Watch Ducati race Pikes Peak

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Last summer, Ducati entered four Multistradas in the Pikes Peak Race to the Clouds. Two finished. Here’s the full, 14-minute, HD video of their race.

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  • caferacer

    The voiceover makes me want to jump…

  • Jesse

    Kind of a bummer that the last dirt section is going to be paved over soon. That transition is part of what makes the Pike’s Peak run so special, IMHO.

    Great mini-documentary.

    • Devin

      Agreed, it really will be a much different beast when it is all black top.

      • Brad W.

        I don’t know much about it, but will it being all paved bring more riders out on regular sportbikes? I like the fact that the bikes racing are “adventure” style rides.

        • Jon B.

          Good question.

          • jonoabq

            I’m thinking that the comment about the Multi being the bike to beat next year is waaay off. This year with the dirt, sure. Next year with all pavement it’ll be a very different and road bike centric podium I think.

        • TuffGong

          I think you will still see these bikes there. Tight as the course is,sport bikes just don’t offer the ground clearance and quick handling/transitional ability that the wide bars and tall suspensions do. This thing makes a racetrack look like an interstate….

          • Ceolwulf

            Makes you think about what would be the perfect bike for a fully paved Pikes Peak. With the altitude and tight corners, perhaps a turbocharged Moto3 bike.

  • BigRooster

    Great content as always but it seems the flow has slowed as of late. I’m all for quality but a little quantity would be nice as well. No offense, but there seems to be more to read and talk about on the free sites as of late. I know you guys dont want to operate like a blog but some quick content mixed in with the more traditional style longer form stuff would be welcome.

    • Kevin

      I must agree with that comment. I’m not complaining about the value, but I like the places I go every day to have something to say every day.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. Be patient.

      • Kevin

        Don’t sweat it, I’m not going anywhere. Really appreciate what you guys do.

      • BigRooster

        No problem. Seems as soon as I wrote that a bunch of articles popped up.

  • Coreyvwc

    It’s going to be very interesting this year now that the course is 100% asphalt. I really hope some of the crazies from the IOM TT come over and show us Americans how it’s done!

  • TuffGong

    It has definitely lost some of the mystique as the pavement has changed things so much.And now it will be all pavement. Obviously a great event requiring great skill and bravery.However,the dirt course as it used to be was truly spectacular.

  • RSassi

    Had a ticket and a camping pass for this last 2011 race. Sold them both on craigslist because of a job offer in Texas which turned out to be a complete waste of time and actually very costly to pursue. Probably my greatest regret of the last ten years. I hope the opportunity comes again.

  • Archer

    A few years ago I took a Mustang GT up there at …er, let’s call it extralegal speed. Let’s just say that with the upper section paved, there will be some epic twisties.