Watch the KTM Moto3 racer lap Valencia

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Many, including us, mourn the loss of GP racing’s last two-stroke class. But, this new KTM Moto3 racer is going an awful long ways to making up for it. Tiny, powerful, intricately engineered and already capable of some pretty impressive lap times, the last question remaining is: what does it sound like? Here’s 36 images and a bunch of trackside videos of it testing at Valencia last week. Even limited to 14,000rpm, these little four-strokes sound amazing.

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  • Caleb

    Does anyone else think that these things look even smaller than the 125s?

    • jp182

      I do which is a good thing right??

  • filly-fuzz

    They look fast.

  • Edward

    Agreed. Sound good and look fast. I’m excited.

  • the_doctor

    I love HFL. So much.

  • Ceolwulf

    I guess this is the only full-prototype series there is now!

    • Rick

      Yeah, good job Dorna!!!

  • george

    slow compared to a 125 2-stroke. doesn’t sound as if he ever got it on the cam! progress?
    we’ll see. check the lap times versus last year at each track!
    the oems are forced to sell/race 4-strokes, but I’m glad I’m old enough to have seen the real fast bikes, 2 stroke bliss!

    • Elmer

      2002 preseason testing proved everyone wrong when they thought the 990s would be slower than 500s in MotoGP. These 250 four-strokes will produce faster lap times than the 125 two-strokes. They engineers always find a way to make motorcycles faster.

      • jp182

        agreed the 800′s were supposed to be slower after the 990s and that didn’t last very long.

  • oldblue

    Looks amazing, sounds farty.

    Just doesn’t have the manic appeal that the 125 stinkies had…but I reckon the racing will be great, anyhow.

    125/Moto3 racers are all nutters. You could put them on lawnmowers and the racing would be worth watching.

    Actually…there’s an idea…

  • mugget

    Haha – sounds like a really fat guy farting.

    Will be interesting to see them in person…

    Speaking of lawnmower racing – you should look it up. I know there is a local ride-on lawnmower racing club here in Brisbane, Australia. They do drag racing, burnout comps, not sure about any circuit racing but I’m sure they do manage some of that as well!

    • jp182

      farting versus bees; it’s all glorious noise at speed.

  • JMcMahon

    One of the great things about the Indianapolis GP is the pool table topography. This allows the sound to travel very well. The noise of 30+ 125cc bikes buzzing to life is one of the greatest sounds I have ever woken up to. It is a little sad that I probably wont have the opportunity to hear that again in my life. I bet 30+ 4 strokes will sound pretty good in my tent at 7 am.