPS, heated clothing, a phone charger and even the electrically adjustable windscreen seen on the trophy in these spy photos.

Like the Tiger Explorer, the Trophy sends power from its stacked-gearbox motor through a shaft final drive. Further reducing maintenance requirements. In fact, the two bikes — likely developed together — appear strikingly similar in more ways than the motor and driveshaft; the frame, too, appears to be similar. While its impossible to draw a definitive conclusion from these spy photos due to the Trophy’s all-encompassing fairings, the swingarm pivots on it look strikingly similar to those of the Tiger Explorer’s, possibly indicating that the tourer uses the same tubular steel perimeter frame as the ADV bike.

Parts sharing like that is part of the reason Triumph is able to beat BMW on pricing. The Tiger Explorer is priced at $15,699 in the US, including ABS, TC and cruise control. The 110bhp BMW R1200GS starts at $16,150 and includes only ABS. The BMW R1200RT starts at $17,350; expect Triumph to try and similarly undercut its price.

  • Sean Smith

    Triumph makes a cop bike?

    • Zirq

      Just a cop out.

  • Mugello Fire

    The only thing Triumph is doing recently is copying BMW. Quite pure.

  • TuffGong

    A full faired sport tourer with shaft drive is hardly copying…what they both have in common is a more usable engine and better handling than the overpowered freight trains FJ and Concours…beastly pigs that they are….

  • Johndo

    Yep they are going after BMW for sure, if title was about a new BMW, it would have been totally believable…

  • michael uhlarik

    Looks an AWFUL lot like the Honda ST1300 Pan European.

    That is not a compliment for a premium motorcycle in 2012

    • The other Joe

      That was my first thought too.

  • DoctorNine

    I can’t remember when I saw an uglier headlight.
    Well, since the latest Speed Triple that is…

    Form without function is annoying.

  • 10/10ths

    Without function? I see two huge reflectors that should light up the night like a couple of quasars.

    • DoctorNine

      The size of the reflector doesn’t determine the brightness of the beam. That is determined by the light source (bulb). The shape of the reflector, to some extent, determines the shape of the beam, but even then, Fresnel elements, and curved reflectors, can be used to put the light where you want it. So size of the beam isn’t directly related to a big reflector either. There is no conceivable reason, to create such a monstrosity of a big old bird-wing shape on the front of the bike, except aesthetics. And it is that aesthetic which I find objectionable; so much so, that it ruins the design for me. I would have hoped for something more like the Tiger.

      Put more succinctly, I would never buy a bike with such an ornament on the fairing.

  • tpnewsk

    with that bigass headlight i thought it was a scooter

  • Rick

    In the frontal shots that gi-normous bodywork dwarfs the front wheel, creating a scooter-ish disproportion.

  • Kevin

    Better wind & weather protection, good horsepower, cruise control, non-adventure-style seat height… if they’d had this out back in June I would have probably bought this over the Multistrada. Oh well.

  • Sam

    Triumph is gunning for BMW hard..

    • ontheroad

      In terms of proportions and styling, especially up front, I’m seeing shades of the R12RT: which is no great looker itself. Meh. Should be a fun powerplant.