Troy Bayliss on the Ducati 1199

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Ducati 1199: so light, powerful, stable, comfy and easy to ride with a cockpit full of tech stuff to keep you busy playing all day,” says Troy Bayliss. Because Sean decided to run into a lampost instead of go on the bike’s press launch in Abu Dhabi, here’s riding impressions from the retired SBK racer instead, as well as an onboard video of him lapping Yas Marina.

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“Bike is great,” Tweeted Troy from the track this weekend. “It’s easy to praise what is the best though. Only one bad point: the speedo blanks above 300kmh (186mph).”

Is 186mph really possible on Yas Marina’s 0.7-mile back straight? The McLaren/Mercedes F1 team reports a top speed of 199mph there. MotoGP hasn’t yet visited the track. A stock production bike getting within 13mph of an F1 car’s top speed is pretty remarkable. All the more so because Troy says the 1199 is, “Still pulling hard” as it crosses 186mph.

YouTube Preview ImageMore onboard, this time sans Troy.

“10kg less than an 1198 and 25bhp more,” continues Troy. “Everyone here seems very impressed, apart from the one guy that threw it at the barrier. Seems to bounce well though.”

“Also, the Panigale S has electronic fork and shock adjustment, traction control, ABS, Engine Brake Control, quick shifter. The electronically adjustable shock is cool.”

“Yas Marina is good, but missing undulation. Feels like you ride through a massive Lego city. Had to hold my toes in, plenty of angle. Been riding around with all rider aids off for two days. Crikey, that will shorten your life span.”

  • Scott Pargett

    What a badass.

  • Lucas Worthing

    Sick, can’t wait to get mine!!!!

  • the_doctor

    Damn, that is fast.

  • jpenney

    I assume the graphic showing speed and gear position is from the F1 car given that it’s gears got up to 7.

  • Edward

    I thought that F1 cars were generally limited as to top speed because of the massive downforces that they generate at speed, so that, depending on the setup, they are biased toward maximum cornering velocities rather than top end. This would seem to be especially true on a course that looks as technical as Yas Marina.

    • Penguin

      On a Qualie lap with DRS wide open then I bet an F1 car can get some serious boogie down there. Remember that the McLaren aren’t the fastest straight line cars, thats usually the Merc’s.

      EDIT: In 2011 Sergio Perez went through the speed trap at 200.95 miles per hour – scary fast!

      That bike is beautiful and watching Troy giving it some is always a pleasure but I don’t know about you but Yas Marina as a spectators track is like watching paint dry, when the F1 goes there it is dull as anything. Just me?

    • Wes Siler

      It’s a balance. F1 cars are some pretty advanced things with a single goal: lap times. Even if they’re not simply pushing for outright top speed, they are going fucking fast.

      • Edward

        Right, my point was that on a technical course like this appears to be, the balance may tip in favor of less top speed and more downforce in order to achieve better corning velocity – that would mean (maybe) that it’s less implausible that the 1199 would be close in top speed on this track to an F1 car. Of course, the 1199 isn’t a race car (or bike for that matter) and to be even close to something like F1 is pretty amazing if true, as you say.

    • fasterfaster

      This bike and F1 cars have a pretty similar power:weight ratio. It is almost certain that the F1 car has a much higher coefficient of friction to produce all of that downforce needed for cornering. I would not be surprised if the Panigale has a higher unlimited top speed than an F1 and can reach it as fast or faster. MotoGP bikes post much higher top speeds on courses they share with F1. But it won’t come close to the F1 in the corners, where it can’t do much more than 1.5G on slicks, and the F1 can pull something insane like 5.5G.

  • Groomez

    Troy Bayliss is a damn beast. Glad to hear he’s been a part of the latter stages of the 1199′s progress. I always seem to remember when he was a stand in rider a few years back at Valencia for the Ducati factory team… remember that??

    I don’t know how that relates to this.. just, memories.


  • Mark D

    Wow, that’s some mighty impressive braking going into turn 8.

  • damien

    Bayliss is awesome to watch.

    It is strange that so much money went into building the track and they kept it completely flat. That is what makes this track visually boring.

  • mugget

    Damn you Sean for running into a lampost – now I’m dying to hear what the 1199 is like for an average person.

    Troy Bayliss will shred on any bike. On an 1198 at one of my local tracks (Lakeside in Brisbane, Australia) he was lapping an easy 10-15 seconds faster than guys riding in fast group on slicks etc., and those guys were not slow. Pretty sure Troy had treaded tyres. And he was carrying a pillion. Think about that for a bit!

  • Rick

    Bayliss is the classiest of class acts, a guy who let his riding do all the talking.

  • 1198freak

    Any chance of a high res version of that first pic with the bike in a wheelie? That would make a helluva desktop

  • Sasha Pave

    That bike is a monsterbeast!

  • NewOldSchool

    This is a bike I wish I had, but know I don’t have near the skill required to even ride it 8/10ths

    • Deltablues

      Don’t worry NOS…most of us would be lucky to push her to 4 or 5/10ths on the Street. All I know is this Panigale has my Lustometer maxed out.

  • Coreyvwc

    Troy is riding the piss out of that thing, scary brake marker speed! It’s obviously got enormous torque as indicated by wheelies and head shake out of EVERY single corner, do these not come equipped with stock steering damper?

  • donniedarko

    I thought I just read his contract with Ducati was done… good to see the ol’ boy riding the piss out of the superquadro