A T100 for Triumph’s 110th

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2012 is Triumph’s 110th birthday (we’ll ignore the period in the ‘80s when they were temporarily dead). To mark the occasion, there’s this special edition Triumph Bonneville T100. It receives a really nice “Aluminum Silver and Khaki Green” paint job and the 1902 Triumph crest on the sidecovers as well as various chrome parts. There’s only 1,000 being produced for the entire world and they’ll carry a $1,400 premium over the regular T100.

  • je

    This is beneath you HFL..

    • aristurtle

      Yeah, didn’t you guys hate the T100? I think the nicest thing you had to say about it in your review was “If you’re really struggling to find a geriatric sugar daddy, this bike would be a good place to start.”

      I’m guessing Triumph isn’t putting that quote on the full-page print ads. What gives?

      • Kirill

        Give em a break, its a slow news day

  • JTB

    At least its more relevant than the Steve McQueen edition.

  • 10/10ths

    More than McQueen? Nothing is more relevant than a an actor who’s been dead for decades, right?

    • BigRooster

      two words – Chuck Norris

      • NewOldSchool

        The chuck norris edition would come in limited edition “khaki ginger” and roundhouse kick start only. Also, it would only go where it wanted and the throttle would have one setting: WOT.

        • JMcMahon

          Piston reaches TDC every time Chuck Norris punches someone.

          You can’t out run the headlight on the Chuck Norris edition. Light runs from Chuck Norris.

        • je

          Epic! If triumph had half a sense they would steal your epic reply and make it into a AD.

      • Kevin

        On the off chance there’s any of you that haven’t seen this masterpiece: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj2Zf9tlg2Y

        • Kevin

          Masterpiece indeed!

  • aziai79

    i actually like that you guys post stories about bonnevilles. like them way more than speed triples, street triples, triple sowcows, and other bikes that look like extras from the transformers series.

    • je

      This is the HFL site, not HD.

      • aziai79

        oh thanks je…i didn’t realize i wasn’t on the hd website until your comedic prowess reminded me i was on HFL.

    • SamuraiMark


      I had my bike into the local Suzuki / Kawi (and formerly Triumph) shop for new rubber. Took some time to browse. So many of the new bikes had bodywork that was just too much. Too many angles, cutaways, nooks, crannies.

      Transformers … all of them.

  • equ

    I like the bonnie/standard/retro stories as well (being the owner of a tu250x and a w650). Anyways, this t100 has the color scheme of the kawasaki w800. Copy of the copy?


  • oldblue

    If you had one of these and a Ducati Monster Diesel, you’d feel like you’d collected the set.

  • contender

    The spokes look best on this bike. Even though they apparently suck. But I doubt anyone’s buying these for their handling prowess anyway.

  • Johndo

    A bit boring, I wouldnt pay 1400$ extra for it. I think these “special” versions should come with Arrow exhausts and other goodies to make them worth even considering. changing colors and putting a sticker on the side panel is not worth extra.

    • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

      The arrow exhaust costs $1400 on its own! I like the paint.

      • Johndo

        The stock exhausts cost just as much ;) I had a scrambler and in fact the stock exhaust on the Scrambler were more expensive then the Arrows. So adding them on a special edition doesnt represent that much more expense for them.

  • HammSammich

    If you’re actually a collector and you’re planning on holding onto a bike like this for decades, then I suppose it makes sense. Otherwise, it just seems like a huge hassle. There was a guy on TriumphRat.net a few years back that bought himself one of the 2009 50th Anniversary Bonnie’s. It was a beautiful bike with a really classic paint scheme, but when he started getting the itch to customize things, he was miserable at the thought of ruining the bike’s collectability.

    As I recall, he ended up focusing on bolt on parts and he held on to the stock peices, but it just seemed like a huge pain. I think anyone who’s familiar w/ the stock Bonnie suspension and exhaust would be annoyed at having to keep those crappy, heavy parts on a shelf in their garage, just to protect their bike’s collectibility, rather than selling them on eBay or in the RAT forums…

  • carter

    Can we declare a moratorium on all “collector’s editions,” “commemorative editions,” “anniversary editions,” “special editions,” and other gimmicks? They are motorcycles, not Beanie Babies.

  • SamuraiMark

    The 110th bday logo is a bit cheesy. But I still wouldn’t kick it out of bed.

  • JVictor75

    Edited – Jeebus. I need either more coffee or less. Reading comprehension is not my friend this morning.

    I still think it’s kind of sad that they are marketing a T100 with a nice paintjob as a limited edition collector’s model when they could have done so much more with a different model from the lineup.

  • Rick

    Oh, Thank Hinckley that you guys are reporting on this most stunningly hip and fascinating Triumph ever and not covering the Motus intro at Daytona like all those “free” sites.

    Thank you for being different!

    • JVictor75

      I went and sat on the Motus MST when the guys (Brian Case and Lee Conn) were making their “Sport Tour” across the lower 48 last summer. They are two amazing and gracious people, and it’s a very very nice motorcycle. The KMV-4 simply sounds amazing and I desperately wanted an MST.

      But for just a touch over 30 large (the BASE MST is just over $30K, the MST-R is a touch over $38K) I can buy a brand new BMW K1600GTL and outfit myself with just about one of everything that any sensible person could want (with no overlapping items) for the K1600GTL from the BMW accessories catalog. And I might just have enough left over for full tilt insurance, a High-Vis Roadcrafter, and a Schuberth.

      For more fun, I went and configured a 2012 Honda Gold Wing Airbag model (equipped standard with ABS, Airbags, Heated grips, Heated Seat, foot warmer, Cruise Control, electric reverse, Satellite Navigation, XM radio, and premium surround sound) as well as checking every single optional accessory (again with no overlapping) and it came to a grand total of $34,631.05 plus TT&L.

      For now, Motus can keep their wonderful sounding motorcycles. I’ll wait until A) the price comes down a bit and B) the dealer network becomes a little larger.

    • Ceolwulf

      The Motus looks like a really nice bike – correction, a really nice engine with a competent if boring looking bike wrapped around it – but is mind-bendingly overpriced. And yes I’m aware that they won’t be making a fortune on them even at that price, but the fact remains it’s as utterly irrelevant to most motorcyclists as some special edition Lamborghini is to most motorists. Either way we’ll likely never even see one, let alone be able to seriously consider buying one.

      • JVictor75

        Exactly the same point I made some time ago.

  • JVictor75
  • TuffGong

    Mentioning McQueen and Norris in the same paragraph is pretty disgusting. McQueen was a world class rider,and a fine actor…Chuck Norris is really good at martial arts and ……well,he is really good at martial arts..

    • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub Sean (the other one)

      You just signed your death warrant.

      • aristurtle

        As a kid, the only movie I ever saw Norris in was Enter the Dragon, where the defining scene is him getting his ass kicked by Bruce Lee, so I never really saw what the big deal with him was.

  • 10/10ths

    TuffGong, I’m with you on McQueen, I was just kidding in my previous post. I’m a huge McQueen fan. The man could ride and drive at a world class level. He was a MAN!

  • Campisi

    As the head steward for the international “standard” category, such a special edition brings the Bonneville precariously close to Harley Davidson practices.

    Thank God I prefer the Moto Guzzi V7s.

    *dons flame suit*

    • http://www.twitter.com/wessilerfanclub Sean (the other one)

      The v7 went way more over the top with its special edition and is way less motorcycle for the same price (if not more).

      Don’t blame God for your bad taste.