A motorcycle chase, post apocalypse

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After the machines rise and nature reclaims our cities, will there still be a need for high-speed motorcycle riding? RUIN, a short film by Oddball Animation, presages a Yamaha MT-01 as the protagonist in this chase sequence with AI drones.

Thanks for the tip, Mason.

  • JVictor75

    I liked it (saw it on either likecool.com or win.failblog.org the other day).

    Only three (OK four) minor quibbles:

    1) How in seven hells would the protagonist be able to ride that quickly on a sand covered expressway?

    2) Did he/she STAPLE that hat to his/her head? (And no coolguy sunglasses/goggles either?)

    3) Not even a switch for the headlight? I can see wanting a switch for it, but to just not have one at all? Really?

    4) Left-handed throttle. When jumping off the on-ramp onto the drone, the protagonist is able to wield his Post-Apocalyptic Book of Eli patented electro-katana AND whack the throttle a couple of times.

    All that aside, it was pretty damned cool. Aside from him/her wrecking the only salvageable running vehicle in the entire film, that is.

    • Alex

      Have you seen Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? You’d have a field day with it, haha.

      • JVictor75

        Oh, picking apart stuff like this is … well it isn’t exactly a “hobby” per se. More of an overly irritating personality quirk that I have. At least I acknowledge it, lol. You have to give me that!

        To really get me started, let’s talk about why all the characters in ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series are retarded. :o)

        • Alex

          Hahaha I feel ya. I have similar quirks that bother me.

          I mentioned Advent Children because it has multiple motorcycle chase/fight scenes. They’re awesome and entertaining, but defy so many laws of physics and how motorcycles work that it’s best not to think about them haha.

        • http://www.brammofan.com Brammofan

          I was thinking, Darryl wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) outrun anything on his Triumph. He would’ve just taken them out with his crossbow. “I’ve got this.”

          • JVictor75

            Hurry up, Carol! I ain’t got all day!

    • Ceolwulf

      You missed that it doesn’t sound a whole lot like a big 45 degree v-twin :)

      • JVictor75

        In my defense, I had no idea that the motorcycle in the film was based on a real bike. As for the sounds it was making, I was thinking it was a “TIE Fighters making noise in the vacuum of space” type of problem.

        Now I’m all angry at Yamaha for not importing it here!

        • Ceolwulf

          We got them in Canada – I absolutely love them, but not quite, almost but not quite, enough to actually buy one. That seems to have been a common thing, since they sold hardly any, and some sat on dealer floors for three, four years before finally being sold at way under cost. No one really knew what to make of them, I suppose …

      • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

        Looks like the sound was actually recorded from a Triumph Street Triple. Lots more BTS (behind the scenes) stuff here: http://www.conceptruin.com/custom-bike-recording-with-snapsound/

    • Core

      Well, to try and answer your questions.. This is where AI has taken over. If the tech is that high..

      Then the dude has nano implants that give him some added abilities. See in the dark like a cat.. super human reflexes.. that kind of thing.

      The hat.. I really have no clue.

  • http://www.amarokconsultants.com michael uhlarik

    Kubo-san should be suitably fluffed, knowing his was the only motorcycle to survive the apocalypse.

    Go Yamaha.

  • Scott-jay

    Shoulda been a T-Scrambler.
    Great fun and nicely short.
    Wes, jonesing some video-hero leathers?

  • Archer

    You think YOU have mental problems picking stuff like this apart? OK besides the disturbing lack of roost off the back tire, all I could think about was the question of where this guy got viable fuel for the bike after 20-30-50 years (notice the size of the trees growing in the expressway?)

    Lovely bit of CG tho’

  • sanjuro

    As much as love motorcycles and apocalypse stories, they really do not go together.

    A big city highway free of automobiles? What happen? After the aliens took over, Caltrans came by and towed all the cars off the road?

    Going 60mph on a dirt covered road? And why wouldn’t the helicopter and its drones just fly above the road bed then drop down after it caught the rider?

    Motorcycles work best when civilization is in full effect, maintaining roads and keeping the cages in line.

    • JVictor75


      • http://www.anotherdamndj.com evilbahumut

        ^ That.

  • dux [87 CBR600, 95 XR600R]

    I would have chosen an XR600, but that’s a minor quibble in an otherwise engrossing short film.

  • oldnick

    I guess I’m getting too old because I found that as boring as hell. I hated the cheesy music as well.

  • Brad

    It’s called Willing Suspension of Disbelief. Sheesh! It’s a neat bit of filmmaking, IMO.

    • JVictor75

      Sorry, I have the same problem with Hollywood and Military stuff.

  • Gregory

    Reminds me of my commute.

    KLR all the way.

  • oldblue


    1) Squids who don’t wear gear will survive not just road riding, but the apocalypse itself

    2) Get a small enough baseball cap and it’ll stay on your noggin through a hurricane.

    3) In the future, the targeting performance of drones will be worse than it is at present.

    4) I should put more faith in my tyres.

    5) Krusty Demons should be teaching today’s Marines the tactics they will need in the future.

    6) I should make a bid on one of the two lightly accident damaged and very cheap MT-01′s that are on sale near me right now…

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Post apocalypse stuff is cool, plus a motorcycle – awesome!

    Although I was a little disappointed that he had to destroy his bike. Hopefully he’s got a few more stashed away…

  • Ed

    The less you bathe, the more trucker caps stick to your head at high speeds. Sometimes you have to use trauma shears to remove them. That said, I’m going out to bolt my new magnesium grenade holder to the tank of my Yammy.

  • Johndo

    This sounds like the smoothest, highest revving V-twin I’ve ever heard, and it seems he has throttle on both sides, quite handy :)